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REVIEW: Shapes & Colors – ‘On Display’ EP

Artist: Shapes & Colors
Album: On Display EP
Genre: Rock, Pop

For several years, Detroit quintet Shapes & Colors have been pushing their music into a uniquely epic form while attempting to harness the lightning in a bottle that is the grand styling of vocalist Travis Bobier. I first discovered a precursor to Shapes & Colors back in 2009 when I stumbled onto a song called “Circles” by Aria Aesthetic. Listening to that track now, it’s not surprising that these guys are still in the game as strong as ever. This week, Shapes & Colors released a four-song EP called …

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Shapes & Colors Announce New EP, Release “Rise” Music Video

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Michigan band Shapes & Colors took off to record their upcoming release with producer Aaron Sprinkle.

Months later, the band has returned with a brand new music video from the EP, as well as a release date.

On Display will arrive on March 3, and meanwhile, fans can check out the official video for the song “Rise.”

Stream the official video for “Rise” below the jump and share your thoughts on the new Shapes & Colors:

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Free Download: Shapes & Colors – “Just Breathe”

Michigan rockers, Shapes & Colors, have just returned from recording their latest EP, On Display, and you can now hear the result for yourself.

The band is perhaps best known for featuring vocalist Travis Bobier, who currently fronts the reformed Search The City.

Earlier, the guys in Shapes & Colors crowdfunded a trip to record their EP with producer Aaron Sprinkle (Aaron Gillespie, Anberlin, Gatsbys American Dream, Ivoryline).

Shapes & Colors are currently streaming the official video for “Just Breathe,” which is available below the jump. You can also grab a free download of …

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Shapes & Colors Cover The 1975’s “Chocolate” Live

Shapes & Colors recently played a show in Utica, Michigan, and during their set they performed a live cover of The 1975‘s popular single “Chocolate.” It’s a pretty good cover, and you can watch it by taking a look below the jump.

The band currently has a $10,000 Indiegogo campaign running so they can record a new album with Aaron Sprinkle later this year. Fans who contribute a minimum of $10 will receive digital copies of their discography to date. If you would like to support their effort, you can do so by heading here.

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Shapes & Colors Release Acoustic Cover Of John Legend’s “All Of Me”

If you are a sucker for acoustic renditions of songs, then Shapes & Colors‘ latest video is one you may want to check out. They’ve just released an acoustic cover of John Legend’s popular single, “All Of Me.” You can give that song a listen by checking below the jump.

The band is planning on recording a new EP with Aaron Sprinkle later this year. They launched an Indiegogo campaign to help pay for the recording process and most contributors will receive all of their previous albums for free. If you’d like to participate in their crowdfunding efforts, you …

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Shapes & Colors Launch A “$10 Campaign” To Help Pay To Record With Aaron Sprinkle

There are only a handful of “big” producers in the alternative music scene, and Aaron Sprinkle is one of them. He’s worked with artists like Emery, The Almost, Anberlin, Relient K and many, many more. A small up and coming alternative rock outfit by the name of Shapes & Colors happily announced today that they will be recording their forthcoming EP with Sprinkle. This is a great opportunity for them to get something out there that’s produced by a professional, and with that comes a bigger bill. Because of this, the band has launched an Indiegogo campaign dubbed the “$10 …


UTG ESSENTIALS: Anberlin Favorites And Memoirs

Just yesterday, Anberlin announced that they would be finished with their run as a band this year following a final album and one last tour. Immediately their fandom lit up in a flurry of tweets and wall postings, expressing their love for the band’s career.

I too contemplated their lifetime as a group and their impact on my life. To say that it was important would be a complete understatement. There are few bands I’ve held close to as long as Anberlin and I know that, in that, I wasn’t alone. So I sent word out to my friends in …

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STREAM: Shapes & Colors – “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen Cover)

While working on their new record, the Shapes & Colors boys have been remaining active on their social media accounts, pushing the music they already have to more and more fans.

Today they released an unreleased rendition of Leonard Cohen’s hauntingly beautiful “Hallelujah.”  Not a song for the faint of heart, Shapes took it and made it theirs. Layered vocals sooth the mind and ease the soul. I find it hard to imagine how they are still unsigned.

You can listen to the song below.

Freelance writer, AltPress columnist, and publicist for Other People Records.

Search the city album art

STREAM: Search The City – “Light The Fire”

Search the City has returned. With their new singer, Travis Bobier from UTG favorites Shapes & Colors, the Detroit band has recorded a brand new full-length record and are gearing to release it upon the world.

The album, dropping September 3, is called Flight. The single, “Light The Fire.”

You can preorder the record here and listen to the new single below.

Freelance writer, AltPress columnist, and publicist for Other People Records.

Claslan Christmas EP

STREAM: Claslan – Merry Claslan EP

We’ve given you some new music from Shapes & Colors a few times now. The last time being a Halloween EP from the band. Now, we’ve got some Christmas tunes for you to listen to, but not from S&C.

Well, not completely. You see, Claslan is a little Indie Pop Rock outfit that has Zack Waggener of Shapes & Colors on piano. If you dig piano rock, Christmas tunes, or doves singing, then Merry Claslan is an EP for you.

Give these Michigan boys a spin to vamp up that holiday cheer.

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UTG EXCLUSIVE: Shapes & Colors – “The Life You Stole”

Remember Shapes & Colors? We introduced our readers to this group of Michigan up-and-comers earlier this year with the debut of their album Hold Your Breath.

Now they are back with a 3 song release entitled Apparitions in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween holiday. To give you a first taste of the EP, we’ve teamed up with the band to bring you “The Life You Stole.” It’s a rip-roaring track that will leave you begging for the remaining songs from the EP.

If you are a fan of bands like NGHBRS, Squid The Whale, K Sera, or Envy …

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Shapes & Colors – Hold Your Breath

After catching wind of a newly named and inspired group of guys out of Michigan, we posted a full album stream of Shapes & Colors‘ debut record Hold Your Breath.

Hailing from Metro-Detroit, Shapes & Colors are looking to conquer the airwaves and cyberwaves with their genre-bending style and anthemic choruses. Made up of 4/5 of the now defunct Aria Aesthetic, Shapes & Colors started working on their debut album, Hold Your Breath, back in mid-2011 with a new energy and outlook on music. The album, due for release on May 19th, will be accompanied by a dual …