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WATCH: The Dear Hunter – “Lillian” (Live)

Triple Crown Records have released yet another live track from The Dear Hunter‘s live DVD, The Color Spectrum.

This time, watch Casey Crescenzo and friends perform an absolutely epic version of “Lillian”.

The video was shot on March 9, 2012 at the Somerville Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The DVD was officially released yesterday March 12. Pick up the DVD here.

The Dear Hunter’s new full-length album, Migrant, is also slated for release on April 2. Stream the new song, “An Escape”, here and watch the live performance of “Lillian” below. 

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The Dear Hunter

WATCH: The Dear Hunter – “Deny It All” (Live)

Triple Crown Records have released a video of The Dear Hunter performing “Deny It All” live from Casey Crescenzo’s live DVD, The Color Spectrum.

The performance was shot on May 9, 2012 at the Somerville Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The DVD will be released on March 12, 2013. Watch the performance below.

The Dear Hunter will also be releasing their brand new full-length album, Migrant, on April 2. Read more about the release and watch the trailer here. Furthermore, stream The Dear Hunter’s new song, “Whisper”, here

A native of New Brunswick, NJ, Anthony graduated

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MUSIC VIDEO: The Dear Hunter – “Home”

The beauty that is The Dear Hunter has returned to Under The Gun Review with a brand new music video for “Home”.

This track will appear on the group’s forthcoming live DVD of The Color Spectrum, which hits stores this year. The original 9 EP’s were released as a box set back in 2011 and UTG still is jamming them to this day. Pick up over on iTunes.

Click through to enjoy the magic of The Dear Hunter’s live performance as well as the entire track-listing for the live DVD. We hope you check out TDH if you …

The Dear Hunter

Music Video: The Dear Hunter – Never Forgive, Never Forget (Official Director’s Cut)

Indie rock group The Dear Hunter have released the official director’s cut video for the band’s song “Never Forgive, Never Forget”. The track is off of the Black EP from the group’s impressive Color Spectrum release, currently available via Triple Crown Records.

The video, presented by Let’em Have It Productions, follows a man on the run as he tries to evade a group of pursuing agents. The six-minute video is packed with action, including an epic shoot-out towards the end. Check out the visuals below and be sure to let UTG know what you think of the video. 


UTG INTERVIEW: Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter

An excess of ambition can make or break an artist, and one could assume that the scope of what The Dear Hunter has evolved into since its inception, could rip its creator apart with ease. Alas, Casey Crescenzo, the marvel behind the madness has valiantly kept his composure, pressed on, and continues to optimize the project, providing us with one of the most versatile, groundbreaking indie rock outfits we’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing.

Between last year’s earnest effort, The Color Spectrum, constant touring, and the world’s anticipation of the continuance of the conceptual Acts series, The Dear …

The Dear Hunter

MUSIC VIDEO: The Dear Hunter – Never Forgive Never Forget

The Dear Hunter have created a spectacular set of visuals for their song “Never Forgive Never Forget,” which comes off of The Color Spectrum collection. This video is seemingly flawless.

If you have not experienced the great talent that is this band you need to get on it right now. Pick up their album through Triple Crown Records. The band’s creator Casey Crescenzo told Spinner his thoughts on the video and can be viewed below.

“About 10 seconds in, I called out to the rest of my band, who was still in the other room rehearsing, and asked them to

The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter Releasing Live DVD For ‘The Color Spectrum’

The Dear Hunter will be putting out a special live DVD for The Color Spectrum and is expected to drop later this year. The band have released a statement on this project and can be viewed by simply looking below. More news and details on The Color Spectrum will be unleashed as the release date grows nearer.

We are highly anticipating the release and cannot wait to put in our pre-orders.

“First off for everyone who can’t make it to The Color Spectrum show we have some good news for you. We will be filming The Show. So start saving

The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter Stream Anthony Green Cover

One of Under The Gun’s favorite acts The Dear Hunter have released their cover of Anthony Green’s tune “Get Yours While You Can” and is currently streaming on their official website. This song is a little slower but the group really bring the colors of it out, with this unique performance.

TDH are currently touring in support of their latest 9-EP release, The Color Spectrum, with support from Mr. Green. The remaining tour dates can be viewed by heading past the jump. Have you had a chance to see them in concert? Please let us know what you …

The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter Performs “Home” Acoustic

Check out a video of Casey Crescenzo performing “Home” acoustically on the PacTour here on UTG. The Dear Hunter fans can truly appreciate the simple melody and tireless effort he puts into every performance. Before sitting down in the store to sing “Home,” Crescenzo talks about his recording process and life itself.

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Dear Hunter’s latest EP collection called The Color Spectrum, easily one of the musical highlights of 2011.

You can view the video by clicking past the jump and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


The Dear Hunter Announce US Tour With Anthony Green

News has just broke of The Dear Hunter‘s upcoming US touring plans and Under The Gun couldn’t be more excited! A 21-stop tour run has been set in place, with Anthony Green (Circa Survive) acting as direct support.

TDH are currently touring in support of their latest 9-EP release, The Color Spectrum, that is currently hovering around our top releases of the year.

Under The Gun’s own Jacob Tender broke news of the Circa Survive frontman getting involved with Casey on a musical venture, which will see a 2012 release. UTG will be keeping you filled in on …

The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter Release ‘The Color Spectrum’ Collection

The Dear Hunter and Triple Crown Records will be releasing the complete collection of The Color Spectrum, which is already creating quite a buzz over the internet.

This box set collection will include a new 52-page booklet, full-length DVD by Casey Crescenzo, hand screened poster and are hand-numbered by Casey himself. Get yours while you still can by heading right here because they are limited to only 150.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to The Dear Hunter we highly recommend you pick up this set on November 1, it will certainly change your view of music.…

The Dear Hunter post new song (feat

LIVE REVIEW: The Dear Hunter (8/10/11)

Artist: The Dear Hunter
Venue: Middle East (Downstairs) – Cambridge, MA
Date: 8-10-11

There is somewhat of a double edged sword that follows working in the music industry. The more you work, the more access you have, but the more access you have, the more work that generally ensues. Nothing comes for free in this business and getting burnt out is something that happens to many people greater than myself. It’s not that people grow tired of music or begin loathing live performances, it’s just after years of loud noises, sometimes people forget what made them feel so excited about …