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Streetlight Manifesto Announce Short Fall Tour

Last year, beloved New Jersey ska act Streetlight Manifesto announced that their full-time touring days were over. They did not rule out the possibility of playing shows again, and this fall, some lucky fans in the northeast will get to see the group’s spectacular live show again.

The two October weekends, dubbed Once More Into The Fray, will include stops in Boston, New Jersey, New York City, Maryland, and two Canadian cities, and support for the shows will come from Dan Potthast and Chris Murray. In addition, Streetlight Manifesto were announced as part of the lineup for Chicago’s Riot Fest, …

Streetlight Manifesto

Fans Almost Collapse Venue Floor At Streetlight Manifesto Show

I have been to a lot of shows over the years, and there have been times where the floor was flexing so much I thought we were all going to fall through. This has to be one of my silliest fears, but it has definitely crossed my mind a few times when the entire audience is bouncing up and down. Well, according to a fan of Streetlight Manifesto, this exact thing almost happened. The band started, then they had to stop due to the damage that was being caused by the excited fans. It makes sense, the band just …


PropertyOfZack Previews Skate and Surf With Artists’ Timelines

Some monumental bands from the early 2000s are performing at Skate and Surf this weekend. To commemorate these artists and all of their hard work over the years, our buds over at PropertyOfZack put together a timeline honoring each of their histories. Here’s what PropertyOfZack had to say:

Many of us reflect back on the early 2000’s as a true golden age for the music that we love the most – the term “emo” hadn’t yet been bastardized by the mainstream, Drive-Thru Records was putting out release after release of foundational pop-punk, and no one had really thought yet to

streetlight manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto Denied Physical Copies of New Album By Label

Your favorite ska-punks just can’t catch a break. Streetlight Manifesto just announced on their Facebook page that their label, Victory Records, is witholding their new record, The Hands that Thieve, and refusing to send physical copies to the band or their fans. Streetlight Manifesto assures that “we will be able to fulfill all orders soon” and that fans shouldn’t buy the record from Victory’s website, but rather, from their RISC store. In a nutshell, Victory is keeping records in their possession that people have already paid for. Pretty lame.

In addition, the acoustic version of Streetlight’s new …


REVIEW: Streetlight Manifesto – The Hands That Thieve

Artist: Streetlight Manifesto
Album: The Hands That Thieve
Genre: Ska

Ska music has a bad rep these days. It’s gotten to a point where people consider it lame when you say that you’re listening to ska, like you’re some sort of leper who listens to Top 40 radio. “Skas Dead!” they all say. While yes, some ska is kinda lame, ska that is done well is some of the most exciting music you can hope to hear. Saying you love Streetlight Manifesto is basically cliché at this point in the game, but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they’re …

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Streetlight Manifesto Outline “The End Of The Beginning Tour”

Journeymen ska act Streetlight Manifesto have gone through a great deal to get their upcoming album The Hands That Thieve out to their fans. Of course, a release that hard-won deserves a big support tour for it and the band is more than happy to oblige their fans! But this might be the last time they hit the road for a long time, if this doesn’t turn out to be their last tour jaunt, period.

In a statement titled “The End of the Beginning Tour”, the band outlined their intent: to be able to put on at least one last …

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Streetlight Manifesto Posts Release Date And New Audio Sample For ‘The Hands That Thieve’, Outlines Continued Release Drama

It appears that the ongoing saga surrounding the release of ska band Streetlight Manifesto’s fifth album The Hands That Thieve is finally coming to an end.

April 30. That’s the official release date that the band posted to their Facebook page earlier today, along with a rather pointed directive the band had for their fans. It amounted to, “Please choose the outlet you buy The Hands That Thieve from very carefully,” though not in so many words. We’ve got more details and a brand new sample from The Hands That Thieve after the jump. 

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So Does Streetlight Manifesto’s ‘The Hands That Thieve’ Have An Official Release Date Yet? Eh, Not Quite

You can’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Like that album art to the left. Sans text, that’s the cover of Streetlight Manifesto’s fifth album The Hands That Thieve. You should really just ignore the text on that image completely. The Hands That Thieve didn’t come out on November 6. It didn’t come out in 2012. It hasn’t been released yet, period.

Contrary to an announcement that Streetlight made this past Tuesday, it doesn’t even have an official release date yet.


2013 Slam Dunk Festival Announced

The 2013 Slam Dunk Festival has been announced and UTG has all the details here! The event will be held from May 25 through the 27 in the United Kingdom and the first run of bands have been unveiled.

All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Four Year Strong, The Early November, The Skints, The Wonder Years, Streetlight Manifesto, Polar Bear Club, Woe Is Me, Senses Fail, Fireworks and The Story So Far will all be playing. Tickets go on sale December 7. View the 3 dates for the festival below and click through to check out the official festival poster.…


Fest 11 Drops Lineup

Gainesville, FL based Fest 11 announced the initial set up bands today for it’s October festival, and it’s unnecessarily fantastic. With bands such as Streetlight Manifesto, Frank Turner, Mixtapes, Polar Bear Club, and TONS of fantastic punk bands, this year is going to be fantastic as always. They haven’t even dropped the huge headliners yet (last year Lifetime was their big reveal, but when things went south with Lifetime they just picked up Kid Dynamite, no big deal right?), so here in UTG camp we’re really excited to see some more reveals. Check out the lineup after the break and …


Streetlight Manifesto Ask Fans To Boycott Victory Records

Ska punk band Streetlight Manifesto recently made a rather bizarre request from their fans. The ska outfit have asked that their fans boycott the band’s label, Victory Records, and not buy any merch from the company. The band have requested that fans instead buy any merchandise from the band directly rather than from the company that Streetlight wishes to disassociate themselves from.

Streetlight Manifesto are not the only Victory band that has spoken out against the label. Recently label heavyweights, A Day To Remember, had their lawsuit against the record company become public, stirring up even more Victory Records controversy. …

New interview with Lionize

Property of Zack have posted an interview with Lionize that can be viewed by clicking the link provided. Nathan (Guitar/Vocals) discusses their most recent tour, supporting Streetlight Manifesto and A Loss For Words, the band’s new record, Destruction Manual, playing Warped Tour and much more. Take a listen to Lionize on their Myspace and let UTG know what you think.