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The Amity Affliction

SINGLE REVIEW: The Amity Affliction – “Pittsburgh”

​Artist: ​The Amity Affliction
Single: “​Pittsburgh”​
Album: ​Let The Ocean Take Me
Label: ​Roadrunner Records​

Back in 2012, The Amity Affliction released a raw, heartfelt album titled Chasing Ghosts. That was their third studio album, and it was their darkest release to date. It happens to be my favorite release of theirs so far, and now it seems they are on the path to releasing yet another emotion-gripping album later this year. Early this morning they officially announced their new album, Let The Ocean Take Me, as well as its release date, and the lead …


Big Homie: Puff Daddy’s Comeback Single Is A Beast

Growing up in the 1990s, I can recall several years where no one in hip-hop could touch the Bad Boy Records empire. It was the premiere label in urban music, and sitting on the throne was none other than Sean Combs – aka Puff Daddy. If you have never heard No Way Out in its entirety you have lived an unfulfilled life.

In the early 2000s, Puff Daddy became P. Diddy, and with the name change came a musical evolution that leaned heavily on pop influences and turned away many longtime listeners. Later releases found circles where they were appreciated, …

The Word Alive

SINGLE REVIEW: The Word Alive – “Play The Victim”

Artist: The Word Alive
Single: “Play The Victim”
Album: Real
Label: Fearless Records

The Word Alive released Life Cycles nearly two years ago. That album helped the band secure their spot in the metalcore scene and proved they deserve all of the hype surrounding them. After they confirmed they were working on their third studio album fans went a little ballistic, and understandably so. They recently started to perform a new song live, titled “Play The Victim,” and while it was only a small taste of something new it was a welcomed change.

After months of teasing, the band finally …


We’re Not On Drugs, We Just Love Tove Lo

There is no stopping the rise of Tove Lo. This is your last chance to hop on the bandwagon before the scales tip and she’s featured in every pop outlet in print, on screen, and otherwise currently in existence. She’s ushering in a new age of downtempo electronic pop, and her latest single only further solidifies our faith in her power to change the top 40 landscape.

Nothing is quite like falling in love. Your brain spins with thoughts of everything that could flourish, your heat beats hard enough to thump out of your chest, and the world around …


SINGLE REVIEW: Nothing – “Bent Nail”

Artist: Nothing
Song: “Bent Nail”
Album: Guilty of Everything
Label: Relapse

I really enjoy shoegaze, but for some reason, Nothing wasn’t on my radar. Maybe it is because I just watched all of Twin Peaks in a week, and I have the lingering effects of that ’90s experience left coursing through my veins, causing me to traverse through any type of shoegazing experience I could find, but I am very upset I had not listened to Nothing up until this point. But, if there was any track to introduce me to the band’s music, I am glad “Bent Nail” was …


SINGLE REVIEW: Foster The People – “Coming Of Age”

Artist: Foster The People
Single: “Coming Of Age”
Album: Supermodel

Foster The People made fans go a little crazy yesterday with the announcement of the details for their sophomore studio album, Supermodel. They even kicked it off with the premiere of the very first single from the album, which is titled “Coming Of Age.”…



Single: “The Heart”
Album: Rivers In The Wasteland

Over the last decade NEEDTOBREATHE have blazed a path entirely their own through the often trouble-laden world of alternative rock. Having proven themselves in the Christian marketplace with early releases, the group saw their last album toe the line with mainstream radio play while the band performed nightly to crowds ever-increasing in size. Now, having spent the better part of 2013 recording in between tours, the members of NEEDTOBREATHE are trying to have a bit more fun with their next release, and earlier this week the album’s first single found …


SINGLE REVIEW: G-Eazy – “Almost Famous”

Artist: G-Eazy
Single: “Almost Famous”
Genre: Hip-hop
Label: None

Only a few weeks have passed since G-Eazy delivered his last single, but earlier this week fans got another dose of new music when the California native delivered a video and mp3 titled “Almost Famous.”

Featuring production that brings to mind the mood set on tracks like “Been On” and “Far Alone,” the latest from G-Eazy continues his rise to the top with a smooth hook and bars that are ripe with thoughts about the future.…


SINGLE REVIEW: Of Mice & Men – “You’re Not Alone”

Artist: Of Mice & Men
Track: “You’re Not Alone”
Album: Restoring Force
Label: Rise Records

It is hard to believe over two years have passed since Of Mice & Men released The Flood. I cannot recall more than a handful of weeks in all that time the band wasn’t making headlines worldwide, and for that they certainly deserve some credit. The metalcore market is as crowded as its ever been, but for one reason or another Of Mice & Men have managed to captivate throngs of young music fans with an intensity unmatched by their genre peers, and in …

akfj war

SINGLE REVIEW: Akissforjersey – “War”

Artist: Akissforjersey
Song: “War”
Album: New Bodies
Label: In Vogue Records

Have I heard this song before? I think I have. “War” begins nearly the exact same as “Oh Infamous City,” though that is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not a really great thing.

The thing about Akissforjersey’s newest song is that while it is a decent song, I dare say it is tired. Through the delayed lead riffs, and the onslaught of palm muted chugs, there is little left for new experimentation. Yes, the song is well produced and yes, the vocals soar, but there …

bc savages

SINGLE REVIEW: Breathe Carolina – “Savages”

Track: “Savages”
Artist: Breathe Carolina
Album: Savages

Fans have anxiously been waiting for new music to come from the Denver-based electro pop outfit known as Breathe Carolina. Not because it’s been such a long time since the band last released music (Hell Is What You Make It was released in 2011), but because longtime vocalist/co-songwriter Kyle Even recently parted ways with the group. Kyle is a founding member of the band, and with the release of Savages imminent, fans are wondering if he’s actually on the new album or not. If not, how different will the music sound?…


Required Listening: Katy B – “Crying For No Reason”

Just a quick warning: If you do not possess the ability to appreciate a great pop power-ballad this post is not for you.

Katy B has yet to become a staple on the US pop charts, but overseas she is already a critically-acclaimed UK dance-pop sensation. Her sophomore album is expected in early 2014 through Rinse/Columbia, and even though it lacks a shelf date the starlet has started sharing her new material with fans. Her latest, “Crying For No Reason,” is what inspired the creation of this post.

We all know the best pop music carries that intangible ‘it’ factor …