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Tigers Jaw 2015

Listen To Tigers Jaw’s Full Live Acoustic Album From Studio 4

Tigers Jaw, via Stereogum, are streaming their new live album recorded at Studio 4. For those who don’t know, Studio 4 is the main operating haven for Will Yip, the current scene’s title holder for favorite producer/dude.

The album was recorded with banter included, giving the entire piece an intimate touch, especially when the band plays Title Fight covers, dedicating them to a close friend of the band who passed away.

The album will be released on June 30 via Memory Music, and can still be pre-ordered here.

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Tigers Jaw 2015

Tigers Jaw Stream Moving Acoustic Rendition Of “I Saw Water”

Last year, Tigers Jaw mercilessly melted our hearts with Charmer, an evocative 12-song effort that beautifully showcased the outfit’s top-notch musical prowess. On June 30, the Scranton duo will return with their first-ever acoustic collection, Studio 4 Acoustic Session, and from all indications, it is going to be equally enthralling and wonderful.

Case and point: the record’s second single, “I Saw Water.” Straightforward, but not at any point boring, the group’s latest offering puts Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins’ airtight melodies front and center, and in doing so highlights the pair’s simple but effective songwriting. Check it out …

tigers jaw 2014

Tigers Jaw Announce ‘Studio 4 Acoustic Session,’ Stream “Teen Rocket”

Since the delivery of their literal Charmer from June of last year, Tigers Jaw have made it a point to keep their calendar filled all year round. Apart from the massive amount of touring they have planned for the rest of 2015 (you can find all those dates here), the band has also just announced that they will be putting out an acoustic record at the end of June.

The twelve-track compilation, which is entitled Studio 4 Acoustic Session, will be released under Memory Music, a brand new Run For Cover imprint label brought to us by producer …

tigers jaw 2014

Tigers Jaw Announce US Spring Tour; Support From Lemuria, Somos

Music lovers have been going nuts these past couple of weeks with all the new spring tour announcements being dropped, and it’s not even close to being over.

Tigers Jaw have announced that they will be going on their first headlining spring tour in the United States this April and May.

Fellow indie outfits Lemuria and Somos will be joining them on this tour as well, adding much more excitement to the coming spring tour announcements.

Tickets will be going on sale this Friday, January 16 at 10am. Ticket and show date information can be found on this website.…

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The 25 Tracks That Dominated My 2014 Over All Others

I already babbled on extensively about my favorite full releases and music videos of the year, but it’s been eating away at me that I didn’t put some focus on the individual tracks I spent a significant amount of time with since 2014 began.

So without wasting any more of your time than needed, below are the 25 songs (released this year) I listened to the most in the past 12 months. A good portion of these are featured on albums that I didn’t even enjoy enough as complete efforts to include on my other list, but these tracks stand …


The Music That Moved Me In 2014

This time last year, my life was more hectic than ever before. I was working three jobs, trudging through my final semester of college, and doing my best to prepare for life as a “real adult.” Fatigue was in fashion, uncertainty reigned supreme, and on top of it all, I couldn’t afford to take my foot off the gas. I was burnt out, man.

Likewise, when I set out to write my “best of” list for UTG, I did so with little diligence. To combat a jam-packed schedule, I clung tightly to what I knew without fully exploring all that …


I Guess You Could Say I Enjoyed Some Music in 2014

This year, I’m throwing convention to the wind. I tend to spend too much time deliberating, trying to narrow things down to a set amount of this or that. For 2014, much like any other year, I’m sharing a [very] large collection of what I enjoyed most in the world of music, except these lists will feature no valued ordering and no limitations such as the obligatory and ubiquitous ‘top 10.’

As noted, all the releases below are in no particular order. They’re simply the records and videos I enjoyed the most and spent the most time with this year. …

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REVIEW: Cave People – ‘Older’ EP

Artist: Cave People
Title: Older EP
Label: Stereophonodon Records
Genre: Emo, Indie/Punk

How tired are you of hearing how deeply permeated with good breakout bands Philadelphia has been this year? Not too tired, I hope. That city definitely takes the cake for quality music’s prime habitat as of late. The efforts of David Tomaine, also known as Cave People, courageously attempts to join the aforementioned cluster with this new five-track EP, entitled Older.

If not hunched over her desk writing about music, Dana can be found binge-watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls, asking waiters at restaurants

tigers jaw

VINYL REVIEW: Tigers Jaw – ‘Charmer’

Artist: Tigers Jaw
Album: Charmer
Label: Run For Cover Records
Release Date: June 3, 2014

I was admittedly late to the game on Tigers Jaw. “Hum,” their single from late last year, was my first real experience with the band, and from the moment that track finished streaming, I immediately began kicking myself. I ventured back and listened to their past three albums, various splits and singles, and their excellent contribution to Will Yip’s Off The Board compilation. I was hooked, and as a result, I was eagerly awaiting Charmer to drop this month.

I pre-ordered the album as …

tigers jaw

REVIEW: Tigers Jaw – ‘Charmer’

Artist: Tigers Jaw
Album: Charmer
Label: Run For Cover Records

Scranton, Pennsylvania’s Tigers Jaw are a rare breed of band. Masters of introspective lyricism, this much-vaunted quintet possess a unique ability to create music that is both hauntingly beautiful and unashamedly heartfelt, yet still maintains a rollicking energy rooted deep in its punk rock soul. The band’s firm grasp of this duality is displayed to devastating effect on their latest studio album Charmer. The fourth full-length offering from the band, Charmer finds Tigers Jaw at their emotive best, utilizing the full power of their impressive songwriting chops to deliver …

Tigers Jaw Charmer

Tigers Jaw Release ‘Charmer’ Early Following Album Leak

Album leaks seem to become more prominent with each year that passes and hardworking bands suffer more and more from irresponsible and disrespectful persons putting their material out before it’s to be officially released. Scranton, PA’s Tigers Jaw were set to release their newest effort, Charmer, on June 3 but the album was leaked online just recently. According to the band’s label, Run For Cover Records, this leak “is NOT the final version of the album, and is missing songs.”

Those of us that pre-ordered Charmer received our digital downloads yesterday and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. …

tigers jaw 2014

Tigers Jaw Unveil “Hum” Music Video

So far, Tigers Jaw have graced fans with several tracks off their upcoming record, Charmer, which hits shelves June 3 via Run For Cover Records. Earlier this morning, the outfit continued to hype their forthcoming release by giving their single, “Hum,” a music video.

The clip finds the duo playing some very uncooperative instruments inside a dimly lit house, which could be mistaken for the same home Billy Joel ran around in the 1982’s “Pressure.” Check it out by following the jump below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

If “Hum” …

Under The Gun Review