split review


Review: Person L/Weatherbox – Split EP

Artists: Person L and Weatherbox
Album: Split EP
Genre: Indie-rock/Experimental
Label: Youth Conspiracy Records

After four long years of patient waiting, Person L and Weatherbox have finally recorded that 7-inch they had promised. The Split EP consists of four all new tracks, two from each band, all of which are terribly enjoyable.  However, upon successive spins a more satisfying way to enjoy album has become apparent. Begin with either “OK” by Person L or “Kickflips For Weeks” by Weatherbox, and then alternate tracks between the two bands. A call and response, or a contest of sorts can be heard between …

A Loss For Words

REVIEW: A Loss For Words / Such Gold – Split 7″

Artist(s): A Loss For Words & Such Gold
Album: Split 7″
Genre: Pop Punk/Rock
Label(s): No Sleep Records / Mightier Than Sword

The thought of two of the best up and coming Pop Punks releasing a split 7-inch with two popular and emerging DIY labels, sounds incredibly exciting. The two bands in question are Rochester, New York’s Such Gold and Boston, Massachusetts’ A Loss For Words. Both are bands that have slowly and firmly been gathering on both sides of the Atlantic for the best part of 18 months.…


REVIEW: La Dispute/Koji – Never Come Undone

Never Come Undone is not worth the $9.99 iTunes has displayed for the pre-order. I suggest waiting for the price to drop to around 5 or six dollars before purchasing. Or, buy the Koji’s tracks individually. They are worth your money.”