Tyson Stevens, Frontman of Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Reportedly Passes Away

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness to report that Tyson Stevens, singer of the now-inactive Scary Kids Scaring Kids, has passed away in his home. Social media has been blowing up over the past half hour, with tons of friends and family showing their sadness and condolences for the now deceased Stevens. Our friends at AltPress report that a source close to the family confirmed that Stevens was found dead this morning by his girlfriend.

While there isn’t an official confirmation or statement, it appears the overwhelming majority of his friends and family share the same …

foo fighters

LISTEN: New Foo Fighters Audio Clip from ‘Sonic Highways’

As we here at UTG have talked about in the past, HBO’s new eight-part documentary series featuring David Grohl (as the director) and the other members of Foo Fighters, entitled Sonic Highways, is scheduled to hit the airwaves on October 17 this year.

The documentary’s trailer showcases bits of the band’s new music off of their upcoming record. This new record, which is due out a month after the series premiere, is also entitled Sonic Highways and is proving to be quite the exciting new discography addition.

Below you can find a vine clip from Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter’s …


Childish Gambino Hates His Record Label

Things have been weird with Childish Gambino since he started promoting his Sophomore album near the end of summer 2013. Between videos that play like movies, random singles, and late night tweet-sprees on everything from the assumption Dan Harmon hates him, to his label’s belief that his latest album was not meant for a winter release, the evolution of Childish Gambino in the public eye over the last year has been unlike any other.

Today, Childish – aka Donald Glover – took to Twitter to vent about his frustrations with his label’s recent rollout of a new video and tour …


Gerard Way Disassociates Himself From My Chemical Romance Via Twitter

Given this week’s reunion of Copeland, the tragic and strung-out disbanding of The Dangerous Summer, and last year’s massive comeback year for Fall Out Boy, it’s more apparent than ever that nothing lasts forever. With the ten-year anniversary tour becoming such a common money maker for veteran bands, we’ve seen bands we haven’t heard from in years coming back with multi-national anniversary runs to give back to the scene. Band breakups don’t really feel permanent anymore. That being said, fans hoping that My Chemical Romance will eventually come back from their time off may need to wait a bit longer.…

the black keys 2012

The Black Keys to Release Album in May, Confirm Title

The Black Keys have announced that the band’s next album, entitled Turn Blue, will be released May 13.

The album details were released in the most obscure of ways: through the Twitter feed of boxer Mike Tyson.  The tweet simply read “Turn Blue” and held a link to a YouTube video with a hypnotherapist and a spinning pink wheel.  The YouTube account also features more album trailers.

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, has been teasing the album recently by displaying pictures on his of people in a blue tinge on his Instagram.

Turn Blue will be the band’s …


Shia LaBeouf Tweets Retirement Announcement

Shia LaBeouf has spent the better part of the last month surrounded by controversy after his recent short film was found guilty of rampant plagiarism. The fallout would not have been as bad as it was had LaBeouf not also plagiarized his apology. More than once.

This morning, LaBeouf shocked fans and critics once again by tweeting his decision to retire from what he describes as ‘all public life.’ You can view the tweets in question below:

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Letlive. Frontman May Be Guest Vocalist On Upcoming Emarosa Album

I don’t follow a whole lot of people on Twitter, mostly just people that I work with or bands that I’m interested in. There are some musicians that I love seeing regular updates from, and one of those people is Bradley Walden. Mr Walden, as you may know, is the new frontman of Emarosa. The band has been in the studio working on a new album, and fans have been anxiously waiting to hear what they have been working on.

Walden has been updating fans on the progress of the album via Twitter over the last couple of months, …


New ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Trailer Hypes Fake Twitter Excitement

Whether you loved or hated the return of The Muppets, it’s hard to argue with the originality and humor found in their advertising campaigns. Much like the show the characters once hosted, the promotional efforts for both the recent Muppets movie and the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted have offered a bevy of jokes and yucks that often take more than one viewing to catch. It’s this innocent-yet-complex approach to humor that drive so many people to adore these characters, and their latest advertisement is yet another example of their marketing team’s endless creativity.

Featuring a number of tweets from …


Justin Bieber Has Officially Retired (According To Twitter)

Justin Bieber made headlines earlier this month after telling Power106 in LA that he was thinking about retiring following the release of his next album. That record, titled Journals hit stores on Monday. On Tuesday, Bieber took to Twitter with a message to fans.

Using the social network that has helped him stay connected with millions of fans for the past few years, Bieber kept things simple with a message released at 7:20PM (EST) that read, “My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring.” He followed this tweet with two others, both of which assured fans he and his music would always …

Oli Sykes

Oli Sykes Comments On Conviction Of Ian Watkins, Calls Other Members of Lostprophets “The Biggest Victims”

Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon has taken to Twitter to offer his take on Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins’ recent conviction for child sex offenses. While he expresses sympathy to Watkins’ victims, Oli goes on to say that the other members of the now broken-up Lostprophets “are in some ways the biggest victims of this nightmare.”

Oli offers some points about how Watkins’ actions have tarnished the name of Lostprophets forever and how it will be difficult for the other members of the band to continue a love for music and art, but I think it’s a bit short-sighted to …

Oli Sykes

Oli Sykes And Ronnie Radke Exchange Blows Via Twitter

Before we know it, there will be #TeamSykes and #TeamRadke hashtags clogging up Twitter. I bet they are there already.

A few days ago Tyler, The Creator went off at the frontman of Bring Me The Horizon, Oli Sykes, for “stealing” his t-shirt design. He managed to call him a “Tumblr fag” and a “pussy” in a single sentence. Oli responded, though not directly to Tyler, by saying Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known & everything I have ever seen. You’d think that would be the end of things, but …

Back to the Future

Someone on Twitter is Recreating ‘Back to the Future’ in Real Time

Get ready for some heavy stuff. With almost 50 accounts, 1208 tweets, and countless hashtags and Twitpics, someone on Twitter is reenacting Back to the Future in real time. Yes, we’re serious — and yes, the DeLorean has an account.

Created by Gavin Fox, Martin Rose, and Tom Hartshorn (creative directors at Poke, Mother London and Nation, respectively), The Hill Valley Project is bringing the cult classic film into the present by creating Twitter accounts for all of the main characters and having them tweet everything that happens in the film, “as it happened, in real time,” as Digiday reports

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