Big Eyes

Watch The Trailer For Tim Burton’s Upcoming Film, ‘Big Eyes’

Tim Burton is known for movies that are over the top and larger than life. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his directing career. While those are some of the first movies you might think of when considering his career, they do not define his entire repertoire. In fact, he has taken part in an upcoming movie that may shake up your expectations of what he has to offer. His latest directorial effort is Big Eyes – a biographical drama based on …

Listen Up Philip

Jason Schwartzman Is Absolutely Miserable in ‘Listen Up Philip’ Trailer

Sundance had a lot of hits this year, and one of the big films that got quite a bit of talk was Listen Up PhilipDirected by Alex Ross Perry, it tells the tale of an angry, self-destructive author (Jason Schwartzman) who falls deeper into his self-obsession, highlighted by bringing Elisabeth Moss (his girlfriend) and Jonathan Pryce (as his literary idol) into the mix. It sounds like a sullen movie, but nearly every review praised it for its ripe humor and superb acting. One look at the trailer and it looks like the critics are right.

Listen Up Philip


First ‘Town That Dreaded Sundown’ Remake Trailer Is Absolutely Gorgeous

A remake of The Town That Dreaded Sundown is premiering at Fantastic Fest this year, and earlier today we got our first look at what may turn out to be a really entertaining reboot.

Starring Addison Timlin, Gary Cole, Joshua Leonard and more, the new version of The Town That Dreaded Sundown will kick off sixty-five years after the events of the first movie, with another moonlight killer behind a series of grisly slayings. It’s unclear whether or not this update will be told using the same documentary style approach as the original, but after seeing the first trailer we …

The Sins Of Dracula

‘The Sins Of Dracula’ Trailer: All Hail Low Budget Filmmaking

Scorpio Film has become something of a genre staple in recent years. Though the production company has not released a single film that received theatrical distribution, the people working at Scorpio have managed to craft some of the most bizarre original features in recent memory. The best, at least in our opinion, has been a little film called Disco Exorcist, but the company’s latest project may steal the lo-fi horror crown in just a few short weeks.

As the star of his church choir, there’s nothing that brings Billy more joy than the opportunity to sing for an audience. …

Horrible Bosses 2

New ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ Trailer Introduces Chris Pine To A Life Of Crime

We have been talking a lot about the fast-approaching movie awards season and the many films that will debut in coming months as a result, but the fall will also host a slew of new comedies that hope to save the genre’s lackluster 2014 box office performance. Dumb and Dumber To is arguably the most anticipated film of the lot, but following not far behind is Horrible Bosses 2, and this morning a new trailer for the latter found its way online.

Horrible Bosses found three guys coming together with a shared dream of killing their employer. Horrible Bosses


‘Spring’ Trailer: The Girl Of Your Dreams Is More Than Meets The Eye

Death has a funny way of making the living realize everything they are doing in their own lives is probably a mistake. Maybe it’s the fact that the death of anyone reminds us of our own impending doom, or maybe it’s because we suddenly understand how precious time actually is, but whatever the case death has long proven to be one of the biggest motivators of all time – both in life and art.

Spring, the upcoming film from the team that delivered Resolution, takes this idea in a new direction while following a familiar blueprint. Evan, a …


Lars Von Trier Has Made The Most Incredibly NSFW Movie Trailer Ever

THIS POST IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. If you hate pornography in any way, shape, or form then you need to stop reading this article and run as far away from this page as humanly possible. We are about to get graphic. REALLY, REALLY graphic.

Lars Von Trier started all sorts of controversy when he informed the world he would bring to life an epic story about one women’s sexual journey through life. That project, which was eventually broken into two parts and titled Nymphomaniac, found its way to theaters with an NC-17 rating near the end …


‘Dracula Untold’ Will Now Arrive A Week Earlier Than Expected

If there is one fall film that has been promoted to the point that it’s hard to believe the feature is still not in theaters it is Dracula Untold. Starring Luke Evans, the film has been promoted in front of every major action film of the summer, dating all the way back to late April. That’s almost 6 months of promotion for a film I think we can all agree will be “okay” at best.

Today, Universal Pictures realized everyone is getting a little burnt out on Dracula Untold trailers and announced that the film’s release date has been …

Starring Adam West Trailer Doc

‘Starring Adam West’ Trailer: The Story Of A Superhero Icon

Though many young people today have never seen a full episode of the original Batman television series, it’s likely they know actor Adam West as having been the first man to wear Bruce Wayne’s signature cowl on screen. Why? Because Adam West is a celebrity whose fame transcends time. He’s been pouring his heart and soul into his craft for more than 50 years, and soon he will share that journey with audiences everywhere when the film Starring Adam West makes its way onto VOD.

Featuring the man himself, as well as a slew of notable celebrities and pop culture …

abcs of death

Watch The Insanely Violent, Creepy and Sometimes Silly Red Band Trailer for ‘The ABCs Of Death 2′

The ABCs of Death was a riot. Sure, some of the 26 contributions were definitely worse than others, but overall, the anthology offered a unique and enthralling experience for fans of the macabre. D is for Dogfight, X is for XXL and Y is for Youngbuck were among my personal favorites.

Today, however, we’ve been treated with the first look at the film’s sequel in The ABCs of Death 2, featuring 26 all new efforts from a slew of horror’s most impressive veterans and up-and-coming talents. In the brief minute-and-a-half teaser we see gallons and gallons of blood, …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The One I Love’ Ruminates on Love Lost With A Sci-Fi Twist

Film: The One I Love
Directed by: Charlie McDowell
Starring: Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, Ted Danson

***This review originally ran during our coverage of the Provincetown Film Fest. We are posting it a second time because the film has just hit VOD and theaters nationwide.***

The One I Love is like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff? wrapped in the enigma of aTwilight Zone episode with Ted Danson’s character acting as the narrator instead of Rod Serling. So as you can see, this film is a completely different take on the romantic drama subgenre with an otherworldly twist to …


Watch A New ‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’ Trailer For More Death At Sea

Two weeks in advance of the film’s debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, we’ve received another trailer for [REC] 4: Apocalypse.

The trailer reuses much of the footage from the previous trailer, leaving out, well the most exciting bits. It gives us a few different views, like security cameras and an exterior view of the boat, but otherwise unfolds the same way: with everything hitting the fan. This one also doesn’t have subtitles. If nothing else, it invites a revisiting of that first trailer and restokes fans’ anticipation for the film.

[REC] 4: Apocalypse is billed as …