Joey Bada$$ 2013

MUSIC VIDEO: Joey Bada$$ – “Unorthodox”

Harlem native Joey Bada$$ is ready to unveil the animated visuals for his song “Unorthodox” and paints a colorful picture.

The DJ Premier-produced track was released as a free single from Green Label Sound and provides us with a unique looks into Joey’s style. He paints pictures with his lyrics and we feel like can identify through the graphics. It does not get much better than this.

Watch Joey Bada$$’ new music video for “Unorthodox” through the jump and be sure to look out for more news from the Cinematic Music Group rapper. View the upcoming listing on touring dates


NOFX Discusses Sound Of New Album

AP recently caught up with Fat Mike to discuss the recording process of NOFX‘s new album.

The tracks on the group’s twelfth full-length were produced by Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls). Mike mentioned that the sound of this album is compareable to Punk In Drublic. He also discussed how the writing worked, his laziness and the vibe in the studio. Read the entire article by heading here and enjoy.

I was gonna ask you to expand on that, because at this point I think most people know what a NOFX record is gonna sound


Austin Carlile (Of Mice & Men) Discusses His Band’s Sound

Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile spoke with the people from Alternative Press about the band’s anticipated next effort. He stated that the band is heading for a more “Nu-Metal” dynamic and can be explained in-depth by simply looking below. Bands that he referenced OMAM’s sound was comparable to the likes of Linkin Park, Slipknot, and Chevelle.

You touched on this a little earlier, but I think after everything that’s happened the past few years since Of Mice & Men’s last release, everyone is wondering where the sound is going to go. You used the word “nu-metal” earlier, which

New Patrick Stump interview

Arena Rap recently caught up with Patrick Stump to talk about his background in hip-hop, his new EP, Truant Wave, and more. Patrick talks about his sound in the below except and you can read the rest of the interview here.

ARENARAP: Your recently released EP “Truant Wave” features pop and R&B influences, as well as some cool alternative ideas. How do you describe your sound? Can it be defined?

PS: That’s kind of the thing; when I said I was doing a record all the people that knew me were like “All right, it’s an