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UTG Album Premiere: Astro Safari USA – ‘Trapman’

It’s hard to summarize Astro Safari USA in a single descriptive phrase, let alone figure out which genre their sound falls under, but if you like pizza, cats, rap, and everything else the internet thrives on for positivity you probably owe it to yourself to give the following album a few minutes of your time.

Hailing from California by way of New York, Astro Safari USA is the result of JP Clark (Young and Divine) combining his musical talents with those of former Secret Secret Dino Club mastermind Jayce Kalinkewicz. Their sophomore album, Trapman, hits stores tomorrow (4/20), but …


‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 Trailer: Next Level Crazy

Netflix has released the first trailer for the second season of Orange Is The New Black, which debuts exclusively on the video streaming service June 6, 2014.

Featuring a cast of familiar faces, attitudes, and a handful of plot teases, the first look at season 2 of Orange Is The New Black looks to up the ante across the board. Viewers can expect more dry wit, more fighting, and more inmates with peculiar personalities that you’ll either love or hate (and tweet about the same). You can view the first trailer below:…

Happy Body Slow Brain

UTG PREMIERE: Happy Body Slow Brain – “Emperor (Live)”

Happy Body Slow Brain‘s debut LP earned quite a few fans, but their live show indoctrinated a loyal following. Whether they’re playing a stage, a warehouse or a pizza place, the band’s performance energy fills rooms in an unrivaled way. Few acts show such vitality while maintaining precision and delivering a friendly set – which is why the band’s new LIVE EP should appeal to all.

To be released in conjunction with their upcoming tour, the LIVE EP features eight fan favorites from their debut LP, Dreams Of Water. We’re ecstatic to give you the first taste of …


UTG PREMIERE: Big Neil (Tom Warren of The Front Bottoms) – “Never Had”

The Front Bottoms have exploded in the past year, and their success is due in no small part to a tremendous publicity campaign and an infectious live act that goes past core band members Brian Sella and Matt Uychich. The Front Bottoms‘ bassist, Tom Warren, is effectively Big Neil, and UTG is proud to bring you the debut track from his creative output.

Reigning from Demarest, New Jersey, Big Neil describes their start as something done “as a way to kill time.” Their first album was self-released in 2011, but an upcoming EP, Do Puppies Dream Of Herding

Banner Pilot

Banner Pilot Premiere New Song “Effigy”

Today, Minneapolis punks Banner Pilot released their new album Souvenir through Fat Wreck Chords.

To see our review of the album, you can click here. Coming from a roster of legendary punk bands, Souvenir has a high standard to hold up to.

The band’s bassist Nate Gangelhoff told Alternative Press that he’s confident that the tracks will cause “defiant fist pumps” to ensue. While talking about the new album on the band’s website, Nate assured fans “We are very stoked about it. If we were bummed about it, I would still lie and tell you we were stoked. But …


Netflix Reveals ‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2 Release Date

The cool thing about Netflix and its programming efforts when compared to traditional television is that they have no need to worry about high numbers for any one program in order to guarantee viewer retention. They can appeal to niche markets as they please and take chances whenever they feel it’s worth the risk, which may explain why Hemlock Grove is springing back to life later this year.

Yes, the Netflix original series that has nothing to do with politics, retirement homes, trailer parks, or wealthy white women in prison is coming back for a second season. The king of …


Sledding With Tigers Stream Debut Album

The wait is over!

After months of promotion and a handful of track premieres, Sledding With Tigers have partnered with PropertyOfZack to stream their debut album, A Necessary Bummer, in full ahead of its April 15 release date.

Featuring 10 songs on topics ranging from love and life, to the need to escape it all through hours of NPR programming, A Necessary Bummer is unlike any other released in 2014 to date. Singer/Songwriter Dan Faughdner is able to be both brash and cute with his songwriting, creating an infectious mix of poignant perspectives on life in your 20s that …

Closure In Moscow

UTG PREMIERE: Closure In Moscow – “Neoprene Byzantine”

Closure In Moscow side effects may include psychedelic hallucinations, rhythmic tremors, and musical euphoria, especially at the Pink Lemonade dose. The Australians’ first record since 2009′s frenetically fantastic First Temple brings all kinds of strange, throwing jammier grooves into their old post-hardcore pace — it’s an eclectic cocktail of awesome that tastes funky, but goes down smooth.

“Neoprene Byzantine” is no exception, shifting from ’70s psych to spoken word at a moment’s notice. Get down with the shrieks and eccentricities and get high on our exclusive premiere of the song below.

Pink Lemonade‘s less than a month away, dropping …

Stages & Stereos

UTG Premiere: Stages & Stereos – “1990″ (Lyric Video)

In a time when it seems every new band is a shameless ripoff of whatever group was trendy last month, Stages & Stereos continue to push ahead with an original take on pop rock that is as infectious as it is memorable. We have aided the group in the past with several premieres, and we’re happy to do so once more this afternoon with the world premiere of the lyric video for “1990.”

If you have seen one video you have pretty much seen them all. I won’t lie to you and act like the video found at the end …

Like Vultures

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Like Vultures – “Not A Saint”

Like Vultures are a five piece post hardcore outfit based out of Portland, Oregon. The group has been teasing the release of their new single, “Not A Saint,” for a couple of weeks now and we’ve partnered up with the band and The Artisan Alliance to be the first to premiere the lyric video for it. You can take a listen to the song by checking below the jump.

The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, which they finished recording earlier this year. If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up the track via …

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UTG Premiere: Ephemera – ‘Amoricide’ EP

Under The Gun is excited to be partnering with fast-rising Oklahoma metalcore quintet Ephemera to premiere their debut EP, Amoricide.

The world of hard rock and heavy metal has become so splintered in recent years that it has become incredibly hard to accurately categorize any act into one sub-genre. Ephemera present a straight up metalcore sound in the early moments of Amoricide, but as the album plays on there are alternative and post-hardcore influences that become increasingly present in the band’s sound. It’s an avalanche of sound that strikes your ear canal with such intensity that by the …

Ghost House Featured

UTG ALBUM PREMIERE: Ghost House (Featuring Members of Athletics) – ‘Sorry About Everything’

When intheclouds label-head Dan Marter told me about Ghost House, I was intrigued. You see, Ghost House is essentially the band Athletics with a different drummer and a different attitude.

Over the past year, Marter has helped the band by recording the demos that would later become this release. “I thought it would be fun to help them record some demos… and honestly, it was fun… maybe too much, trying to crank out 8 songs over a 3 day weekend while getting “paid” in beer (which I took full advantage of)… the results were a little sketchy.”

What they …