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Get Ready For ‘Tucker And Dale Vs Evil 2’

Actors Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine have confirmed that plans are currently underway to create a sequel to the indie horror comedy hit known as Tucker And Dale Vs Evil.

Last weekend, Tudyk and Labine were in Ohio to take part in a Tucker And Dale panel as part of Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati. During a Q&A with fans, Tudyck surprised everyone by essentially blurting out the fact that a sequel is indeed on the way. You can view the big reveal below:

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Indie Film Spotlight: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

We’re sure you’ve noticed by now, but film has been becoming a very large part of Under The Gun Review. We are all huge film buffs and felt we could save everyone a few clicks by expanding our coverage (and honestly, it’s nice not having to write about (insert band) premiereing/unveiling/announcing (insert event) over and over again).

This spotlight will highlight a new/recent/upcoming independent film that we feel you need to see. The Harry Potters of the world will always be successful and easily available on Netflix, but indies need your help and contributions to survive and thrive. Just like …

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