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Watch ‘Record Selection’ With Zack From Superheaven (Daylight)

With a consistent YouTube presence, Run For Cover Records release constant clips featuring the scene’s favorite artists. In what has become one of my favorite series from their channel, the newest Record Selection features Zack Robbins, drummer for Superheaven (formerly known as Daylight).

Given 50 dollars, Zack gets to traverse through Siren Records in Doylestown, PA to find which albums get to make his short list. With a varying selection, see Zach talk about Radiohead, The National, Warpaint, and more.

Follow us after the jump to check out RFC’s newest Record Selection. …


Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood Talks Future Plans, New Album “Up In The Air”

Radiohead are known for taking their time between new releases, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t always clamoring for more music from the iconic English group. Unfortunately, it will likely be some time before we get a follow-up to 2011′s The King Of Limbs, according to bassist Colin Greenwood.

In a recent interview with Drowned In Sound, Greenwood had this to say about the band’s future plans:

It’s all up in the air at the minute. [Vocalist Thom Yorke]‘s just come back from touring Atoms For Peace and he’s having some quiet time. I’m sorry to be vague

weekly wax

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 11/17 – 11/23

Welcome to the first Under The Gun Review Weekly Wax vinyl roundup. In this feature, we’ll be compiling links to great represses, new releases, and news from around the vinyl community.

This was a big week for nostalgia-inducing reissues, with preorders going up for albums by Something Corporate, Sugarcult, and Mayday Parade. This is great if you’re slowly working on converting your old CD collection to vinyl even if it’s a little rough on the wallet. Speaking of rough on the wallet, the Black Friday edition of Record Store Day is coming up in less than a week. As usual, …

thom yorke

Thom Yorke Performs Unreleased Song “Honey Pot”

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke recently debuted an unreleased new song during a radio appearance at KCRW with longtime Radiohead engineer/Atoms for Peace member Nigel Godrich. Now, thanks to the power of YouTube, fans around the world can enjoy the track.

Described by Yorke as “a remix of [Radiohead's In Rainbows track] ‘All I Need’ that turned into a new song that no one’s ever heard and we didn’t know what to do with,” “Honey Pot” is a timid indie jam that doesn’t fall too far outside the singer’s usual output. It’s hard to get a full grasp of the track …

Atoms For Peace 2013

Atoms For Peace 2013 US & Japan Tour Dates

Rock supergroup Atoms For Peace have let loose a string of touring dates in the United States as well as Japan.

The handful of dates show the group traveling through Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and California before heading overseas. View all of the dates right here and let us know if you plan on tickets when they hit the web via WASTE at 12 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 21.

If you do not have any clue who comprises Atoms For Peace look no further. Thom Yorke’s (Radiohead) band was formed with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Red Hot Chili Peppers …

thom yorke

Thom Yorke And Nigel Godrich Are Doing An AMA On Reddit RIGHT NOW

Musician Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich will be doing an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit today, starting at 12:30pm EST, according to Yorke’s label XL Recordings.

That’s right, for a short period of time all that will separate you from the Radiohead frontman (and Radiohead’s long-time producer) is a keyboard and an internet connection.

But maybe keep the Radiohead questions to a minimum? The AMA is being billed as an Atoms For Peace affair. The experimental supergroup – consisting of Yorke, Godrich, percussionist Maruo Refosco, drummer Joey Waronker, and bass guitarist Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Radiohead 2012

Radiohead To Begin Recording New Album Later This Year

Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood told BBC Music 6 that the band would be regrouping by the end of summer to work on their ninth studio album.

“We’re taking some time out whilst people are doing some other stuff, doing their own things, and the plan is to get back together again [at the] end of the summer,” Greenwood said.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead has been busy with his new side project, Atoms For Peace, featuring Godrich, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and percussionist Mauro Refosco. They will be launching their debut album, Amok, on February 25.…

lance armstrong creep

WATCH: Lance Armstrong Singing Radiohead’s “Creep”

Sports! Yeah, love em, uh totally.

We know that athletics isn’t really a part of our usual coverage. But it’s a slow news day and this is too good to pass up. Plus, it’s tangentially music-related!

Lance Armstrong has went from universally adored American Hero to a cautionary tale in a fall so public, so spectacular, that you must have heard something about it. Like, maybe his “tell-all” interview with Oprah Winfrey where he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs? They made a pretty big deal about it.

Well here’s a bit of shadenfreude to start off your work …


LISTEN: Willow Smith Singing Over A Radiohead Song

Budding pop star Willow Smith aka the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett aka the girl who had a neck injury inducing hit two years back is maturing at an astonishing pace.

Not only has Willow already discovered seminal Brit alt rock act Radiohead (she’s twelve!) but she’s spurned her Top 40 sound by singing over a Radiohead song. And it actually works!

No, it’s not a cover. “Sugar and Spice” features original, maudlin lyrics from Willow, including lines like “they wanna puncture me and then wonder why I bleed”, “inject my soul with darkness”, and “I’m melancholy and can’t …


Radiohead Issue Statement, Are Not Waiting For The World To End In Brazil

If that headline seems absurd, that’s because it is. Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood has been spending time in Brazil; press from the country suggested that he was doing so to hide away until the end of the world on December 21. Some press even reported that the other band members would join him as the end of the Mayan calendar came closer. Radiohead’s management told NME that this was not the case.

The owner of the hotel he’s reportedly  staying at said “The reason why he’s here is to get away, because hotels like this preserve the privacy of


LIVE VIDEO: Frank Ocean – “Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead Cover)”

Something perfect happened last Thursday.

At a Spotify press conference in New York City last week, up-and-comers, big names, and future hopefuls gathered to speak about their success in 2012 and their agenda for the upcoming year. At the event, Frank Ocean played a short set in which he covered “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead as a lead in to his song “Voodoo.”

The R&B star swooned over the track as audience members rudely chatted and onlookers adoringly watched the 6 time Grammy nominated artist. It was a beautiful thing. Thank you unexperienced cameraman.…


STREAM: Atoms For Peace – “Default”

Thom Yorke‘s non-Radiohead side project, Atoms for Peace, has confirmed their debut album, Amok, will be coming in January 28, 2013. With the confirmation, a stream of one of the songs, “Default”, has also been released. It grooves like what you’d expect the next Radiohead album to be, only it apparently features the Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist and percussionist on it. It’s a pretty funky and danceable ditty with some weird instrumentation going on – it’s definitely worth checking out.

Stream it here after the break.…