Watch Leon Bridges Perform “Coming Home” Acoustic

2015 is the year of Leon Bridges. In a time where everyone is fighting over social media about whether or not they get the opportunities or co-signs they deserve, Bridges is focused solely on resurrecting a long lost sound that is desperately needed in today’s music climate. We have been following his rise since the fall of 2014, and with the release of Coming Home in June he took yet another step towards being the international sensation we know he will eventually become.

Recently, Bridges made a trip to New York to create a unique acoustic visual for his …


Leon Bridges Claims The Pop Music Crown With “Smooth Sailin”

We first told you about Leon Bridges‘ new single, “Smooth Sailin’” when it premiered online at the beginning of the month. Now, just a week later, the Texas native has shared the song’s official video.

The setup for “Smooth Sailin'” is simple and fitting, especially when one considers the numerous influences that inspired Bridges to create the sound he promotes today. Dressed in a green suit and surrounded by his fantastic band, Bridges appears on an empty soundstage for a straightforward performance of the dancehall-ready single. It’s beautifully lit, wonderfully edited, and as a finished product, it …


Young Thug [Finally] Releases “Danny Glover” Music Video

Atlanta native Young Thug has finally released the official video for “Danny Glover,” a song that originally found its way online at the beginning of 2014.

You could make the argument that Young Thug rose to fame throughout 2013, but I think it makes more sense to contribute the genre takeover of Thugga Thugga to everything the up and coming emcee has delivered in 2014. There were a few hit singles last year, including “2 Cups Stuffed” and “Stoner,” but when “Danny Glover” hit it became clear that Young Thug was more than a flash in the pan …


The Civil Wars Officially Break Up

I have one word for this story: Dammit.

After nearly five years together, The Civil Wars have announced that they are officially calling it quits. The duo, as you may well know, had been on indefinite hiatus since 2012, but this morning they made it known that there is apparently no hope left for reconciliation.

It’s not all bad, however, as the band has decided to say farewell by releasing their cover of “You Are My Sunshine” as a free download. Previously released in 2011 as a B-side to the band’s limited-edition Barton Hollow 7-inch, it’s the first time the …

katy perry dark horse music video

All Hail Queen Katy: The “Dark Horse” Video Is Here

Go ahead and cancel whatever plans you have for the next hour. Katy Perry has just released the official video for “Dark Horse” and the visuals are going to keep you glued to YouTube for the foreseeable future.

Opening in the fictional land of Memphis, Egypt ‘a crazy long time ago,’ the official “Dark Horse” video finds Katy Perry taking on the role of queen. She rules over a gorgeous and well-lit world bursting with bright colors and men whose muscles seem chiseled from stone, but none of that can compare to the gang of cat-headed followers that …


First ‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer Finds Kristen Bell Back In Action

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, the Veronica Mars Movie now has an official trailer.

The clip, which can be viewed at the end of this post, finds Veronica (Kristen Bell) living in New York City. She has put her days as a private investigator behind her in pursuit of a career as an attorney, but when her former boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is charged with murdering his girlfriend she must return to her old ways in order to clear his name and save the day.

As you can imagine, this decision requires Veronica to return to Neptune. …


Justin Timberlake Releases “TKO” Remix Featuring J Cole, A$AP Rocky, and Pusha T

If you have spent more than a few minutes listening to Top 40 radio in recent months you’ve no doubt heard Justin Timberlake‘s smash hit “TKO” burning up the airwaves. The song’s hook has been an inescapable force in music since the height of summer, and now that snow is beginning to cover the country Timberlake has delivered the perfect remix to guarantee “TKO” is on your mind well into 2014.

Featuring new verses from J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, and the almighty Pusha T, the official remix of “TKO” transforms Timberlake’s tale of love into a …

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.27.17 AM

The First Trailer For Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical Epic ‘Noah’ Has Arrived

Not too long ago we brought you a bootlegged promotional clip for Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming adaptation of the biblical tale of Noah, the man who built an ark that held two of every animal and saved humanity from a massive flood thousands of years ago. The response was huge, and now the first official trailer for the film has found its way online.

Hitting theaters sometime in 2014, Noah takes the story most of us know all too well and turns it into a CGI-fest that is unlike anything ever seen on the silver screen. Russell Crowe plays the lead, …


Required Listening: Lorde Featuring Rick Ross – “Royals” (Remix)

You had to know this was coming.

There is little doubt in my mind that you, like me, think about Rick Ross every time you hear Lorde‘s breakout single “Royals.” She may not mention the MMG mastermind by name, but her lyrics about songs that mention Maybach in the chorus instantly brings to mind the label Ross oversees. Now, just weeks after the original hit went number one, Ross comes through and delivers his version of “Royals” for fans to enjoy.

Keeping the original song almost entirely in tact, Ross has injected a new verse into the middle of …

The_Expendables logo desktop wallpaper wallpapers gun action movie film poster

Lionsgate Confirms ‘The Expendables 3’ Cast, Reveals Plot

The Expendables 3 started filming overseas today following weeks of casting rumors. Everyone from Nic Cage to Jackie Chan was attached to the latest installment in this multi-hundred million dollar action franchise, but it was not until a press release sent out this afternoon hit our inbox that anything concrete had surfaced.

Hitting theaters in August 2014, The Expendables 3 will feature Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews and Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to their roles in the first two films with Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford joining the cast, along …

kanye west  2013 yeezus

Kanye West Releases Interactive “Black Skinhead” Music Video

Weeks after a rough cut hit the web via leaker, Kanye West has released the official version of his “Black Skinhead” music video.

Kanye West may be mildly insane, but there is no denying the fact he’s also one of the most innovative people in music today. In addition to surprising listeners with a world of new sonic ideas on Yeezus, Kanye is now challenging the conventional understanding of what a music video is supposed to be with “Black Skinhead.” Visually speaking, very little about the final cut is all that different from the version that leaked, but the …

limp 2013

Limp Bizkit Release “Ready To Go” Video

Much like cockroaches, Limp Bizkit may outlive us all.

After spending the first half of the year playing spot dates around the world and teasing a return to the United States, nu-metal kings Limp Bizkit have released the official video for “Ready To Go.”

Directed by Fred Durst with production help from Zoo FX, Limp Bizkit’s first music video in years is more or less a mashup of ideas and performance shots thrown together in hopes of creating something great. The results fall short of their intended glory, but somewhere amongst the live footage, performance shots of Durst rapping on …

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