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Songs For The Season: Fall Playlist

Autumn may be the most visually rewarding season that nature has gifted us. While all the other seasons are sure to give it a fair fight, there is something about the orange, red, and yellow change in the leaves that gift us new enlightenment and invigoration in the natural world around us.

But what would the striking change in season be without the illumination of sonic assistance? Entering our third playlist for the seasons, UTG is happy to present to you our favorite songs to pair with the crisping air, a nice glass of apple cider, and of course, pumpkin …


UTG’s Favorite Singles Of Summer 2014

The summer may have been a bummer for hollywood execs and people hoping to see Outkast perform anywhere other than an overcrowded festival, but those who love discovering new music have had plenty to celebrate. Whether you like pop, rock, folk, country, EDM, or any combination of the five there were a slew of new names vying for attention in recent months. Some got the attention they deserved, but most did not. That is as much our fault in some cases as it is far larger publications, but today we are going to right those wrongs by giving them another …

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Songs For The Season: Summer Playlist

Summer, the long coveted season for students, teachers, kids, parks, and numerous other interested parties, has always seemed to invigorate the beginning of something new. While it presents a change in season, it also sparks a temperate reinvention. Summer removes the constraints of autumn’s sweatshirts, winter’s coats, spring’s windbreakers, and welcomes humanity in its most natural form. With daylight bursting through the seams, endless possibilities, and a world to explore, summer rewards us with the sweat from our brow, and the heat consumed by our bodies. But, alas, what would a summer piece from UTG be without music?

All of …


UTG LIST: Ten Songs To Remember Elliott Smith

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the death of famous singer/songwriter, Elliott Smith. In his short, but vastly influential career, Smith mastered the art of songwriting, creating beautiful piece after piece. In one of his most memorable candid statements, Smith claimed that he thought of songs as shapes, rather than pieces strung together. This aspect of looking at art has followed me since I first heard it, attributing this wave-like cyclical motion of music to the human experience. With his footprint solidified in the soil, I have never experienced music the same.

Together, here at UTG, we decided to compile …

Arctic Monkeys

Listen: Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders Spotify Playlist

Have you ever wanted to know what Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders listens to on a daily basis?  Now you can hear his favorites on Spotify.

The playlist includes rock classics like Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” and Black Sabbath’s “God Is Dead?”, but also features a dose of rap from artists like Busta Rhymes.

Many of the tracks on the playlist are noted influences from Arctic Monkeys’ latest release, AM.

You can access the incredibly diverse playist here.

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UTG ESSENTIALS: Go Radio Favorites And Memoirs

In light of tonight’s unfortunate news, we decided to send Go Radio off the right way. We’ve asked our staff and some of our friends to contribute a few words on their favorite Go Radio songs for this UTG Essentials feature/playlist.

Below, you’ll find the Go Radio favorites for a vast array of our music industry pals with some thoughts regarding the Talhassee, Florida band. Amazingly, every one of them picked a different song to write about. That’s a testament to the songwriting and performing abilities this band had as well as the unique relationships it shared with its fans. …

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UTG LIST: Favorite Halloween Songs

October is finally here, and UTG couldn’t be more excited for Halloween to show itself.

Under the Gun Review has the difficult task of deciding which movies to include in our 31 Days of Halloween countdown, but now we’ve decided to sling together some of our favorite Halloween songs along the way to make the reveal a little more musical. Prepare for an equal assortment of tricks and treats as our staff shares eerie, spooky, and classic songs you’ll be listening to all month.

Read our staff list below and let us know what your favorite Halloween song is at …


UTG LIST: Back To School

Well, it’s that time of the year again…

By the time this is read, millions of students will have faced the end of summer vacation and made their return to school where they’ll remain for the greater part of the next year. With that comes a lot of feelings ranging from peacefulness to frustration, and anywhere else in between. As always, the UTG staff has you covered with a wide variety of tracks that come to mind when we think of this exciting and busy time of the year.

Check out our staff list after the jump and let us …

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UTG’s Essential Shark Week Playlist

The television phenomenon known as Shark Week has spilled into mainstream pop culture in recent years, and we thought it was only fitting that this week spent celebrating the awesomely ferocious beauty of nature have its own playlist.

With the exception of Shark Night 3D, it’s hard to find a time in recent memory when people were not completely in love with sharks. Ever since Jaws terrified audiences back in the 70s, studios have spent (and made) millions cashing in on the fandom surrounding one of our planet’s deadliest creatures, and it only takes a Twitter search of the …


UTG LIST: 10 Essential Songs From The 2013 Vans Warped Tour Compilation

There are a number of notable releases arriving in stores today, but only one release features over four dozen tracks from the biggest names in the alternative music scene. The 2013 Vans Warped Tour Compilation is the latest entry in the ongoing summer series from SideOneDummy Records, and just like the others before it we highly recommend everyone going to this summer’s largest traveling festival buy a copy (or two) for the trip. Every year there are a number of songs featured on these comps that go on to become ‘need-to-know- tracks, and with that in mind we put together …


UTG PLAYLIST: ¡Cinco! (Best of the Green Day Album Trilogy)

Green Day had a huge undertaking with their recently released trilogy of albums, ¡UNO!¡DOS!, and ¡TRE! (click on each album for our individual review). Not only did they have to produce a quality record at their age (because let’s be honest, bands like this do generally get worse with age), they had to produce three of them. Green Day wanted to take a more relaxed approach to writing this record, and didn’t want to create huge concepts like their last two albums, but instead they just increased the scope by giving themselves the task of keeping the …


UTG’s Fourth Of July Playlist

Happy Independence Day America!

Today is a day for cook-outs, family, and music. You’re likely jamming your own tunes right now, right? Something along the lines of Woody Guthrie, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Hank Williams, maybe?

Well, in case you feel the need for something a bit different, we’ve made a little playlist of our own to celebrate the holiday. So cook up a brat, drink one for us, and enjoy the rest of your evening!

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