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Required Listening: Lorde – “Tennis Court” (Diplo Remix)

New Zealand’s hottest export has officially been remixed by everyone in the game.

Yesterday, the one and only creative genius known as Diplo shared with the world his unique remix of Lorde’s infectious “Tennis Court.” Keeping with his signature style, Diplo kicks up the energy of the song to eleven, adding bouncy bass and additional synth to the mix while leaving Lorde’s beloved croon alone. It’s not the best track Diplo has delivered in 2014, but it’s a fun track nonetheless that seems guaranteed to generate a fair amount of clicks for everyone involved over the next several weeks. You …


Juicy J Shares “Hot Ni**a” Remix

There is no stopping Juicy J. Then again, why would you ever want to?

The two tracks burning up urban radio right now are Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” and Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga.” Juicy J released a verse over the former last week, so it should come as no surprise that he’s started this week by sharing a new set of bars over Shmurda’s breakout hit. Juicy’s ‘THC’ remix takes an already hard hitting track fueled by ego and raises the bar for all others who may attempt to make the beat their own at some point down …


Required Listening: Lauryn Hill – “Doo Wop” (MKL Remix)

It takes a brave soul to attempt remixing a song as iconic as Lauryn Hill‘s “Doo Wop,” but when you have an idea as good as the one producer MKL has delivered today, some risks must be taken.

Early today, I woke to find my inbox bursting with the usual array of press releases and ‘please feature us’ messages I have grown accustomed to discovering each morning. As a I dug through the latest messages promoting material I was unfamiliar with I stumbled across a quick note about a new remix from MKL that demanded my immediate attention. Some …


Ace Hood Releases “0 To 100″ Remix

Drake‘s latest viral sensation is still adding fuel to other rapper’s fire this morning as Ace Hood heads into the booth to make “0 to 100” his own.

You know the way this kind of story works at this point. A few weeks after Drake surprised the net with “0 to 100″ the one and only Ace Hood has debuted his unique take on the track with just over two minutes of new material. Per Hood’s usual style, the majority of the lyrics feature metaphors about gunplay, violent imagery, and a handful of lines meant to make …


Required Listening: Young Thug Featuring T.I. & Zuse – “Eww Eww Eww” (Remix)

Thugga Thugga continues his rise to the top of the urban music game today with the release of the highly-anticipated remix for “Eww Eww Eww.”

It’s kind of hard to believe that we live in a day and age where a song with a title like “Eww Eww Eww” can become a viral sensation, let alone be taken seriously in the world of hip-hop, but that is exactly what Young Thug has pulled off with his latest promotional single. “Eww Eww Eww” was a hit on the blogosphere in early 2014, but with the addition of T.I. and Zuse to …


Required Listening: Lorde – “Team” (White Sea Remix)

The arrival of Lorde has been covered to death at this point, and if you’re anything like me you’re beyond tired of hearing about how a teen from New Zealand is sick of throwing her hands up in the air. I get it, I really do.

That said, you absolutely need to hear the way White Sea have made “Team” their own. It’s just as soulful as the original, but with a sense of indie-meets-dance exploitation blended into the mix that makes the entire affair sound like the soundtrack to a modern John Hughes film. Sounds crazy, I know, but …

blaqk audio

Blaqk Audio Remix Crosses †††’s “†elepa†hy”

Well this makes sense.

That’s not sarcasm, by the way. Blaqk Audio (Davey Havok and Jude Puget of AFI) have a very similar dark and dreary vibe to Crosses †††, which, as you should know by now, consists of Deftones’ Chino Moreno, Far’s Shaun Lopez, and Chuck Doom. The trio dropped their debut full-length LP earlier this year via Sumerian Records, which was more or less a compilation of all 15 tracks from their three previously released EPs, aptly titled EP †, EP ††, and EP †††, respectively.

Today, we’ve been graced with a remix, premiering …

High And Low Remix

Palisades Announce Details For Remix EP, Stream First Single

Earlier today Palisades surprised fans by announcing details for a remix EP that will drop at the end of the month. The EP is titled Another Techno Jawn, and it’s set to be released July 29. All five tracks are different remixes of “High And Low.” The first track they’ve premiered is the remix by DJ Scout of Issues. You can give that a listen below the break.

The tracklist indicating which artists will be featured on the EP is also available to check out below. Hint, one of them is Dream Beach, a.k.a. Andrew Oliver of I


Haim Release “5 Days” Remix (Feat. A$AP Ferg)

Pop rockers Haim have ascended to massive heights over the past year with a slew of singles from their debut full-length, Days Are Gone, becoming staples throughout radio stations’ airwaves across the globe. Today, the group decided to put one the album’s few non-singles in the spotlight by reaching across the music scene’s boundaries for a collaboration with A$AP Ferg. While it undeniably sounds strange on paper, the combination of Haim’s offbeat brand of rock combined with Ferg’s unorthodox flow makes for quite the enjoyable mashing of genres.

Click here to stream the “5 Days” remix and be sure …


162Norths Remix Lana Del Rey’s “Florida Kilos”

162Norths has been a producer to watch throughout 2014, and this morning he gave us yet another reason to watch his star continue to rise with the release of his very special take on Lana Del Rey’s “Florida Kilos.”

Lana Del Rey offered fans a lush and intricate release when Ultraviolence rolled into stores last month, but amidst all the fanfare the album received, very few have professed their love for the record’s oddball closer, “Florida Kilos.” It’s a light and fun song, or at least as much of one as the music of LDR will allow, and goes a …


G-Unit Remix “Who Do You Love?”

Less than a week after turning Future’s “Move That Dope” into their own personal street anthem, the members of G-Unit are back in our headlines with their take on YG’s inescapable top 40 banger, “Who Do You Love?

You know the rules of the game at this point, and G-Unit stick strictly to the script with this remix. All three members are present, and each does their best to sound grittier than the last. 50 Cent may steal the show, however, as he manages to fit in a few shots at rival S.B.O.E. He rhymes, “Niggas …


Emmure Frontman Frankie Palmeri Raps On Riff Raff’s “2 Girls 1 Pipe” Remix

Talk about ‘when worlds collide.’

Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri has contributed a verse – a rap verse – to the latest remix from the hip-hop sensation known as Riff Raff. “2 Girls 1 Pipe” originally appeared on Neon Icon, but this remix is exclusive to the internet (for now). It also happens to be one of the most overtly sexual rap songs in recent memory, and that goes double for the verse from Frankie. You can stream the song, in full below:…