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REVIEW: Misser – Distancing

Band: Misser
Album: Distancing
Genre: Punk/Emo
Label: Rise Records

Misser, the brain child of Transit’s Tim Landers and Ex-This Time Next Year’s Brad Wiseman, has consistently put out really awesome releases. Starting as a side project in 2011, Misser has quickly put out two releases that established themselves as a band, not just two dudes throwing b-sides together from their full-time projects.  Every Day I Tell Myself to Be a Better Person was one of my favorite releases of 2012, so I had high hopes that Misser would put out short collection of songs with Distancing that I …


STREAM: Misser – “Gaddamn, Salad Days”

Misser‘s new song, “Gaddamn, Salad Days” is streaming exclusively at Revolver Magazine.

“Back on Misser’s first tour in September of 2012, we stayed in the interesting city of Baltimore for two or three days,” Transit’s Tim Landers told Revolver. “Our friend Bryan Mcternan was nice enough to let us stay in his beautiful studio, known as Salad Days. We stayed up too late, we indulged, and we made some music. “Goddamn, Salad Days” is the product of that Baltimore excursion.”

“Gaddamn, Salad Days” is off of Distancing, the follow up EP to Misser’s 2012 full-length, which garnered a …


Misser To Enter The Studio, Start Work On A New EP Tomorrow

Misser, the pop-punk duo comprised of Tim Landers from Transit and Brad Wiseman of This Time Next Year, will be gettin down to bidness on a new EP starting Monday.

According to a statement on the band’s Facebook, they’ll be recording the first release since their 2012 debut album Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person at Panda Studios in Fremont, CA.

The band has a packed spring ahead of them. After a one off show in Anaheim, CA at Chain Reaction on Jauary 19th they’ll will be hitting the road with The

The Movielife Tribute

STREAM: Movielife Covers by The Scene Aesthetic and This Time Next Year

On December 11, Pacific Ridge Records will be releasing a cover album honoring The Movielife. The album will simply be titled A Tribute to The Movielife and feature artists such as The Scene Aesthetic, This Time Next Year, That’s Outrageous!, I Call Fives and many more.

Many songs have already surfaced, such as This Time Next Year’s cover of “Walking On Glass”. But Alter The Press announced that they are exclusively streaming The Scene Aesthetic’s cover of The Movielife’s “Hey”.

Stream these songs in the links provided above. More songs from the tribute album can …

This Time Next Year 2012

EXCLUSIVE: This Time Next Year Trivia Contest

This Time Next Year have partnered with UTG, as well as the rest of the Voices network, to give their fans around the world a chance to win some one-of-a-kind prizes in promotion of their upcoming second-to-last performance on December 2 in Oakland, California. Today it is UTG’s turn to host the festivities, so please pay attention and follow the rules carefully:

UTG is excited to be offering This Time Next Year fans the chance to a win a Drop Out Of Life test press, Troubled Coast CD, and The American Scene CD/LP. All you have to do in order …

This Time Next Year 2012

STREAM: This Time Next Year – “Walking On Glass” (The Movielife Cover)

While pop punk band This Time Next Year is apparently breaking up for good, they seem to still be releasing new material – or at least, whatever material they have left. Yesterday, on Absolute Voices sister blog PropertyOfZack, the band debuted a cover of The Movielife‘s “Walking On Glass”. While some of us are holding out hope that someday The Movielife comes back into our lives (everyone’s doing it! It’s a ten year thing!), this cover is a pretty good rendition of a great song.

Hear the song for yourself right here on UTG after the jump. …

This Time Next Year 2012

This Time Next Year Release Music Video, Announce Final Shows

Walnut Creek pop punk act This Time Next Year have announced they will playing their final shows together as a band. According to not only a message on the band’s Facebook page, but the band’s label Equal Vision Records as well, This Time Next Year will be ending their six-year career, performing two final shows in California this December.

While it’s certainly bad news for fans of the band, Equal Vision Records has posted a brand new video from the band for their song “Note” off of their latest album Drop Out Of Life, likely one of the final …


TOUR: Misser and Young Statues

Pop-punk duo, Misser, will be heading out on a short tour this September. Misser will be joined by indie artist, Young Statues, and Baltimore outfit, Diamond Youth. The tour will kick off on September 14 in Poughkeepsie, New York and will conclude on September 22  in Boston. Check out the full list of dates after the jump.

Misser is the brainchild of Transit guitarist, Tim Landers, and  This Time Next Year guitarist Brad Wiseman. They released their stellar debut full-length, Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be a Better Person, earlier this year. You should …


Misser Discuss Formation

Misser, the indie pop-punk side project of Transit’s Tim Landers and This Time Next Year’s Brad Wiseman, may be relatively new, but they are certainly turning heads. With the release of their debut record, Every Time I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be a Better Person, via Rise Records, the duo are poised for even larger audiences.

However, many have been wondering how the pop-punkers came together to form Misser in the first place. Well, our friends over at sat down with Landers and Wiseman and found out that answer, along with some other sweet information. Check …


REVIEW: Misser – Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be A Better Person

Artist: Misser
Album:  Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be A Better Person
Genre: Pop-Punk/Punk
Label: Rise Records

Complete transparency: I generally hate side-projects. A lot of them are half-assed, boring, and just seem like material that didn’t fit as much into the original, more popular band’s newest album. There are obvious exceptions to the rule (Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It., side project Stay Ahead of The Weather), but generally side projects just don’t capture the same energy of a musician’s first project. Misser is one of those bands that proved to me that sometimes side …

Misser - Album art 2012

STREAM + Track-by-Track: Misser – Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person

Misser (members of Transit and This Time Next Year) released their new album Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be a Better Person today on Rise Records, and they were also kind enough to let it stream online here! Not only did they put it up for stream, but they also sat down with Altpress about the album and gave them a track-by-track look into what each song is about.

Misser is the brain child of Tim Landers of Transit and Brad Wiseman of This Time Next Year, and this marks their first full length together as …


Misser Stream “Reconnect This” On AbsolutePunk

Misser have partnered up with our friends over at Absolutepunk to stream their brand new song “Reconnect This.”

The song is off of the band’s upcoming release, Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person, through Rise Records. Misser is comprised of Tim Landers of Transit and Brad Wiseman of This Time Next Year.

Are you excited to pick up this album when it hits stores? Be sure to tune into AP at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST tonight to listen to the band chat as well!

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