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Movie Review: ‘The Raid 2′

Film: The Raid 2
Directed by: Gareth Evans
Starring: Iko Uwais

Bigger is not always better, but The Raid 2 is an exception. It’s two-and-a-half hours of gangs, deception, and over-the-top violence that pushes the limits of visceral filmmaking to the breaking point (then snaps it in two). 

Picking up hours after the events of The Raid, the latest film from Gareth Evans wastes no time diving headfirst back into the bloody and often bleak underbelly of his cinematic universe. Rama, having just finished battling his way through more than a dozen floors of bad guys, finds himself sitting …

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Review: ‘Punk Goes 90s Volume 2′

Artist: Various
Album: Punk Goes 90s Vol 2
Genre: Rock/Compilation
Label: Fearless

The Punk Goes… series has lasted long enough that counting how many installments exist at this point usually requires a trip to Google or Wikipedia. It has become an annual event of sorts, like the mixtape version of Warped Tour, with alternative music fans impatiently waiting year-round to figure out what theme the scene’s top talent will tackle next. This spring that theme is the 90s for the second time in 8 years, and the results are as mixed as ever.…

S Carey

REVIEW: S. Carey – ‘Range of Light’

Artist: S. Carey
Album: Range of Light
Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Jagjaguwar

I love being from New England. In fact, I live for it. Honored by Mother Nature with four vastly distinct seasons, each year is a cyclical twist around the sun, yielding an environmental invigoration that casts a sense of purity, desperately needed in an otherwise incredibly impure world. There is no feeling of euphoric inspiration I find greater than indulging in that first crisp breath of Fall air. Paired by the leaves’ departure from their high stature, Autumn in New England is the beginning of a drastic change. …


Movie Review: ’13 Sins’

Film: 13 Sins
Starring: Mark Webber
Directed by: Daniel Stamm

13 Sins is the latest in a long line of unsettling films that prove there are very few things people are not willing to do in exchange for money.

Making ends meet in 2014 is difficult for everyone I know, and that goes double (or even triple) for those with children. Bringing a child into this messed up world is extremely expensive, and no matter how hard you fight to get ahead for your family there are bound to be times when things simply do not go your way. Elliot, …

Ringo Deathstarr - Gods Dream

REVIEW: Ringo Deathstarr – ‘God’s Dream’

Artist: Ringo Deathstarr
Album: God’s Dream
Genre: Shoegaze, Alternative Rock
Label: Noyes Records

Illuminated by a live show here in Boston, Ringo Deathstarr’s newest work, EP God’s Dream, is a lush landscape of constant gazes at foot apparel, all while getting lost in the void of uncalculated, and stringing thoughts of the walls that bind our realities, or something like that. The mini album is a collective anthology of noise, melody, and chaos, all while erupting in a skillfully contained manner.…

Chuck Ragan

REVIEW: Chuck Ragan – ‘Till Midnight’

Artist: Chuck Ragan
Album: Till Midnight
Label: Side One Dummy
Genre: Folk-punk / Americana

There are two kinds of vocalists in this world, singers and storytellers. A singer could sing the phonebook and make it sound beautiful, while a storyteller could sing the phonebook and make it sound meaningful. The singer has learned a craft, the storyteller is their craft. Chuck Ragan is a storyteller. A storyteller in possession of the kind of gravel throated, weathered voice that makes his every uttered syllable seem unbelievably important. When that voice is coupled with Ragan’s assured gift of prose and established song …


REVIEW: YG – ‘My Krazy Life’

Artist: YG
Album: My Krazy Life
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Label: Def Jam

The difference between hip-hop artists being able to craft lasting careers and those only managing to ride their wave of popularity for a handful of singles usually boils down to how well that particular artist is able to carve out a genre niche for themselves. Whenever these rare talents come along they are immediately compared to the greats, and that is exactly what you can expect to happen to YG in the months and years to come. The Compton based rapper’s Def Jam debut, My Krazy Life, is …


Review: Taking Back Sunday – ‘Happiness Is’

Artist: Taking Back Sunday
Album: Happiness Is
Label: Hopeless Records
Genre: Alt Rock

Taking Back Sunday are onto something great with their sixth studio album.

After reuniting their original lineup for 2011’s self-titled release, Taking Back Sunday shook off the shackles of their major label contract and joined the Hopeless Records family. It was a smart move for the band, as there may be no label more passionate about their roster than Hopeless, but to many including myself it also symbolized a return to the independent roots that gave the band their start. In a similar sense, Happiness Is feels …

nothing feature

VINYL REVIEW: Nothing – ‘Guilty of Everything’ (Deluxe Edition)

Artist: Nothing
Album: Guilty of Everything
Label: Relapse Records
Release date: March 4, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of reviewing Nothing’s stellar debut LP, Guilty of Everything. With the record earning a 9.5, I was more than excited to get my hands on the deluxe vinyl. Truly the only way the album should be listened, the vinyl experience only heightens Nothing’s keen ear for melody, melancholy, and everything miserable.

Filling the dark corners of my basement, the room which held first loves, first heartbreaks, and the slow realization of how incredibly disappointing the world above could be, …

Ivy Leauge,TX/Turnover/Maker/Such Gold Split

REVIEW: Ivy LeagueTX / Turnover / Maker / Such Gold – Split 7″

Artist: Ivy LeagueTX, Turnover, Maker, Such Gold
Album: Ivy LeagueTX / Turnover / Maker / Such Gold – Split 7″
Genre: Pop-Punk / Alternative
Label: Broken Rim Records

In what may be one of the raddest split line-ups in recent history, Turnover, Maker, Ivy League, and Such Gold have banded together to release a split chock full of punk tinged rock. Through Broken Rim Records, each respective band gets their chance to indulge into the musicianship they have at hand.

Ivy LeagueTX have the pleasure of opening the work for us, leading us in with a brooding introduction that is …


REVIEW: Nothing – ‘Guilty of Everything’

Artist: Nothing
Album: Guilty of Everything
Genre: Shoegaze, Punk Rock
Label: Relapse Records

As some mornings I fight against existential crises, I can somehow calm myself down knowing that the enclosed thoughts within my head, held in by my bone and the muck of my nervous system are experienced by the neighbor I talk to too little, or my Aunt who has slowly crept out of my life. The bonds I had as a child are slowly fading, conversations with best friends somehow become more formal, and the walls of my house that kept me enclosed away during high school …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Almost Human’

Film: Almost Human
Starring: Graham Skipper, Josh Ethier, Vanessa Leigh
Directed by: Joe Begos

There is a moment about twenty minutes into Almost Human when the two main characters are hastily exchanging words in a small town diner over what may or may not be going on in their quiet region in Maine and how it could possibly relate to their mutual friend’s disappearance two years prior during which the film transcends the world of indie filmmaking. Almost Human may be a small film in respect to budget, cast size, and recognition of those involved, but the scope of the …