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All The Cool Kids Are Falling With Tove Lo’s “Thousand Miles”

Swedish pop star Tove Lo is ramping up promotion for the September 30 release of her debut album by sharing a new song titled “Thousand Miles.”

Tove Lo has always promoted herself as an honest pop artist. Where many singers and songwriters attempt to find mainstream appeal with stories that everyone can relate to, Tove Lo chooses to use her own experiences to fuel the writing that goes into her songs. When you hear of someone having their heart broken, you know it’s either Tove Lo or someone she dated. It’s real, and in my opinion that is what makes …


Tove Lo Streams New Singles “Timebomb” and “Moments”

Rising pop singer Tove Lo will drop her debut album, Queen Of The Clouds, on September 30. Way back in March, she shared a video for “Habits,” but now as the release draws nearer, she’s releasing more singles in anticipation. This time we get a better glimpse with “Timebomb” and “Moments.”

Lo’s glossy electro-pop and emotionally barring lyrics go full force on both numbers. “Timebomb” sees Tove Lo tackling sex in a bass-stomping number that rolls around with quite a bit of speedy and loose vocals. “Moments,” on the other hand, takes its time, showing a less …


Watch Tove Lo’s “Habits” Video

Tove Lo just dropped her debut EP, Truth Serum, two weeks ago and now she’s got a new video for “Habits” that fans can enjoy.

You may’ve heard and seen “Habits” around last year, that’s because it was initially released then but it was apparently loved so much – it got another shot to be a “new” single. The latest video follows a day in the life of Tove Lo, complete with scenes of her getting ready, looking discombobulated around town and enjoying a lot of shots.

If the video just won’t suffice, you can try and catch this …


We’re Not On Drugs, We Just Love Tove Lo

There is no stopping the rise of Tove Lo. This is your last chance to hop on the bandwagon before the scales tip and she’s featured in every pop outlet in print, on screen, and otherwise currently in existence. She’s ushering in a new age of downtempo electronic pop, and her latest single only further solidifies our faith in her power to change the top 40 landscape.

Nothing is quite like falling in love. Your brain spins with thoughts of everything that could flourish, your heat beats hard enough to thump out of your chest, and the world around …


Most Anticipated: Tove Lo Announces ‘Truth Serum’ EP

Go ahead and make room on your most anticipated lists because Swedish up and comer Tove Lo has finally revealed the release plan for her debut EP. The world of pop may never be the same.

Truth Serum will be released worldwide on April 7, with a vinyl edition coming out on Neon Gold in North America. The EP features seven tracks, including the single “Habits.” You can view the complete track listing below. Preorders are not available at this time.

Truth Serum
1. Not On Drugs
2. Paradise
3. Over
4. Habits
5. Out of Mind
6. Stay High


FREE MP3: Keys N Krates – “All The Time” (Tove Lo Flip)

We hope there never comes a day when we grow tired of hearing Tove Lo’s “Habits.” There have been at least half a dozen flips/remixes over the last few months, and each has found a way to make the song feel new once again. Keys N Krates dropped off their take on the 2013 single this morning, and it’s one you have to hear to believe.

Bringing the power ballad to a place where it could find play in the club, Keys N Krates’ take on “Habits” is a glitchy, bass-heavy auditory treat that demands repeat listens. You can …


FREE MP3: Tove Lo – ‘Habits’ (Chainsmokers Remix)

We love Tove Lo. Actually, I take that back. We fawn over Tove Lo like schoolchildren trying to get a grip on the swell of emotions that follows their first taste of love. Her image, her music, everything about her just works for us, and this morning our favorite production outfit delivered a killer remix of her hit “Habits” for the world to enjoy.

Turning what was once an almost haunting pop ballad into a club-ready party track, the official Chainsmokers remix of Tove Lo’s “Habits” is exactly what the doctor ordered to cure your midweek blues. …


Don’t End 2013 Without Falling In Love With These 5 Pop Songs

The year seems to be winding down faster than usual, and it feels like every time I get a minute to surf the net I stumble across a new ‘best of’ lists that commands me to give a portion of precious free time to an album someone I more often than not have never met believes has the power to change lives. They may be right, but if I’m being perfectly honest there is rarely a day when I have the time to add an entire new release to my listening routine. Some days I don’t listen to any album …


FREE MP3: Hippie Sabotage – “Stay High” (Tove Lo Flip)

I think everyone loves a good remix, but there is something to be said for a remix to a song you’ve never heard that has the power to knock you off your feet. Those rare tracks are true production masterpieces, and recently the group known as Hippie Sabotage delivered one such track when they flipped Tove Lo’s haunting indie-pop anthem “Habits.”

Writing about the world of remixes is still a bit new to me, but at the risk of sounding as vague as possible there is simply something to Hippie Sabotage’s “Stay High” that syncs up with your very …

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White Girl Dance Corner

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