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Artist: PUP
Album: PUP
Genres: Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
Label: SideOneDummy

It’s hard to contextualize a band on their debut album. A genre listing could mean so many things. What does punk mean, especially if they are going pop? Does it mean pop-punk in today’s sense of The Wonder Years and State Champs? Does it mean nods to Drive-Thru Records, New Found Glory and the like? Is it more along the lines of The Offspring and 90s skater-punk melodies?

From the opening chords and lyrics of PUP’s self-titled album, something unusual was happening. Not quite math rock, the opening …



PUP is a potent Canadian punk-rock band poised with a swagger subtly malevolent enough to simultaneously steal your heart and give you a hard punch in the gut. The self-titled debut LP, due out on SideOneDummy Records April 8, is a unique and satisfying listen. Songs like “Reservoir” and “Guilt Trip” are abrasive, engaging and oozing with energy, while tracks such as “Mabu” and “Never Try” are light and clever, with strong melodic backbones. The debut effort from PUP is a marvelous record — an album full of depth and passion — a set of songs packed and ready to …

american football

American Football To Reissue Self-Titled Album

American Football fans eager to get their hands on a copy of the band’s 1999 self-titled album can rejoice. Not only will the band be reissuing the album, but it will be in a deluxe edition format that includes live recordings, demos and more.

The album is being released on May 20, but can be pre-ordered now through Polyvinyl records.

This deluxe edition will also include never-before-seen photos and new liner notes from the band. Fans have their choice of vinyl, CD, tape or MP3 formats.

You can head after the jump to hear one of the unreleased tracks …

twin forks

REVIEW: Twin Forks – ‘Twin Forks’

Artist: Twin Forks
Album: Twin Forks
Genre: Folk / Pop
Label: Dine Alone Records

Like many, Dashboard Confessional played an instrumental role in my musical upbringing. As a teen, Chris Carrabba’s shrill cry became the soundtrack to my ever-changing worldviews, offering me guidance amidst a myriad of adolescent missteps. Though those days seem distant now, the Florida native’s honest discourse has remained relevant to me over the years, and while other artists have affected me similarly since then, few albums possess the ability to transport me back to a specific place and time quite like A Mark, a Mission, a

lionfight_press_1 copy

UTG Track-By-Track: Lionfight

We love helping up and coming bands get a little extra time in the spotlight, and today we’re thrilled to share with you the official track-by-track for the new EP from Chicago hard rock outfit Lionfight.

Available as a free download starting this week, the debut release from Lionfight showcases a band with passion and energy to spare. From the opening moments of Vortex, to the final crushing minute of “Vine,” this release packs a punch that all but assures us Lionfight are destined for great things. You can stream the album, access a download, and read the full …


Taking Back Sunday Post Message to Fans

The band announced yesterday that it would be releasing a follow-up to 2011′s self titled, and today brings a message from the band to its fans.

In the love note, the Long Island boys declare their excitement for the upcoming Happiness Is; they also briefly describe the recording process for the record.

Happiness Is will hit shelves March 18 via Hopeless Records.

You can view the band’s full message below.…

blink vinyl feat

VINYL REVIEW: Blink-182 – Blink-182 (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Artist: Blink-182
Album: Blink-182
Label: Geffen Records
Original release date: November 18, 2003

I think it’s safe to say that Blink-182 was my first favorite band. Not only their music, but their personality as a group spoke to me as a pre-teen and teenager with an unequivocal desire to be more outspoken and extroverted. My very first (and second) concerts saw Blink headlining and co-headlining and both of those experiences had a lasting effect on the future me. Looking back on it all now, I can’t help but feel that if it weren’t for Blink-182, I likely never would have …


200,000 People Have Stolen ‘Beyoncé’ In The Last 10 Days

Beyoncé proved she was above the rules of music industry promotion when she surprised the world with the unexpected release of her new, self-titled album earlier this month. No one knew exactly how the record would fare, but as the Soundscan reports began to roll in it became incredibly clear Mrs. Carter had left a huge impression on the pop music community. Over 600,000 copies of the record were purchased in the first three days of release, and earlier today a new report revealed just how many copies have been stolen since the album first debuted on iTunes.

According to …


Carpe Di-amn: Beyonce Sells Over 400k Albums In One Day

Every now and then a day comes along where I feel like I’m able to write something ever-so-slightly above average. That feeling of having done as good, if not better than I thought I could is incredibly satisfying, but after reading how Beyonce outdid herself on Friday you may want to start setting higher personal goals.

After surprising the world with an unannounced midnight album release for her self-titled visual album, Beyonce has spent the last two days riding a wave of publicity that shows no signs of slowing. We already knew she sold about 80,000 albums in the first …


LISTEN: Sianvar – “Chest Pressure”

The forthcoming self-titled EP from post-hardcore super-group Sianvar is one of our staff’s most anticipated records of 2014, so we could not have been more excited when our friends over at Absolute Punk teamed up with the band to premiere the debut album’s second single. Entitled “Chest Pressure,” the cut is a glorious mixture of each member’s respective sounds from Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Hail The Sun, and Stolas, so be sure to click here to check it out.

The self-titled effort drops January 5 via Blue Swan Records, but pre-orders are now available on Bandcamp. …

Paramore in Sydney

WATCH: Paramore – “Daydreaming”

Paramore have released a new music video for the single “Daydreaming,” off of their latest album, Paramore.

The band’s latest took me by surprise, not personally enjoying much Paramore had previously released, I adore the new album. Punk influenced, exceptional production and engineering, the album was what I wanted from Paramore all along. UTG loved the album has well, giving it a 9.5. If you have yet to, check out our review for the album here.

The video features a pair of friends on their escape from small town America, during which I assume there was a lot …

The 1975

WATCH: The 1975 – “Girls”

“Everything feels totally wrong…we’re not a pop band…it needs to be black and white for a start.”

Arguably one of the fastest growing bands of 2013, The 1975, have released a music video for their newest single, “Girls,” and boy, what a single it is.

The glorious visual pop expedition (although they are not a pop band, as you will see) is one of my personal favorites off The 1975′s stacked debut album, The 1975. “Girls” measures up with fan favorites, “The City,” “Chocolate,” “Sex,” “Heart Out,” “Settle Down,” “Robbers,” “She Way Out,” “Pressure,” (see what I am getting …