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Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino Addresses Instagram Posts, States He’s “Not Having A Crisis”

In case you missed it, Childish Gambino recently posted a series of Instagram photos of handwritten lists he made. The note cards he wrote on contained a bunch of his fears and anxieties. The list included that he was afraid people would hate who he really is, that he doesn’t want to be a rapper and plenty of other points.

NME recently had an interview with Childish Gambino to talk about the photos, and he had a lot to say. He wanted to clarify that he doesn’t want to be called a rapper, or be known as one. He has …

HitTheLights 2012

Hit The Lights Frontman Opens Up About Thief Club Side-Project

Hit The Lights‘ frontman Nick Thompson has written a letter to fans explaining the nature of his new side-project, Thief Club. Thompson touches on wanting to put out music that inspires him, not answering to any labels, and the music business.

He recorded his songs for Thief Club with producer Rob Freeman and is planning on releasing EPs every couple of months. Check out the message from Nick Thompson below and please be sure to watch out for when A Loss For Words, Hit The Lights, State Champs and more invade your city. Routing can be found here

City And Colour 2012

City And Colour Opens Up About New Album

City And Colour is preparing the follow-up to the album Little Hell and recently discussed the progress being made. Dallas Green spoke with Spinner regarding track instrumentation, emotional aspects and much more.

Read quotes from the interview by simply looking below.

“I think I’ve got 15 new songs, Nine of which are probably ready to go and the other six are sort of bits and pieces that I need to buckle down and put together. So I’m more than thinking on the new record, I’ve almost got one finished. Now I gotta go and record it.”

Jonny Craig 2012

Jonny Craig Opens Up About Staying Sober

Jonny Craig recently did a feature interview piece with AP on dealing with sobriety and remaining in rehab these past few months.

Read the entire piece with Jonny Craig by heading over to Alternative Press and let UTG know what you think. We are glad to hear he is making choices for himself and not the drugs anymore.

In our print interview, you ended with talking about how you feel transformed and had found a new sense happiness, so what do you want to say now as a follow-up? What is it you want to tell people now that

Dia Frampton discusses life after “The Voice,” next career move

Whether you supported or were against the presence of Meg & Dia’s Dia Frampton on The Voice, you must admit, the girl can sing.

Dia recently talked to Alternative Press Magazine about her experiences on the show and where she plans to take her career next:

On American Idol, even if they don’t win, most of the finalists still end up getting offered record deals, so if that opportunity presents itself, would you embark on a solo career or hold out for a full-band opportunity?

It hasn’t been offered to me yet, but if it is offered to me,

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