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You Need To See The NSFW Short ‘Are We Not Cats’

March is my favorite month of the year for several reasons. First, UTG celebrates its birthday in March. Second, I’m usually at SXSW during the time of said anniversary and SXSW is awesome. Third is my most anticipated event of each year, The Boston Underground Film Festival.

Last year, the 2013 installment of the Boston Underground Film Festival (otherwise known as BUFF) presented a slew of cinematic oddities that ranged from cult-driven tales like Jug Face, to far more obscure stories, including the one featured at the bottom of this post.

Are We Not Cats is a twelve-minute …


Childish Gambino Releases New Short Film

Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) has released another short film entitled Chicken and Futility, which revolves around (you guessed it) Chick-fil-A, rolling joints for social acceptance, poetry, and moths. The wacky, three minute film can be streamed after the jump.

Childish has been on a roll in the past few months, releasing his new album Because the Internet to acclaim, unveiling an accompanying screenplay, releasing another short film back in August entitled Clapping for the Wrong Reasons and announcing his Deep Web tour, a Spring 2014 headlining run.

Let us know what you think of Childish Gambino’s new …


Lil Durk, Young Chop, King Louie, & More Discuss Chicago In New Documentary

WorldStarHipHop has become a go-to destination for fans of urban music and ridiculous viral videos of people getting in scuffles. 2014 will see the video platform expanding its offerings to include original content, and today the site’s first documentary made its debut online.

Featuring appearances from some of Chicago’s best lyrical assassins, The Field: Chicago finds WSHH dipping their toes into the world of dramatic narrative with an engaging and thought-provoking look at life on the streets of one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Through interviews and freestyles, the artists who have fought to survive a life surrounded by …

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You Need To Watch Shia LaBeouf’s New Short Film (Starring Jim Gaffigan)

UPDATE: I hate to admit it, but Shia LaBeouf has made me feel like a fool. As BleedingCool clearly explains, the material for the short discussed in the following article was essentially stolen from another artist without as much as a ‘thank you’ credit from Labeouf. The actor has been called out for his actions, or lack thereof, and a lot of drama has ensued.

I want to thank the original artist, Dan Clowes, for his brilliant creativity.

When most people think of Shia LaBeouf they picture an actor who has appeared in movies big and small, but what …


Short Film: Lana Del Rey – ‘Tropico’

The wait is over, friends. Lana Del Rey’s short film has found its way online.

After months of teasers and clips that left us more confused than informed, Lana Del Rey has released her long-awaited short film, Tropico. The thirty-minute clip tells an epic tale of two lovers throughout time, with loads of religious and pop culture riddled subtext. Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jesus Christ, and John Wayne make ‘appearances,’ and Del Rey even exposes herself to the king (of rock, not Jesus). Confused? I haven’t even mentioned the foreplay in the Garden Of Eden, strippers, or lengthy – …

lana del rey 2013

Lana Del Rey Releases New ‘Tropico’ Teaser

I’m still unsure how I feel about Tropico, the upcoming short film from Lana Del Rey, but after seeing the following preview I have to admit she certainly has me interested in whatever it is she’s spent 2013 working on.

Back in October, Lana Del Rey released a brief clip of her upcoming short film Tropico that left us more confused than entertained. Today a minute-long teaser was released, and while it’s still incredibly vague it does pique our interests for the flick’s upcoming December 5 release. You can view the footage below.

Speaking about the movie, directed by …


Watch the Trailer for Lana Del Rey’s Short Film ‘Tropico’

After a lot of (typical) teasing, Lana Del Rey‘s Tropico is almost here. The pouty-lipped singer has just shared a trailer for the short film, due out December 5 via Vevo. Watch the trailer after the jump.

Clocking in at half an hour, Tropico stars Del Rey as a stripper named Eve. Get ready for lots of gunfire, snakes, and double the bubblegum blowing you’re used to. It was co-produced by Rick Rubin and co-stars model Shaun Ross.

If you’re questioning Lana Del Rey’s interest in movies, be prepared for some other shocking news. As FACT reported, it turns …


Wes Anderson Releases New Short Film And Tribute To Kumar Pallana

If you follow us here at UTG at all, you’ve likely seen us rave about Wes Anderson’s works, including our anticipation of his forthcoming film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that the man has a knack for acquiring the highest caliber of casts and certainly stands out with a unique vision as an auteur.

Following his Jason Schwartzman-led short film, Hotel Chevalier, accompanying The Darjeeling Limited, Anderson has released another short starring the Coconut Records musician, entitled Castello Cavalcanti, which is signature Anderson through and through; tracking shots, pleasing …

lana del rey 2013

Here’s Your First Look At Lana Del Rey’s Upcoming Short Film ‘Tropico’

Oh, Lana. When will you give up the theatrics and get back to making melancholy pop songs?

After spending the last few months keeping things tightly under wraps, Lana Del Rey has shared a thirteen second teaser for her upcoming short film. Titled Tropico, the effort has be discussed for months without much, if any plot information being revealed. There is no release date for the project at the point, but you can view the footage at the end of this post.

You never know what to expect from Lana Del Rey, and so far the footage for Tropico

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‘The Root Of The Problem’ Will Make You Never Want To Visit The Dentist Again

It’s hard to find a list of common fears that doesn’t include trips to the dentist. For one reason or another people cannot seem to keep calm when men or women dressed in all white want to put giant pieces of steel in their mouth and poke around. We could debate all day why that is, but for the sake of brevity let’s just accept that tooth doctors are terrifying people and anyone who would be excited to spend time in their death chairs must be completely out of their mind or a masochist to the most extreme degree. If …

Rick Ross No Games

Rick Ross Releases Cinematic “No Games” Video

The hottest hip hop single of the fall has just been given one of the slickest videos in recent memory.

Rick Ross has spoken in the past about releasing movies as music videos, but I am not sure he’s ever pulled it off before now. Partnering with Future, Ross has just delivered an epic clip for his smash hit “No Games.” The video opens with a car chase that ends in a fiery explosion, then transitions to an underground boxing championship complete with a flaming MMG logo, and finally closes with a timeless rainfall performance sequence that finds Ross …


Childish Gambino Releases ‘Clapping For The Wrong Reasons’ Short Film

Just a little over a week after releasing the trailer for his new short film, Childish Gambino has revealed the full director’s cut of Clapping For The Wrong Reasons.

Featuring a cast of notable face, including Abella Anderson, Chance The Rapper, Danielle Fishel, Flying Lotus, Trinidad Jame$, and more. I don’t want to spoil the plot, but let’s just say the story finds Donald searching for…something.

In addition to telling a truly interesting story, Clapping For The Wrong Reasons features several snippets of what we can only assume is new Childish Gambino material. Never a full song, of …