Hidden In Plain View

Hidden In Plain View Return with New Song “No Way Out”

Hidden In Plain View have returned to the alternative rock scene with a new single titled "No Way Out."
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Copeland Reunion: Band Announces New Album, Streams Song

Six years have passed since Copeland released their last album, but word broke this morning that new melancholy tales of love and life will be available to fans before the end of the year.

Yes, Copeland are back.

A few years have passed since Copeland took their final bow, but a new message and video from the band this morning explains they are back in the creative process. In fact, they have a new album nearly complete and are already sharing new music with the world. Before we get there, however, let’s take a minute and read what the band …

crazy-town-revolving-door still

COME MY LADY: Crazy Town Are Back?!

Hey guys and gals, I think we have finally figured out what that empty hole residing in each of our hearts has been missing – Crazy Town.

Formed in 1995 by Bret Mazur and Seth Binzer, Crazy Town had a run of singles in the early 2000s, but the track everyone still shutters when they hear is unquestionably their smash “Butterfly.” Between 2000 and 2001 “Butterfly” was single-handedly responsible for causing more poor decisions while drinking, not to mention (and sometimes including) teen pregnancies, than any other song released in that time. Okay, maybe that isn’t a “real fact,” but …


WTF: K-Ci & JoJo Release New Single “Knock It Off”

Everybody starts off their music listening careers with top 40 music. When I was in the fifth grade, I bought Now That’s What I Call Music!, the very first in a series of chart topping collections that has gone on way too long and makes me shudder if I think about too much. Track six on that CD? “All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo. I still know most of the words; the things you have when you know nothing else when you’re ten tend to stick around a while. Flash forward fifteen years.

K-Ci & JoJo have released …


Atreyu Tease Ending Hiatus; Consider Recording With “None Of That Major Label BS”

Remember Atreyu? A decade ago they were the next great heavy hope of Victory Records and their album The Curse was in production, but just over two years ago the group announced they would be taking “a long break” with the promise of not breaking up. The members quickly embarked on various solo projects and new groups, none of which have found success comparable to Atreyu, and now it seems the men from Orange County may be together once again.

On Saturday, May 11, a status update was posted to the official Atreyu account that reads “REPOST- …


New Beyonce Hits The Net; UTG Left Confused And Amused

Let me be clear up front that we have no idea what this release is connected to or why it hit the net on St. Patricks Day 2013, but new it is Beyonce and that alone is more than enough to warrant a post in our minds.

It has been a minute since we heard new material from Beyonce. Excluding her contribution to the new Destiny’s Child material that surfaced in January, Beyonce has been leading a relatively quiet life since the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012. No one can blame her, of course, but …

For The Fallen Dreams

Previous Vocalist Rejoins For The Fallen Dreams; Band Announces Headlining Tour

For The Fallen Dreams recently took to their social networks with the major announcement that they have found a new person to fill in the gap that was made when vocalist Dylan Richter left the band back in early January: Chad Ruhlig, who had already been in the Michigan metalcore group before, and had performed on the band’s 2008 Rise Records debut, Changes.

Many would say that the best work was their early work, longtime fans of the band must have been excited to find that the news came paired with a listing of European headlining tour dates with …


Of Machines Return, Plan to Release An EP

Forming in 2006, Of Machines spent the next 4 years building a following, signing to Rise Records, and releasing their only record. As If Everything Was Held In Place was released in 2008 and supported the band’s setlists for the next year and a half. Then things changed.

In 2010, un-clean vocalist and electronics player Bennett Freeman left the band for unknown reasons. Clean vocalist Dylan Anderson soon followed, later working on his solo project called Soft Powers. This left guitarist Mike Matejick (Native Suns), keyboardist Jasön Mays, and drummer Brent Guistwite who went on to play …


HOLY SH!T: Justin Timberlake Releasing Single At Noon (EST) Today [UPDATE]

The wait is over!

After years of speculation and more than a handful of false reports, UTG can now confirm on good authority that Justin Timberlake will be releasing a brand new single later today. This news is the result of three separate headlines we have been working on this morning, so let’s take a second to recap what has been happening.

Yesterday, Florida radio station 97.9 made claims Justin Timberlake would release a new single this coming Monday, January 14, with a guest appearance from Jay-Z. Seeing as most labels deliver new music to radio at the beginning …

Hunter Moore

IsAnyOneBack?! Hunter Moore Returns With New Website

A few months ago, the Internet’s fastest growing monster, IsAnyoneUp, was shut down and bought out by Bullyville.

It was at this time nude photo publisher and hair stylist Hunter Moore seemingly withdrew from the life he had been leading for the past two years (at least, his online life). In a statement made after the site’s destruction and purchase, Moore spoke of the tension it put on his life:

Running this site has been an uphill battle to say the least. From the Server Company’s bills to the lawyers taking people’s money promising they could get your images down


Patrick Stump Squashes FOB Rumor

Between this and the hiatus of Scissor Sisters, today is off to a rough start.

Yesterday, the blogosphere went nuts over Keltie Colleen letting the cat out of the bag that she knew “FOB were working on new songs.” Now, Patrick Stump has squashed that rumor. He took to his Twitter to say that “One of these days there may actually be news and you won’t be able to hear it over all the rumors.” He went on to call Keltie “awesome“; Keltie hasn’t yet commented on who her source(s) were or Stump’s …


RUMOR: Fall Out Boy Are Working On New Material

You know what is worse than a rumor? People ruining surprises. I don’t know if Ms. Keltie Colleen is guilty of the first or the second, but either way, prepare to learn why she is quasi-important on the blogosphere today.

When not spending her time working for The Insider, Keltie Colleen has become somewhat of a blogger figure in the alternative music scene. She’s interviewed many of the artists we feature on UTG, and today she guaranteed a few more followers for herself by tweeting the following:

Today I am basking in the glow of knowledge that FOB are working