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Machine Gun Kelly Receives Oral Sex On Stage In Texas, Footage Available

Ohio-bred rapper Machine Gun Kelly has tried extremely hard to build a reputation for being one of the wildest emcees in music today, and over the weekend he took those efforts to new heights when he received oral sex in the middle of a performance in Dallas, Texas.

Yes, you read that previous sentence right. Machine Gun Kelly was given a blowjob in front of a room full of people who had paid to see him perform, and you better believe people captured it on camera. We’re not exactly sure what events preceded the encounter, but it’s evident from the …


Tupac Sex Tape Surfaces, Owner Plans To Release It

TMZ is reporting this morning that not only has a sex tape featuring late (great) rapper Tupac Shakur surfaced, but that they’ve actually seen the footage.

According to the popular gossip site, the tap features Tupac receiving oral sex at house party WHILE rapping, smoking weed, and dancing AT THE SAME TIME.

No word yet on a street date for the tape, but considering it dates back to 1991, it’ll probably look like leftover footage from Paranormal Activity 3. Does the world really need (and further, want) a sex tape from rap’s greatest fallen icon? We’re not sure, …