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‘Gremlins’ Reboot Allegedly Being Fast-Tracked At Warner Bros.

There have been rumors circling the net in regards to a continuation of the Gremlins franchise – be it as a reboot or sequel – for close to a decade. Now, according to a post on AICN, the project is on the fast-track towards production at Warner Bros.

That’s right, folks. A Gremlins reboot is allegedly being planned and rushed towards the box office as we speak. No director or casting information has been revealed, but last year Warner Bros. did bring on Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg to produce.

Joe Dante, the director of the original Gremlins, …


Holy Sh!t: Key and Peele to Produce ‘Police Academy’ Remake

I never knew I wanted a Police Academy remake until now.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, best known for their incredible Comedy Central sketch comedy show Key and Peele, have signed on to produce a remake of Police Academy. They have no contractual obligation to appear in the film at this point, but considering their history as performers it seems more than likely they will at least make an appearance. Scott Zabielski (Tosh.O) will direct.

The original Police Academy was a box office smash in 1984, and the franchise saw …


Jason Sudeikis May Be The New ‘Fletch’

There were a number of years in the mid 2000s where Hollywood was buzzing with rumors that Zach Braff would be filling Chevy Chase’s shoes in a reboot of the Fletch franchise. Those conversations eventually cooled around the time Scrubs went off the air, and as far as we were concerned so did the heat around the Fletch franchise.

Apparently, we were wrong.

A new article from The Hollywood Reporter claims We’re The Millers star Jason Sudeikis is currently in talks with Warner Bros. to star in Fletch Won.…


Rumor: Chris Pratt And Danny McBride May Lead The ‘Knight Rider’ Reboot

Chris Pratt is currently having the best week ever. Not only is The Lego Movie a runaway success, but the excitement surrounding his next two cinematic endeavors (Jurassic Park IV and Marvel’s Guardians Of A Galaxy) is high as well. He has the ‘Midas touch’ for the time being, and if a story on Schmoes Know is to be believed he may soon join Danny McBride in rebooting Knight Rider.

The Weinstein Company is currently working on a reboot of the once popular 80s television series Knight Rider, which told the story of a guy (David …


Plot Synopsis For ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Promises Original Story, Younger Characters

Whenever a new comic book movie begins ramping up for production, one of the first questions asked is whether or not the plot will follow in the footsteps of a story from the comic series that inspired the adaptation. Most of the time the answer is no, and that appears to to be the case with the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

A new casting call from 20th Century Fox seeking people for the reboot of Fantastic Four has revealed a synopsis that hints at an original story. The description reads:…


John Goodman To Collect From Mark Wahlberg In ‘Gambler’ Remake

I love John Goodman. Who doesn’t? From his years on television as the one and only Dan Connor, to his recent role in Inside Llewyn Davis, Goodman has proven to be a valuable addition to any cast. He does for drama and indie comedy what The Rock does for action or Bill Murray does for Wes Anderson, and today The Wrap is reporting he’s just signed on for a reboot of The Gambler.

Originally released in 1974 as a dramatic feature starring James Caan, The Gambler tells the story of a professor who gets in over his …


Gerard Butler May Take Patrick Swayze’s Role In ‘Point Break’ Reboot

THR is reporting this morning that 300 star Gerard Butler is currently in final negotiations to join the reboot of the 1991 action-heist film Point Break. If he signs, Butler would be playing the role of Bodhi (originally portrayed by the late Patrick Swayze).

Planned for production in summer 2014, the new version of Point Break will be helmed by Fast and The Furious cinematographer Ericson Core. The Kurt Wimmer script takes the tale from the Southern California surf scene to the international extreme sports arena, with the character of Bodhi being described as an expert extreme-sports athlete who …


Reasonable Remakes: ‘WarGames’

After being laid to rest in the middle of 2013, Reasonable Remakes has been resurrected from the internet archives for a new series of editorials in 2014. Written by Justin Proper, this column examines the potential for reboot glory possessed by films you may or may not remember from years past. Everything below is purely hypothetical (for now), and is intended solely for entertainment purposes. If you have a suggestion for a future installment of this series, please contact us on Twitter and share your thoughts.

Remember the early 80′s and the Cold War scare? Of course not, you …

Ed Helms To Replace Leslie Nielsen In ‘Naked Gun’ Reboot

A never thought I would see the day someone attempted to revive The Naked Gun, but so far I am certainly on board for another round of crime and folly.

Paramount Pictures has announced that Ed Helms (The Hangover, Cedar Rapids) will be starring in an upcoming attempt at rebooting the once popular Naked Gun film franchise. Helms will be portraying Detective frank Drebin, a role originally played by the great Leslie Nielsen in the original trilogy. Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, best known as the team behind Night At The Museum and Reno 911!

brolin oldboy


Film: Oldboy
Directed by: Spike Lee
Starring: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley

Chan-wook Park’s original Korean version of Oldboy is one of the most revered foreign films of the past decade or so. Released in 2003, it still comes up in conversations with all sorts of moviegoers, even amongst those who don’t typically delve into the world of subtitled cinema. Many fans of the original may cry “unnecessary” or “pointless” in regards to this American remake. And I would say those words are completely valid. But Spike Lee should also be commended for not simply painting by the numbers …

road house

No Joke: ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Director to Remake ‘Road House’

Since last year’s remake of Red Dawn was such a massive success, pulling in a whopping $44 million on a $65 million budget, it’s only natural that Hollywood producers will continue ravaging their VHS collections for fresh “ideas.” The latest ’80s classic to get thrown into the fire is Road House, which The Wrap reports now has Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious, xXx) attached to direct.

The best thing I can say about MGM’s choice is that Cohen is certainly a product of the ’80s. He got his start directing episodes of Miami Vice and …


Director Hired for ‘Day of the Dead’ Remake

George Romero’s 1985 film Day Of The Day is one of the great underrated horror classics of all time, and for many years there has been talk of a modern remake being in the works throughout the often troublesome land of Hollywood. Nick Cannon starred in one remake not long ago, but given the limited release the film saw we’re choosing to act like it never existed. Now, according to Deadline, some actual progress on the long-gestating project has been made.

Millennium Films has set Mark Tonderai to direct a ‘modern-day retelling’ of Day Of The Dead. This …