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Black Veil Brides … 'We want people to know they shouldn't feel like social pariahs.'

Black Veil Brides Announce Fall Tour

Black Veil Brides have been teasing a tour announcement for the better part of the last week, but earlier today the internet beat the band to their own news when dates and details regarding the group’s upcoming tour hit the blogosphere.

According to numerous ticketing outlets, as well as one venue in South Dakota who does not understand how to keep secrets, Black Veil Brides will be kicking off a fall headlining tour on October 21 in Niagra Falls, New York. The band will be supported by Falling In Reverse, which is the band you may recall UTG taking a

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Review: ‘Punk Goes 90s Volume 2’

Artist: Various
Album: Punk Goes 90s Vol 2
Genre: Rock/Compilation
Label: Fearless

The Punk Goes… series has lasted long enough that counting how many installments exist at this point usually requires a trip to Google or Wikipedia. It has become an annual event of sorts, like the mixtape version of Warped Tour, with alternative music fans impatiently waiting year-round to figure out what theme the scene’s top talent will tackle next. This spring that theme is the 90s for the second time in 8 years, and the results are as mixed as ever.

James Shotwell is the

Oli Sykes

Oli Sykes And Ronnie Radke Exchange Blows Via Twitter

Before we know it, there will be #TeamSykes and #TeamRadke hashtags clogging up Twitter. I bet they are there already.

A few days ago Tyler, The Creator went off at the frontman of Bring Me The Horizon, Oli Sykes, for “stealing” his t-shirt design. He managed to call him a “Tumblr fag” and a “pussy” in a single sentence. Oli responded, though not directly to Tyler, by saying Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known & everything I have ever seen. You’d think that would be the end of things, but …

Black Veil Brides 2013 BVB

Black Veil Brides Vocalist Hints At Supergroup With Asking Alexandria, Falling In Reverse Frontmen

The tradition of rock and roll supergroups is a long one, and it includes a fair amount of successes and failures. Some collaborations, such as Eric Clapton’s Cream, are nearly as legendary as their members’ solo work, and others, such as Damnocracy, which featured such talent as Scott Ian of Anthrax and Jason Bonham, imploded without ever having a hit song. The problems usually stem from having too many cooks in the kitchen, as rock star egos tend to clash when there is more than one of them in a room.

It’s hard to imagine that a supergroup featuring Andy …

falling in reverse 2013

EDITORIAL: Putting Our Beef With Falling In Reverse To Rest

This week I had a realization that had never really crossed my mind in the five years I have been running UTG:

Instead of wasting our time writing another Falling In Reverse review that would be met with typical internet bashing from their legion of fans who will forever refuse to consider their favorite musician capable of legitimate wrongdoing, what if we just let it go? What if we stopped beating a dead horse that has been pummeled so viciously by seemingly every blog in existence (including VICE) and let FIR fans enjoy their blissful existence without either side …

falling in reverse 2013

ALBUM STREAM: Falling In Reverse – ‘Fashionably Late’

Falling In Reverse have been no stranger to being at the center of attention this year, whether it be when an internet firestorm was caused by the group’s head-scratcher of a music video for the equally puzzling song “Alone,” or when a false rumor claiming frontman Ronnie Radke walked out on the band quickly found its way online.

With the release date of their second full-length, Fashionably Late, rapidly approaching, all eyes are seemingly still on them as observers sit back and wait for the next noteworthy controversy. Thus, it only makes sense Falling In Reverse have decided to …


Ronnie Radke Discusses Becoming A Father

About a week ago Alternative Press grabbed the exclusive of the month by debuting a video interview segment featuring Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke coming clean about allegations he kicked the other members out of his band. To save you ten minutes, Radke did not kick everyone out, and this morning part two of that same interview found its way online.

In the latest segment, Radke opens up to AltPress about his reaction to learning he would be a father, the legacy he knows his kids will one day find, and how learning he will soon have a child …


PupFresh Retracts Ronnie Radke Accusations

Before we dig into this story, I feel the last few days have seen a lot of things being said about bloggers without giving us a chance to defend ourselves. UTG has never and will never cover Ronnie Radke simply because we think hating him is somehow “cool.” We write about Ronnie Radke because people want to know about him, and whenever we say something negative we find sources to back up our claims. I know for a fact that our friends at PupFresh do the same, and their sources told them Radke was indeed firing the other …


HE’S BACK: Ronnie Radke Releases Second Hip-Hop Song “What Up Earth?”

Just days after setting the internet ablaze with his Alternative Press video interview, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has released another never-before-heard hip hop track.

Anyone who has followed the career of Ronnie Radke knows he has hard a life. Mom was not around, dad did his best in the face of his own addiction issues, but by and large Ronnie was left to take care of himself. We can argue and comment on the results of those efforts, but it’s the journey that he experienced that is the subject of “What Up Earth?” It’s a quick-paced recap of …


Ronnie Radke Says Falling In Reverse Are Not Breaking Up

Rumors have been flying that failed rapper Ronnie Radke (OK, so that’s not what he is, but did anyone actually click the link to this article because they actually like his work as a musician? Alright, then) had walked out on his band, Falling In Reverse. His wife denied this, but the singer had not commented on the matter officially until today, when he did in an exclusive with Alternative Press.

Radke admits he has an anger problem and is an artist, so says that’s why “(he’s) crazy.” In all, it seems like a very remorseless …


Unreleased Ronnie Radke Rap Song Finds Its Way Online

Get ready, folks. This one is one for the bookmarks bar.

Ronnie Radke has chosen to celebrate the final day of May by releasing a never-before-heard rap single recorded sometime in recent years. The song is a completely solo effort, but it may give some explanation as to the evolution on some of Falling In Reverse’s more recent singles. Radke boasts about how awesome his life is without giving much, if any thanks to those who put him in that position. Instead he opts to talk about how misunderstood he is because, you know, people keep accusing him of things …

falling in reverse 2013

SINGLE REVIEW: Falling In Reverse – “Fashionably Late”

Artist: Falling In Reverse
Track: “Fashionably Late”
Album: Fashionably Late

When Falling In Reverse released “Alone” a few weeks back, we thought our site was likely to crash. Only a year had passed since Falling In Reverse released their Epitaph debut, The Drug In Me Is You, but fans were already chomping at the bit for new music. Unfortunately, not many of those rabid followers ever expected to hear frontman Ronnie Radke rapping about how much more money he has than his fans, and the fallout that followed the premiere of “Alone” is still lingering in comment …

Under The Gun Review