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Weird Al Puts Together A Rockabilly Scrapbook In “Lame Claim To Fame” Video

We are nearing the end of Weird Al‘s #8videos8days and, in doing so, we’ve moved from parodies of specific songs to genre riffs with a general comedic premise.

“Lame Claim To Fame” is, according to Wikipedia, a “style parody of Southern Culture on the Skids,” and it takes on the guise of the sick bragger in all of us. If you have a story about how you waited on Ryan Reynolds one time or got a high five from Channing Tatum, you’ve earned a place in this pop-up scrapbook.

It isn’t the most inspired or enjoyable of the Mandatory


Weird Al Has No Time For Excess, Gets Down, Dirty, And “Handy” In Riff On “Fancy”

It’s day four of Weird Al Watch. As we head into the halftime of his eight-videos-in-eight-days mission, Weird Al offers to get lacquer off our furniture and get those nasty heating bills down in “Handy,” which, unfortunately, doesn’t quite have the star-studded twist of yesterday’s “Foil.” “Handy” still serves up some quality Weird Al, as even the weirdest handyman agrees that duct tape fixes everything.

All of these songs – “Handy” joins “Tacky,” “Word Crimes,” and “Foil” – come off Weird Al’s now-available fourteenth album, Mandatory Fun. Glancing over the tracklist, it seems …

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka Kansas demonstrate against homosexuality

Westboro Baptist Church Releases Parody Of Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins…”

Someone in the Westboro Baptist Church has a love for Panic! At The Disco that cannot be stopped.

Westboro Baptist Church, otherwise known as that religious group that believes ‘God hates fags’ and loves to picket events where there is no good reason for protest, have released a parody of Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” that aims to push the group’s anti-gay agenda. The song, which has been fittingly re-titled “You Love Sins What A Tragedy,” features horrible vocals and laughable lyrics that are dripping with homophobic nonsense. Here’s a small sample to give you an …


Weird Al Flips The Script On “Blurred Lines,” Teaches Grammar In “Word Crimes”

Weird Al” Yankovic released a new album today. Bearing the oxymoronic title Mandatory Fun, the album is Yankovic’s last on his current contract with RCA, making him an independent artist for the time being. He’s been doing the rounds on podcasts – Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies, and more – to promote the album. More notably, though, Weird Al is releasing eight music videos in eight days.

For the first one, the “Happy”-aping “Tacky,” Weird Al enlisted Jack Black, Kristen Schaal, Eric Stonestreet, Margaret Cho, and Aisha Tyler to get gaudy and dance. That …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘They Came Together’

Film: They Came Together
Directed by: David Wain
Written By: David Wain, Michael Showalter
Starring: Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader

As film theory would have it, every genre goes through four stages: Primitive, Classical, Parodic and Revisionist. In the case of the romantic comedy, by my estimation, we’ve completed this cycle twice. The first cycle began with some of the genre’s early classics, from It Happened One Night to The Apartment, before Woody Allen turned the genre on its head with Annie Hall.

More recently, the genre enjoyed a second golden age with films like Sleepless in


LOL: Mr. Freeze Singing “Let It Go” From Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Makes Everything Better

The weekend has arrived, but for the majority of the US it’s accompanied by the second wave of polar vortex temperatures. If you’re anything like our staff you are well past having cabin fever and have descended into a level of madness that makes you wonder whether or not you actually remember what it’s like to spend an afternoon outside. Thankfully, the internet is here to distract us from the cold and isolation with a parody video we should have seen coming from a mile away.

2ChinTV, a YouTube channel specializing in comedy videos, recently released a video featuring Mr. …

not another sundance movie parody

Hilarious ‘Not Another Sundance Movie’ Trailer Parodies Indie Film Cliches

From “Film Student With A Rich Uncle” and an “Actor Trying To Be A Director” comes the funniest parody trailer we have seen in a long time.

Not Another Sundance Movie is a Tastes Funny original trailer that was posted to YouTube earlier this month. The clip, which runs roughly three minutes, makes light of indie film cliches. From visual gags highlighting a life worse than yours, to quotes from press with brutally honest lines like “young ethnic girl that’s guaranteed to be nominated for an Oscar but not win,” everything that you would expect to find in a typical …


Bruce Spingsteen Parodies “Born To Run” With Jimmy Fallon

Bruce Springsteen debuted a slightly reworked version of his classic single “Born To Run” during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon‘s television show late last night.

Joined by Fallon, who like The Boss was dressed in Bruce’s signature sleeveless outfit, Springsteen took to the late night stage to perform a parody of “Born To Run” dedicated to New Jersey governor Chris Christie and his recent ‘Bridgegate’ scandal. New lyrics to the song included:

“They shut down the tollbooths of glory ’cause we didn’t endorse Chris Christie,” and “Man, I’ve gotta take a leak, but I can’t, “I’m stuck in Governor

Seth Rogen

HILARITY: Seth Rogen And James Franco Get Intimate In “Bound 3″

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, you can’t be releasing videos like “Bound 2″ without expecting some hilarious backlash. It’s nothing new, but as of late between his music video, his decision to rock the Confederate flag on the Yeezus tour, and whatever other antics he graces us with daily, it’s about time someone stepped up with some actual laugh out loud humor.

Check out after the jump to see Seth Rogen and James Franco kiss and caress each other on top of a motorcycle in their “Bound 3″ music video. You can compare it to Kanye’s video just below.…


Channing Tatum Parodies Van Damme’s Epic Split Commercial on the ’22 Jump Street’ Set

If you have spent any time procrastinating online in the last week you’ve probably stumbled across the new ad from Volvo Trucks featuring John Claude Van Damme’s ‘most epic of splits.’ As cool as it is to see the aging action star do the splits between two moving trucks to Enya, it’s also one of the silliest things to happen this year (if not ever). Channing Tatum seems to agree, and recently he used some free time on the set of 22 Jump Street to film his own epic split commercial.

Structured the same way Van Damme’s commercial …


Ylvis Take On New England With “Massachusetts”

Forget about asking what foxes say, the men of Ylvis have delivered a new single that is quickly sweeping the blogosphere with feel-good hilarity.

This is a weird one to write about as I am currently in Boston, but Ylvis have released a new single and hilarious video titled “Massachusetts.” The song serves as an anthemic ode to the hub of New England, with references to Catholicism, the Boston Public Library, Haverhill, Cape Cod, and a dozen or so things in between. It’s built as if it were a song of celebration, but as you can imagine things become increasingly …


UTG CRUSH: Rixton Want To “Make Out” With You

I love this column. Okay, so it’s not really a column per se, but after several months of these ‘Crush’ articles I have to believe you’ve put together that this corner of UTG is reserved for the latest pop discoveries. Forget about lyrical depth and well-meaning instrumentation for a few minutes and allow yourself to become lost in the confectionery world of top 40 music. It’s scary at times, I know, but it’s also the most fun you’ll have with your clothes on.

Several people have commented in recent weeks that all my Crush articles have highlighted the efforts of …