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Trophy Lungs Release “Bathroom Graffitti” Video

After weeks of talk, Boston pop punk favorites Trophy Lungs have released the long-awaited video for “Bathroom Graffiti.”

Taken from their Antique Records debut, which is due out October 16, Trophy Lungs’ latest single is an ode to the friends who are no longer among the living. As much as we often refuse to admit it, not everyone gets to live a long life. Some people have their time on this planet cut far too short, and on “Bathroom Graffiti” Trophy Lungs let their departed friends and family know they are never far from their minds.

The video for “Bathroom …


Handguns Rise Above Genre Trends With “Disenchanted”

As much as Handguns have been considered a part of the current pop-punk movement, I have always thought of them as something of an outlier. Their music may play well alongside current alt-rock favorites, but the themes in their music and the way their fans engage with them is something wholly unique unto Handguns. What gives them this ability is not something you can pinpoint or pick apart, but rather something you feel when their music plays. It’s inspired by the now, but it’s also hoping to be something so much more than a disposable perspective on a fleeting moment …


Modern Baseball Release “Rock Bottom” Video

The last year has been a wild ride for Modern Baseball. The success of You’re Gonna Miss It All catapulted the band from heroes of the punk underground to being buzzworthy mainstream talent will all the hype of the internet behind them. Somehow, the band has managed to keep their heads level through it all, and their latest video pokes fun at the various vultures who have circled their success over the last few months.

You may remember “Rock Bottom” as one of the opening tracks on You’re Gonna Miss It All. It’s the kind of song that …

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The Weekend Classic Stream “Shattered Glass”

Indiana pop-punk favorites The Weekend Classic are continuing to carve a path all their own with the release of a new single titled “Shattered Glass.”

The first song to surface from the group since their early 2014 split with Before The Streetlights, “Shattered Glass” is an aggressive ode to coping with heartache. There are bruised egos and broken promises everywhere you look, but the band will power on, using their experiences as fuel for creativity. They’re done wasting time feeling sorry for themselves. They’re done trying to hold back the words they need to say. This is their battle cry …


Tonight Is Not The Final Fireworks Show

Tonight, after nearly a decade spent touring the world, Michigan pop rock outfit Fireworks are performing what will be their last show for the foreseeable future. This is not the same thing as their final show, and we felt it was important to remind you of the difference.

2015 has been a big year for the alternative scene. Between controversies, big singles, and bands falling apart it can be very hard to keep every band’s current plans straight in your head. When Fireworks announced this current tour would be their last before taking a well-deserved break, the defenders of …


Neck Deep Respond To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Another week, another young band accused of inappropriate conversations with minors.

Coming off a week that saw them taking the Billboard album charts by storm, UK pop punk band Neck Deep are in hot water after one fan came forward with allegations she engaged in a sexually explicit conversation with member Lloyd Roberts when she was just 15. The rumors began to surface early Saturday morning, August 22, and by Sunday afternoon the band had announced the departure of Lloyd Roberts from their band.

In further response to the claims, Neck Deep have issued a statement through their official Facebook …


UTG PREMIERE: New Found Glory – “Stubborn”

New Found Glory are gearing up to release their latest studio album this October, and today we are thrilled to partner with our SpinMedia brothers and sisters to premiere a brand new song titled “Stubborn.”

You never know exactly what New Found Glory will deliver on any given record, but you’re always guaranteed to have a good time. Resurrection, due out October 7, is shaping up to be NFG’s most exciting release in recent memory. Every track released so far has been the perfect combination of in-your-face punk and infectious pop sensibilities, and “Stubborn” is no different. It’s energetic, …

Fall Out Boy 2013

Fall Out Boy Will Release New Single on Monday

As Gigwise reports, BBC Radio 1 host DJ Zane Lowe confirmed Fall Out Boy will be premiering a new single this coming Monday, September 8, on his radio show. The single will air after a live interview with Pete Wentz.

In addition to this, the band are supposedly shooting a new music video for an unannounced single that, according to Alternative Press, is allegedly called “Centuries.” This stemmed from images of the music video shoot appearing online. Following this, Fall Out Boy blacked out their social media accounts and posted a six-second Morse code teaser video which is translated …


Lakeview Premiere “Traps & Treats”

The hardcore outfit known as Lakeview have decided to treat their fans with a brand new song. According to the group, the song won’t be on an album, and is just something fun they put together for fans. The song is titled “Traps & Treats,” and it’s available to stream right below the jump.

The band unleashes their signature pop punk-infused hardcore sound in “Traps & Treats.” A majority of the track is clean, poppy vocals and it wraps things up with some screaming vocals.

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts Stream ‘All The Ways You Let Me Down’

Pop punk outfit Candy Hearts have made a full stream of their new album available ahead of the record’s June 10 release date.

All The Ways You Let Me Down is the result of time spent growing up with the world passing by outside a van window. Over the course of eleven tracks the band share stories of love, loss, insecurity, sleepless nights, friendship, and learning to understand one’s self set to infectious three and four chord jams that keep you coming back for more. You can stream the album, in full, over at Alternative Press.

Candy Hearts have …

This Wild Life

This Wild Life Stream ‘Clouded’ In Full

Clouded is easily one of the few albums that are at the top of my “most anticipated” list so far this year. This Wild Life seemed to have come up out of nowhere and took the scene by storm. Their debut album is just a week away from hitting stores, and they’ve teamed up with Fuse TV to stream it in full. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do. You can give it a listen by taking a look below the break.

There are still pre-order bundles available for purchase, and you can secure yourself …


Spraynard Make Their Comeback With “Internet May Mays”

Spraynard recently announced that they are officially getting back together, and plan on releasing a rarities album titled The Mark, Tom, And Patrick Show. That album is set to be released May 24 via Asian Man Records. Today the group has premiered a brand new single off that album, which is titled “Internet May Mays,” and you can stream it below the jump.

“Internet May Mays” is the same kind of energy and attitude fans have come to love from this band. It’s perfectly reasonable at this point to anticipate the rest of their upcoming LP to be as …