the widow’s walk

The City Serene

REVIEW: A City Serene – The Widows Walk

Artist: A City Serene
Album: The Widow’s Walk
Genre: Post-hardcore/dubstep/screamo (their own description)
Label: [Unsigned]

A City Serene can be applauded for one thing, and one thing only where this is concerned – brevity. They excel in the ruination of a good song with crap vocals too, but to their credit they only use five songs to make their [woeful] point and don’t outstay their welcome too much. I believe that in one of my very first assignments, several moons ago, for this website I referenced the so-called “beauty and the beast” vocals, where a band layers glasslike female singing …

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UTG STREAM: A City Serene – The Widows Walk EP

I doubt we have ever received a submission from an unsigned band that didn’t talk about how they brought a “unique” sound to their genre and rose through the ranks of their local scene while overcoming adversity of some kind. We get it, the music industry is hard (trust us, we know). However, rarely does a band have a tale of woe quite like that of A City Serene.

Touring for any band is hard, especially any young band, but after an accident on an early tour left the band broken (some even in comas), most assumed their career had …

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