New ‘Theory Of Everything’ Trailer Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Following its critically acclaimed premiere last month, James Marsh‘s The Theory of Everything has received a gorgeous new trailer that will leave you impatiently awaiting the film’s November 7 release.

Focus Features seems to be fully aware of the fact their Stephen Hawking film will be a magnet for nominations when awards season rolls around, and their latest promotional effort to make audiences believe in Eddie Redmayne is entertaining with just enough heartache to hook your wallet. The new trailer features new footage, as well as most of the initial teaser. Redmayne stars as Stephen Hawking, tracing his journey from …


‘White Bird In A Blizzard’ Trailer: Shailene Woodley Has A Sexual Awakening (And A Missing Mom)

White Bird In A Blizzard serves as the third film to star Shailene Woodley in the last year. It is also the third adaptation the former Secret Life Of The American Teenager star has appeared in during that same time. I’m not sure if she likes books, or if she feels the stories in them are better told on the silver screen, but either way, there is a new film on the way that is sure to give all the feels.

Kat Connors (Shailene Woodley) is 17 years old when her perfect homemaker mother, Eve (Eva Green), a beautiful, enigmatic, …


‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Plot Details Revealed


Okay, now that all that nonsense is out of the way and the angry trolls of the internet have been given fair warning of what is about to happen, it is with great excitement that I tell you that a few new plot details from Star Wars Episode VII have found their way online. According to our friend at Bad Ass Digest, who did their absolute best to be vague about their latest …

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.17.00 PM

‘Magic In The Moonlight’ Trailer: Woody Allen Knows What His Fans Want To See

After months of promotion and only a handful of stills, the first trailer for Woody Allen’s Magic In The Moonlight has been made available ahead of the film’s July 25 release.

Colin Firth stars as a world famous magician that makes a living on the side by debunking mystics, gypsies, and all others who attempt to rob or otherwise take advantage of those fooled by their slight-of-hand trickery. One day he is hired by a longtime friend to assist a wealthy family in the south of France that his friend believes is being deceived by a young women who claims …


‘Nashville’ Actress Set To Star In ‘Jem And The Holograms’, Production Already Underway

The eighties will never day. At least, not if Jem and The Holograms have anything to say about it.

Just a few weeks after news of a Jem And The Holograms adaptation went viral The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the upcoming reboot has found its stars. According tot he publication, Nashville star Aubrey Peeples will play the lead, and the Holograms will be played by Stefanie Scott, Aurora Perrineau and Hayley Kiyoko.

Jem And The Holograms will be based on the same bestselling Hasbro toy from 1980 that launched the similarly titled animated series most now think of when …


Netflix Reveals ‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2 Release Date

The cool thing about Netflix and its programming efforts when compared to traditional television is that they have no need to worry about high numbers for any one program in order to guarantee viewer retention. They can appeal to niche markets as they please and take chances whenever they feel it’s worth the risk, which may explain why Hemlock Grove is springing back to life later this year.

Yes, the Netflix original series that has nothing to do with politics, retirement homes, trailer parks, or wealthy white women in prison is coming back for a second season. The king of …


Watch The First Trailer For The James Brown Biopic, ‘Get On Up’

There seems to be a surprising lack of music-centric films scheduled for release in 2014, but one biopic everyone can look forward to is the story of the Godfather Of Soul himself, James Brown.

Chadwick Boseman, who played Jackie Robinson in the 2013 film 42, will portray James Brown in the upcoming biopic, Get On Up. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in August, and just last night the first trailer found its way online. You can view the clip, which features plenty of timeless hit songs, below.…


Netflix Reveals ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 2 Premiere Date; Releases First Teaser

A good portion of the UTG staff spent the weekend binging on House Of Cards season 2, and now that Netflix has once again wet our appetite for their unique brand of original programming, the company has released details regarding their next big premiere.

Orange Is The New Black will return with 13 brand new episodes on June 6, 2014. Every episode will be available at the same time (likely 3:01 AM EST), keeping the series in line with Netflix’s usual release pattern.

A teaser for season 2 was released to coincide with this announcement, and anyone who completed their …


First Trailer For ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ Takes Us To The Streets

No one expected The Purge to be the runaway box office success it turned out to be, but as soon as the box office receipts began rolling in everyone knew a sequel was pretty much guaranteed. This week, less than nine months after the original film debuted in theaters, the trailer for that second chapter found its way online.

Stepping away from the interior setup of the original, The Purge: Anarchy takes viewers to the streets on the one night of the year when every crime is legal. The trailer introduces a young couple on their way home from a …


New ‘Fast & Furious 7′ Poster Might Make You Cry

UPDATE: Director James Wan says the new poster is a fake. Well played, internet. Original post below:

When most people think of the Fast & Furious franchise their minds are overrun with images of high speed chases and over-the-top explosions, but the latest poster promoting the recently delayed seventh franchise installment takes a far more sentimental approach.

Accompanied by the message “This is where roads part,” the latest poster for 2015′s Fast & Furious 7 features two cars driving down an open road, with one vehicle turning off the pavement in such a way that the combined tire …

The Raid 2

New Trailer For ‘The Raid 2′ Is Even Better Than The Last

Movie trailers are tricky business. On the one hand, you want each preview for your film to be as exciting as possible so that anyone who encounters any of the materials will be likely to seek out your feature. On the other hand, giving away too much up front can lead to people exiting the theater feeling a bit underwhelmed. Finding a balance between these extremes is key, and I think filmmaker Gareth Evans perfected his formula for movie promotion with the latest trailer for The Raid 2.

Premiering at Sundance this week before seeing a limited theatrical release …



Film: Her
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix
Directed By: Spike Jonze

I’ve lost count of how many nights I have stayed awake thinking of the future and the possibilities it might present. Will we have flying cars? Will we defeat the generally accepted idea of death by somehow reaching the singularity? Will we still relate to one another the way we do today? That last question is one of many addressed and dwelled upon in Her, the latest film from Spike Jonze, and as you can probably imagine the search for that answer is riddled with heartache. The journey, however, is …