Wes Craven

REST IN PEACE: Wes Craven (1939-2015)

According to a number of reputable sources, iconic horror director Wes Craven died Sunday evening following an ongoing battle with brain cancer. He was 76 years old.

Born August 2, 1939, in Cleveland, Ohio, Craven began his professional career in academia before taking a job as a sound editor for a post-production company based in New York. This change of scenery eventually attributed to his first credited feature, The Last House On The Left, which he wrote, directed, and edited in 1972. While this initial shocker was followed by a string of other notable titles (The People


‘Scream’ Is Now A TV Show & It Does Not Look Good

“You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.”

It’s as if the characters in Scream — the official TV series based on Wes Craven’s hit film that is allegedly an over-the-top remake of the original film, stretched to ten hours in length — want you to hate them. The series’ first promos, which premiered Sunday night during the MTV Movie Awards, offered a taste of the so-called carnage and terror that lies in store across three incredibly short montages. You can view all three clips below.

You will no doubt notice Bella Thorn, who appears in the network’s …



Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no one day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of October, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re about to read.

31 Days Of Halloween is a recurring daily feature that will run throughout the month of October. The hope and goal of this column is to supply every UTG reader with a daily horror movie recommendation that is guaranteed to amplify your Halloween festivities. We’ll …

Usher 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Usher Ft. Rick Ross – Lemme See

Usher brings out his wicked side in the new video for “Lemme See” and it has the girls wanting more from the artist.

Featured on this hit is Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross and we cannot help but love the overalll melody and rhythm. It is unbelievably infectious.

Be sure to pick up his new release, Looking 4 Myself, which dropped Tuesday via LaFace/Zomba Records. UTG is all over this release so go grab your copy now.

Usher 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Usher – Scream

Usher has released the music video for the single “Scream” and it can be described in one word, amazing.

Even though I hear this song about twenty times (over exaggeration) during my work day it simply never gets old. That is truly Usher for you, creating classics.

This song/video has so much personality and gives Usher a boost, with a much more upbeat and club-ready anthem. Be sure to pick up his new release, Looking 4 Myself, which dropped yesterday via LaFace/Zomba. UTG is all over this release so go grab your copy now.

usher-scream 2012

STREAM: Usher – Scream

It is likely that Usher just released our upcoming summer jam in “Scream” and can be heard right here on Under The Gun.

This song has so much personality and gives Usher a needed boost, with a much more upbeat and club-ready anthem. Usher’s fan base and supporters of electronic music are guaranteed to dig this one instantly. Be on the watch for the latest updates from Usher and his forthcoming release, Look Out For Myself, which drops on June 12 via LaFace/Zomba.

We are on our third and fourth spins of this song and it is not getting …

P.O.D. 2012

STREAM: P.O.D. – Lost In Forever (Scream)

P.O.D. (Payable On Death) have released a stream of their new single “Lost In Forever (Scream)” and can be listened to by clicking through.

This song has so much raw energy and feels like the great band we knew from The Fundamental Elements of Southtown and Satellite days. The band’s forthcoming effort, Murdered Love, will be dropping on June 19 on Razor & Tie so be on the lookout for more P.O.D. in the days to come.

Be sure to grab the single by heading through iTunes and rock on!


UTG LIST: Top 5 “Scream” Trilogy Kills

In celebration of the DVD/Blu Ray release of Scream 4 this week, UTG has compiled our 5 favorite kill from the original trilogy!

Kills, thrills, laughs, and Gale Weathers’ terrible outfits, the Scream films really have it all. Even if you think some of the sequels fell a bit short of the original (I still struggle to remember 3 at times), there is no way you can deny their impact on horror and pop culture as a whole. Hell, we may have never had the Scary Movie series without these gems (wait, would that be a bad thing?).

Click through …

Janet Jackson performs tribute to her brother

Fans were impressed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City when Janet Jackson marked the last of three sold-out shows at the historic venue on Monday night. Jackson’s set included several of Michael Jackson‘s hit, along with their collaboration single “Scream.” For a list of her own songs performed, click here.

Ozzy’s New Art


Attack Attack! – Someday Came Suddenly


Band: Attack Attack!
Album: Someday Came Suddenly
Genre: Hardcore/Screamo/Electronic
Label: Rise

1. Hot Grills, and High Tops
2. Stick Stickly
3. Bro, Ashley’s Here
4. Shred, White, and Blue
5. Party Foul
6. What Happens If I Can’t Check My Myspace When We Get There
7. Interlude
8. The People’s Elbow
9. Kickin’ Wing, Animal Doctor
10. Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3
11. Catfish Soup
12. Outro

So if you thought the genre of Screamo was being overworked, then think again. They are called Attack Attack!, and they are one of the most relieving sounds to hear in this genre. …

And Hell Followed With – Domain


Band: And Hell Followed With
Album: Domain
Genre: Metal
Label: Statik Factory

1. The End of Prosperity
2. A Throne Enshrouded
3. Serpents Beneath Their Hoods
4. Give Breath To Her Memory
5. An Infestation
6. The Pious, Now Corrupt
7. A Whisper From Sorrow
8. Legendary
9. Consumed By Silence [Part 1]
10. Ancestral Deceit [Part 2]

I know the modern “metal” scene is getting more and more flooded with bands that seem like copycats of other horrible acts, but I think a light may be at the end of the tunnel. What is that light? It’s simple …

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