Rest In Peace: PropertyofZack

I never imagined I would have to write this post, but here we are.

Today is the last day our friends at PropertyofZack will be updating their beloved music blog. We have always viewed Zack and his team as both equals and competitors. Our transformation from the blog that was started in 2008 into what we are today is a direct result of POZ being a part of the world. With every step they took to change the game, we too tried to find a new way to be unique. We also collaborated from time to time, often to the …

head north 2014

MUST WATCH: Head North Perform Acoustic Cover Of “Empty Space” (The Story So Far)

By now, I’m sure you regret not listening to Head North earlier. In case you’ve been too lazy to check out the Buffalo band’s EP, Scrapbook Minds or their split with Connecticut’s A Will Away, the band has released an excellent acoustic cover of The Story So Far’s “Empty Space” over at PropertyOfZack. Mellowed out and performed with two vocalists and guitars, the cover takes a whole new approach to the song. It’s far from a straight-forward cover, and Head North is far from a straight-forward band. Fans of Head North and The Story So Far are sure to …

TWIABP The World Is Beautiful Place Feature

The World Is A Beautiful Place Provide Track-By-Track Analysis Of ‘Whenever, If Ever’

Our friends over at PropertyOfZack recently teamed up with The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die to provide listeners with a track-by-track breakdown of the group’s debut full-length, Whenever, If Ever. The stories behind each of the album’s ten songs add an interesting dynamic to what is undoubtedly one of the best LPs of 2013, so be sure to check out the detailed analysis here.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of Whenever, If Ever, do yourself a favor and take a gander at Topshelf …


PropertyOfZack Premiers Video For Ragged Claws’ “Maui”

In an AbsoluteVoices exclusive, PropertyOfZack has premiered the music video for Ragged Claws’ new song, “Maui.” The song is off the album Imagined Kings, which can still be had for free at their Bandcamp page. The album came out this past November.

The band currently has no tour dates coming up, but when they do, we’ll let you know. You can watch the new video for the indie rock song on POZ with this link.

I finished school with a music theory degree. Before I finished school, I was a janitor. You really should apologize


PropertyOfZack Previews Skate and Surf With Artists’ Timelines

Some monumental bands from the early 2000s are performing at Skate and Surf this weekend. To commemorate these artists and all of their hard work over the years, our buds over at PropertyOfZack put together a timeline honoring each of their histories. Here’s what PropertyOfZack had to say:

Many of us reflect back on the early 2000’s as a true golden age for the music that we love the most – the term “emo” hadn’t yet been bastardized by the mainstream, Drive-Thru Records was putting out release after release of foundational pop-punk, and no one had really thought yet to

POZ Property Of Zack

PropertyOfZack Discusses Their First Concert

Our friends at fellow AbsoluteVoices site PropertyOfZack have a weekly discussion feature. This week, they’ve picked “My First Concert Experience”. In it, several staff members and musicians discuss their first concerts or shows and what it lead to.

As you’d expect, Zack’s involves a member of blink 182, but there are a handful of surprises on there. Some notable musicians who take part in the discussion are Matt Brasch from The Wonder Years and “Shitty” Greg Horbal from The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. It’s always fun to learn more about …


Mystery Project Shone Leads Fans On Scavenger Hunt, New Song Found

Earlier this month, several rock artists Tweeted links to, including Vinnie Caruana, Kevin Devine, and eventually John Nolan, Thrice, and Manchester Orchestra. The website has been updating videos at its page on a regular basis between midnight and one AM Eastern time, leading fans to speculate on what the page was actually for. The website is called Heat Thing, but it speaks of Shone on the website – but more on this part of the mystery later.

It has a mailing list – not just digital, but also asking for your home address. It gives …

Attack Attack! 2012

Attack Attack! Lose Frontman Caleb Shomo; New Vocalist Already Recruited

Ohio-based act Attack Attack! have been relatively quiet this Fall. From what we recall, the group had a short run of shows near Halloween, but that has pretty much been it. This morning, our friends at PropertyOfZack may have solved the reason behind the band’s silence, and it’s a story that feels awfully familiar for this heavy band.

According to their sources, POZ can confirm that Caleb Shomo is no longer the vocalist for Attack Attack! The band has replaced Shomo already, but no names or announcements have been made. If we had to guess, the fact this news has …


Pentimento’s Former Label Claiming Songs They Don’t Own

Our friends over at PropertyofZack have uncovered something quite interesting: apparently, Panic Records is issuing copyright claims and taking down the videos for Pentimento‘s music on Youtube. The problem? Panic Records is no longer Pentimento’s label, and doesn’t own the rights at all, according to the report.

We’ll keep you updated on what this is all about as we learn more, but so far it seems to be another case of an indie label trying to use its former bands for money and not ending on the most amiable of terms. Thanks to POZ for the discovery.

What …


MUSIC VIDEO: Heartwell – Yul Brenner (Go Get Your Palace)

Punk act Heartwell have released a brand new music video, premiering the visuals for their song “Yul Brenner (Go Get Your Palace)” with our good friends over at PropertyofZack.

The video was directed by Mitchell Wojcik and gives fans an interesting take of what it would be like to spend your day with the band. Head through the jump to check out the new video and if you haven’t already picked up Heartwell’s latest release Certainty of Change be sure to do so. 

The Little Indians 2011

The Little Indians Stream New Album

Indie pop act The Little Indians are now streaming their debut record, An Album From The Little Indians, exclusively with our good friends over at PropertyOfZack. In addition to the album stream, the band also provided a track-by-track for each song on the record.

The Little Indians will be releasing their debut album digitally on October 9 via their own Blue Room Records, expected to be followed by  physical release as well. Head over to PropertyOfZack right now to check out this great album and the stories behind the songs.



Under The Gun Review and PropertyOfZack are currently co-sponsoring a tour with Canadian rockers Sparrows and as part of that, we will be hooking you up with some material while they are on the road.

We have the second video update from the band. The first three written updates can be found over on POZ. Check out the action below and catch the band when they come to your city. (Update I, Update II, Update III)

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