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Do YOU want to work with UTG TV?

Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you. Do you have an interest in music journalism, but prefer the visual side of things? Perhaps you’re the type of person who enjoys shooting acoustic videos or conducting interviews with bands. Well, if that’s the case, then we’d love to hear from you!

Under The Gun Review is searching for videographers from around the United States who would like to build up their resume and acquire some real experience working with members of the entertainment industry.

Please check out inside this post to read more about the openings.…


THE HUDSON PROJECT: Bro Safari On Growing Up Punk And Performing Drunk

“Growing up, personally I was a full on punk kid; the leather jacket, the boots, bracelets and everything. The first band I ever listened to, period, was the Dead Kennedys.”

If you’re a fan of trappy, bass-driven hip-hop and electronic music, chances are good that you’ve heard of Bro Safari. If you’re fortunate, you’ve been able to witness him perform live. Also known as one third of the drum ‘n’ bass group Evol Intent, Nick Weiller has taken stage all around the world.

At Day 1 of the inaugural Hudson Project in Saugerties, NY, we sat down with …


THE HUDSON PROJECT: Savoy On Lasers, Biggie Smalls And New Tunes

Savoy isn’t a typical electronic group. The trio resides in Brooklyn, NY, although a piece of the group will always live in Colorado.

When the DJ duo and drummer took stage at The Hudson Project in Saugerties, NY, the vibe was slow and steady. By the time the set was underway, the mud-filled tent was uncontrollable. Smoke streams and laser beams were the theme of the evening, as will be the theme of Savoy’s upcoming ‘Mo Lasers Mo Problems Tour.’ If you catch them at Terminal 5 in New York City, expect to see Heather Bright take stage for vocals …

Masked Intruder Feature Photo Part 1

Masked Intruder Presents: ‘Mugshots & Masks: Part 1′

What does Masked Intruder think of the criminal mischief of Justin Bieber and Coolio? Can anyone help the blue intruder get in touch with Lindsay Lohan?

Last week, UTG TV got the chance to sit down and hang out with the colors of Masked Intruder before their set in New York City. Prior to taking the stage to a crowded basement at Webster Hall, the guys spoke with us about their current tour, the release of their new record MI and their upcoming tour with The Queers and The Dwarves.

Instead of doing a traditional interview, I decided to grab …


UTG TV: Josh Scogin of ’68 Chats About ‘In Humor and Sadness’

Josh Scogin believes in the human element of music, despite the fact that the world is now run by robots. He’s actually under the impression that rock and roll was meant to be performed by individuals with intuition. I think he’s out of his mind, but to each his own.

When The Chariot completed their farewell tour in 2013, it was an end of an era for Scogin. That being said, he was immediately ready to start the next chapter of his musical career. In fact, he was so gung-ho that he booked studio time before even knowing what his …

Boozin' With Buckley (D. SKANK PHOTOGRAPHY)

UTG EXCLUSIVE: Boozin’ With Buckley! Cocktails With Keith of Every Time I Die

Keith Buckley takes his martini straight up, extra dirty, with Lockhouse vodka. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that had he been asked, he would’ve liked it shaken, not stirred.

Last week, UTG TV sat down with the Every Time I Die frontman in a truly James Bond type fashion to get the scoop on the band’s highly anticipated upcoming album, From Parts Unknown.

We posted up in the backyard of Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn to discuss the new record, ETID’s laser eyes, the band’s video for “Thirst” and playing Warped Tour this summer.

Check …


UTG EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Hunter Talks ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ Score At NYC Premiere

If you’re into independent films, from the state of New York, or just thoroughly enjoy honest and genuine storytelling, then I highly suggest you take the time to view Bridge and Tunnel. The film premiered on May 30 in New York City and was directed by Long Island native Jason Brescia. The tale highlights the awkward transition between college and true adulthood, a sort of problem that isn’t often depicted considering it lacks the flash of a more dramatic predicament.

That being said, a lot of 20-somethings countrywide have been experiencing a strange period in their lives. For New …


UTG TV: Bellwether Vocalist Stars In The World’s First Surrey Cart Interview

At this year’s Skate and Surf Festival, we teamed up with our buddy over at Phlavor to bring you perhaps the most ridiculous interview that I’ve ever conducted. Ladies, gentlemen, children of all ages, I’m confident to say that this may be the first ever band interview to be conducted on a moving surrey.

Yes, we pedaled our way down the boardwalk to make sure we had a beautiful changing of landscape, where we spoke with Bellwether‘s vocalist Desmond Zantua about his band’s music, the new Godzilla flick, and how his life is eerily similar to the plot …


UTG TV: Citizen Discuss Creative Control, Airplanes, and Egging Houses

Citizen guitarist Nick Hamm played in his high school marching band.

“You realize that’s probably not going to go anywhere,” replied the Toledo band director when Hamm told him he’d be quitting to pursue his own band full-time.

“Maybe this is enough for him. Maybe we’ll show him a little set from The Wonder Years tour,” says Hamm with a smile.

On Saturday May 17, UTG TV hopped in the van with the guys in Citizen after the band performed to a crazy crowd at the Skate And Surf Festival in Asbury Park, NJ.…

Front Porch Step (Emily Tantuccio Photography)

UTG TV: Front Porch Step On The Boardwalk At Skate And Surf

By some error, Front Porch Step was accidentally omitted from the Saturday line-up at Skate And Surf Festival. On the day of the show, the festival realized their mistake and told Front Porch Step mastermind Jake Mcelfresh that he’d be performing on one of the side stages as doors opened. As the festival-goers slowly worked their way through the gates, Jake took the stage and performed to a small, but enthusiastic crowd for his twenty-minute set time. Despite the confusion, there was a good handful of Front Porch Step fans belting along to every word of the songs from his …

UTG TV Fucked Up Damian Abraham

UTG TV: Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham Talks ‘Glass Boys,’ Smoking Pot, And His Life As An Otter

Last weekend, UTG TV made the trip to Skate And Surf Festival in Asbury Park, NJ. Due to small stages and an unconventional layout, it wasn’t always the easiest to find where artists were playing. That being said, we had no trouble finding Fucked Up.

Vocalist Damian Abraham could be seen from the opposite side of the festival grounds. Mostly, he was running around the crowd, screaming in unsuspecting spectators’ faces, and giving out hugs. The band remained on stage while Abraham involved the crowd in the most intimate way possible, making Fucked Up’s set one of the must-see …


UTG TV: Little Barrie Speak On ‘Shadow’

Last Thursday UTG TV headed into New York City to meet up with our friends in Little Barrie at Santos Party House. Fortunately, we were able to catch them just before they headed to Europe for a UK tour followed by dates in Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

For those who are not familiar with the band, the British trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Barrie Cadogan (Primal Scream), drummer Virgil Howe and bassist Lewis Wharton.

On May 27, the band will be releasing their newest album, entitled Shadow. The fusion of sounds on the album work hard to …