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Myself In Mirrors

MUSIC VIDEO: Myself In Mirrors – “Piene Forte Et Dure”

Myself In Mirrors are a six piece ambient post hardcore outfit based out of New Jersey. Back in November the group released their five track EP Half Light via Imminence Records. Now that the EP has been out for a while, the band has revealed the music video for one of their singles off the album. The song is titled “Piene Forte Et Dure,” and you can watch the video for it below the break.

The band prides themselves in their melodic sound, and “Piene Forte Et Dure” certainly falls under that category. The video features the band performing the …

It Lives, It Breathes

It Lives, It Breathes Stream New Single, “Preach”

Like many other bands out there right now, It Lives, It Breathes are currently fighting for a spot on this year’s Warped Tour through Ernie Ball’s Battle Of The Bands. One tactic that seems to be doing well for artists is for them to premiere a new song exclusively on their Battle Of The Bands page. This is a tactic that the band has decided to take advantage of, and they’ve revealed a brand new song titled “Preach.” You can give the song a quick listen by heading right on over to their Battle Of The Bands page.

If you …

Sea Swallowed Us Whole

LYRIC VIDEO: Sea Swallowed Us Whole – “Alive”

If you’re in need of some new music to check out, then take a minute to see what a post hardcore band named Sea Swallowed Us Whole have been up to. They are a four piece group based out of Orem, Utah, and they’re quickly making a name for themselves in their local scene. The band has premiered a lyric video for their brand new single, “Alive,” and it’s worth checking out. You can give it a listen by taking a look below the jump.

“Alive” is a single that will be featured on the band’s forthcoming, yet to be …

Hello Ramona

Hello Ramona Reveal Lyric Video For “Harlots (Bury The Hatchet)”

Hello Ramona are a six piece post hardcore outfit hailing from the Quad Cities area in Iowa. The group has released a number of singles over the years, and now they’ve unleashed yet another killer track. The new song is titled “Harlots (Bury The Hatchet),” and the lyric video for it is available to watch below the break.

“Harlots (Bury The Hatchet)” is comprised of a hefty amount of unclean vocals and some cleans mixed with plenty electronic beats. The band crafted some catchy lyrics, and if you’re a fan of artists in this genre I would certainly recommend giving …

All The Shelters

ALBUM PREVIEW: All The Shelters – ‘Chasing Light’

The French post hardcore outfit known as All The Shelters plan on officially releasing their upcoming full length album, Chasing Light, sometime later this spring. They’ve revealed some new songs from that album so far, and yesterday they launched an album preview which has clips of all the songs on it. The preview is available to listen to below the break.

If you’re interested in hearing an entire song or two, the band also released a lyric video today for one of the singles off the album. The video is for their song “Halfway Of Our Life’s Path,” and …


MUSIC VIDEO: Sirena – “Hollow”

Sirena have slowly gained momentum in the post hardcore scene since their inception, and it seems like they continue to keep making their way forward. The band has released some great singles so far, and now they’ve premiered the music video for yet another brand new single. The song is titled “Hollow,” and the video is available to watch below the jump.

“Hollow” packs a heavy punch, and should satisfy your need to hear some killer unclean vocals for the day. The unclean vocalist has a great range and delivers his growls as well as the best of them. It’s …

Reach The Sky

Watch Reach The Sky’s Music Video For “Another Me”

Lately it seems that there has been an influx in talented post hardcore/metalcore bands pouring out of Europe and the UK. I find myself liking more and more bands from our neighbors to the east, and I’m certainly not unhappy about it. One group that’s carving a path for themselves is the five piece Germany-based outfit known as Reach The Sky. Yesterday they premiered their very first music video, and it’s for the single “Another Me.” You can watch that video by taking a look below the jump.

Reach The Sky could easily fit in with some of the other …


Emery Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New LP

Post-hardcore outfit Emery have launched a crowdfunding campaign on BadChristian for their forthcoming LP, You Were Never Alone. Asking fans for $50,000, the group are offering everything from signed copies of the record to playing personal house shows in return for their generosity.

You Were Never Alone will mark the return of founding member Devin Shelton, so there’s no doubt it should be worth contributing a few dollars to its production. For those who aren’t convinced even with that being said, click here to check out a demo of “I Got Taken For A Bath,” and furthermore, as part …


MUSIC VIDEO: Alteras – “Out Of Reach”

Yesterday the post hardcore group known as Alteras premiered the music video for a brand new single. The new song is titled “Out Of Reach,” and the visuals for it are available below the break.

Though the band generally has a bit of a heavier sound, “Out Of Reach” focuses a lot more on the clean vocals and guitar play. The song has a nice clean sound, and the lyrics are catchy.

Alteras are one of my personal favorite up and coming post hardcore outfits. Last year they released their Shapeshifter EP, and it seems they are on the path …


REVIEW: Chiodos – ‘Devil’

Artist: Chiodos
Album: Devil
Genre: Post-hardcore
Label: Razor & Tie

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since the last time Chiodos released an album with Craig Owens at the helm. It’s been four years since the band released any new music for that matter. It’s been a long time coming, and fans will finally get to hear what the band has been working so as of late. Owens stated that this new album would be more mature, self-reflective and basically “whatever the band wants.” He made it known that they weren’t writing these new songs based on …

Exiting The Fall

MUSIC VIDEO: Exiting The Fall – “Kingdom”

Exiting The Fall are an unsigned five-piece post hardcore outfit from Boston, Massachusetts. The band ties their life experiences and their faith together to craft music that’s full of meaningful messages. Last year they released their full-length album, titled Windchaser. This weekend the group premiered the music video for one of the singles off the album, which is titled “Kingdom.” Take a few minutes to check it out below the jump.

“Kingdom” is one of my personal songs on the album, and if you like what you hear I recommend giving the rest of the tracks on Windchaser a …

something you whisper

UTG TRACK-BY-TRACK: Something You Whisper – ‘From The Other Side’

Canadian post-hardcore act Something You Whisper show a sensational blend of maturity and definition on the newly-released EP, From The Other Side. Tracks range from the brutally passionate single, “Who I’ve Become,” to the hard-hitting and larger than life closer, “Anti-Conscience.”

Here at Under The Gun, we have teamed up with the band to bring you an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the entire EP, which can be streamed today through our friends at From The Other Side, arranged by Brent Allen and Devin Oliver of I See Stars and produced by Doug Meadows at AllSpark Studios, …