Mary Lambert

REVIEW: Mary Lambert – ‘Heart On My Sleeve’

Artist: Mary Lambert
Album: Heart On My Sleeve
Genre: Pop
Label: Capitol Records

Mary Lambert was virtually unknown to those outside of the Seattle area until she teamed up with fellow Washingtonians Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to release “Same Love.” It’s likely because of that successful partnership she was able to leap forward in her career and get to work on her debut full-length album. For those of us who were not familiar with her music before the release of that single, it was a welcomed introduction. Now the time has finally come, and we have her debut effort in …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Nymphomaniac Uncut’ Is Lars Von Trier’s Best Work

Film: Nymphomaniac Uncut
Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg
Directed By: Lars Von Trier

A year after releasing a distributor approved version of his finest work to date, filmmaker Lars Von Trier has finally shared the unflinching and completely uncut vision of Nymphomaniac with audiences worldwide.

There was never anything wrong with the version of Nymphomaniac that began to make its way through North America in winter 2013, but the two-part affair was not the film Lars Von Trier wanted audiences to experience. It was close, but not entirely complete. Nymphomaniac Uncut fills in the missing segments, offering more metaphors and gratuitous sex …

Automata Film

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Automata’ Delivers A Familiar Story With Unforgettable Visuals

Film: Automata
Starring: Antonio Banderas
Directed By: Gabe Ibáñez

Robots have once again broke the protocols man set for them in the new film Automata.

Starring Antonio Banderas as Jacq Vaucan, Automata takes place in the not too distant future. Life on Earth has taken its typical dystopian turn, causing the worldwide population to dwindle to a mere 21 million. To aide us in our survival, mankind develops robots to build the machines needed to help sustain life on Earth and Jacq makes a living checking up on reports of faulty machines across his bustling city. These calls range …


REVIEW: Hoodie Allen – ‘People Keep Talking’

Artist: Hoodie Allen
Album: People Keep Talking
Genre: Hip-hop

After half a decade of free tracks, mixtapes, and a slew of critically acclaimed EPs, Hoodie Allen is finally sharing his long-awaited debut album with the world. To say the results were worth the wait would be a massive understatement.

People Keep Talking is the culmination of countless miles, thousands of fans, millions of streams, and several years of hard work. Hoodie Allen, known to his mother as Steven Adam Markowitz, has been crisscrossing the globe since 2009 with a unique take on urban music that challenges the white boy rapper …


Bobby Shmurda Responds To Haters With “Bobby Bitch”

Bobby Shmurda came out of nowhere over the summer and quickly climbed urban music charts with his hit track, “Hot Nigga.” The song rose to popularity so fast that labels and blogs alike quickly hopped on the young emcee’s bandwagon, but after months passed with no follow-up many began to wonder whether or not Bobby could repeat his flash in the pan success.

The jury may still be out on the longevity of Bobby Shmurda’s career, but today the New York native fired back at haters with a new track titled “Bobby Bitch.” The song borrows heavily from …

Favorite Weapon

REVIEW: Favorite Weapon – ‘Sixty Saragossa’

Artist: Favorite Weapon
Album: Sixty Saragossa
Genre: Post-hardcore
Label: Rise Records

It’s not unusual for a new band to crop up from the ashes of another group. Generally speaking, when a band breaks up or members depart they usually end up in another band. Musicians sometimes hop from band to band before they finally find their place (if they ever do). In the instance of Favorite Weapon, things worked out just a little bit differently. Frontman Hance Alligood was a part of Woe, Is Me before they broke up. Instead of starting a brand new page for Favorite Weapon …


REVIEW: From Indian Lakes – ‘Absent Sounds’

Artist: From Indian Lakes
Album: Absent Sounds
Label: Triple Crown Records
Genre: Indie

Sometimes bands just do everything right. And the band thrives. And the music is the soundtrack for masses. And the band is proud of their work. And they continue to succeed. That’s what we hope for every single band that we love.

Melodic indie has a weird niche in the music scene. It’s either one of two things. Exactly what I just mentioned, or it’s incredibly bland and just exists for a bit. From Indian Lakes are not that. This band embodies the former example, especially this …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Overnighters’ Is One Of The Year’s Best Films

Film: The Overnighters
Starring: Jay Reinke, Keegan Edward
Directed by: Jesse Moss

On the surface, The Overnighters looks like any other tale of someone doing whatever they can to help those whom the rest of a community forgot. In reality however, the latest film from Jesse Moss explores the reality of the North Dakota oil boom and the bad things that sometimes happen to people with only the best of intentions.

North Dakota has become a hot spot for job seeking Americans looking to get themselves out of money-related troubles. The age of fracking has brought the fastest growing economy …

Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End Review

REVIEW: Weezer – ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’

Artist: Weezer
Album: Everything Will Be Alright In The End
Label: Republic Records
Genre: Rock

A while back, Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem mentioned in an interview that Weezer’s “Hash Pipe” is his least favorite song ever. Like many other Weezer fans, I was confused by his choice. Why not “Ice Ice Baby” or “Who Let The Dogs Out?” If we’re sticking with Weezer songs, why not pick a track at random from Raditude or Make Believe instead? However, upon reading Fallon’s explanation (and reminding myself that one’s appreciation of music is ultimately subjective), I understood his choice. I …


REVIEW: Jason Aldean – ‘Old Boots, New Dirt’

Artist: Jason Aldean
Album: Old Boots, New Dirt
Genre: New Country

After weeks spent atop the country music charts with his hit single “Burnin’ It Down,” Jason Aldean has prepared a hit-and-miss collection of material for his sixth studio album.

Looking at Jason Aldean it’s hard to believe he has been a music industry mainstay for a decade (and counting). He’s got just enough of a baby face to sell perpetual youth, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the vast majority of his material deals with things like falling in love, staying out all night, and working hard for a …

state champs

REVIEW: State Champs – ‘The Acoustic Things’ EP

Artist: State Champs
Title: The Acoustic Things EP
Label: Pure Noise Records
Genre: Acoustic Pop-Punk

After every solid full-band release comes an internal, unspoken desire for an entirely acoustic follow-up of said solid full-band release. The whole “how could this have sounded differently?” mindset comes to play within the corners of the non-audio engineer’s brain. Whether or not this is actually executed (and executed well, at that) is only a matter of the band’s ability to deliver the same solid content without the help of aggressive percussions and tasteful bass guitar riffs; two of the key elements to a …


UTG’s 31 Days Of Halloween: ‘Bride Of Chucky’

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no single day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of the year’s best month, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re about to read.

Now in its third year, 31 Days Of Halloween is a recurring feature that will run throughout the month of October. The hope and goal of this column is to supply every UTG reader with a daily horror (or Halloween-themed) movie recommendation …