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The last Word

STREAM: The Last Word – “The Author”

The unsigned post hardcore outfit known as The Last Word recently revealed a brand new single, titled “The Author.” The song is taken from their upcoming Oblivion EP, which is set to hit stores July 23. Listen to the new song by taking a look below the jump.

If you like what you hear, then be sure to head on over to the band’s Facebook page and give them a “like” so you can stay up to date on any upcoming tours.…

The Last Word

REVIEW: The Last Word – Endlessly Crashing

Artist: The Last Word
Album: Endlessly Crashing
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Unsigned

In a genre that’s drowning in bands that all sound the same it’s really difficult to find those bands who will stand the test of time. Most of them rise up, sign to a label, release an album, then disappear. It’s hard not to become bored and jaded with the music that’s available today does not seem to have any real progression. I like to stay the optimist, and I genuinely enjoy the hardcore music scene still. I truly believe there are talented musicians who have a lot to …

The Last Word

STREAM: The Last Word – “Faith In Chaos”

Just in case you didn’t know, those UK rockers The Last Word are coming out with their debut full length Endlessly Crashing tomorrow, and as a sneak peak they have released a song from the album titled “Faith In Chaos”. You can listen to the song and watch the lyric video below the jump.

If you like what you hear, I recommend that you head over to Big Cartel and pre-order a bundle or just check into iTunes to buy a digital copy first thing in the morning!

Enjoy what you hear!…

the last word

PREVIEW: The Last Word – Endlessly Crashing

The five piece hardcore band known as The Last Word have released a video previewing samples of all the tracks off their upcoming debut album Endlessly Crashing. This album is currently set to be released August 21. You can check out the preview below the jump.

If you think you might like the band, you can also head over to their Facebook page to take a listen to some songs off their previous release, Crashing EP, which was released January of this year. They also have a couple of those songs available for free download through their Facebook …


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: The Last Word – With Heavy Hearts

You read right! The Last Word has released a brand new single titled “With Heavy Hearts”. In addition to being able to stream the entire track you can actually download it for free! You can access the free download here.

The Last Word is a five piece rock group from Farnborough, England. They currently have an EP out titled Crashing. It’s a good listen, so it might be worth checking out!

If you like what you hear, you can also download another recent single titled “This Was Never Yours” featuring Tyler Carter. You can listen to and …

Review: The Last Word - Crashing

REVIEW: The Last Word – Crashing

Artist: The Last Word
Album: Crashing
Genre: Metal/Synthcore
Label: Unsigned

I try not to make too many broad unspecific, all-encompassing statements, mostly because they typically just end up making me look like even more of an idiot than I actually am, and I don’t need any more help on that front. But I think this statement is fairly safe: the United Kingdom has a habit of churning out a truly disproportional amount of fantastic bands, as far as music is supposed to go, there is a degree of trial and error involved, many need to fail, so a few can …