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‘Pay The Ghost’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage + Horror = Must See

After years of genre line with numerous direct-to-DVD/VOD titles, Nicolas Cage is finally stepping into the world of horror with the first trailer for Pay The Ghost.

I’m not going to lie to you. Some of what you’re about to see will feel a bit familiar. Pay The Ghost is essentially a play on the same idea that makes films like Insidious or Poltergeist terrify the living shit out of us, and that is the notion that spirits can and will steal innocent souls to fulfill some ancient prophecy we in 2015 have no idea even exists. In this …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Runner’ Won’t Win Any Awards

Film: The Runner
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Peter Fonda
Directed by: Austin Stark

Despite a strong performance from Nicolas Cage, The Runner fails to capture the tension and excitement of political turmoil in an original light.

The Runner is a rare breed of film that places fictional characters amidst real world tragedies to tell a made-up story about the human experience. The setting in this instance is New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, which forced countless members of the regional fishing and boating industry to fall on hard times. Many lost their jobs, and those …

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‘Outcast’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Saves Children With A Sword In Ancient China

Nicolas Cage has spent the last several years trying to repay debt owed to the federal government from years of unpaid taxes. As a result, he has also spent the past several years taking on a number of questionable roles in movies that have production value akin to a college thesis project. Some films have turned out great, but most have been bad. Outcast, sadly, looks to be the latter.

It’s the age of the crusades in ancient China, and Nicolas Cage is a long-haired warrior taking a stand against the evil in the world. When a new …


Watch The Second Trailer For ‘Left Behind’

Left Behind is an upcoming apocalyptic thriller starring Nicolas Cage as an airline pilot who’s one of the many people left behind after the Rapture. We saw the first trailer for the movie back in June, where we first met Cage’s character.

Earlier today the second official trailer was revealed for the movie. We now have a glimpse of a few additional details that were left out previously, though not enough to spoil any potential surprises. You can check out the new trailer by taking a look below the jump.

Left Behind is set to hit theaters everywhere October 3. …

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Watch the Trailer for a Documentary About the Unfinished Nic Cage as Superman Movie and Cry ‘Cause It Never Happened

It’s both with a happy and heavy heart that we share with you the trailer for The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?, which tells the story of the unfinished Superman film that will burden the UTG family’s imagination forever. This documentary tells the story of the 1998 Superman film that never went into production. Directed by Tim Burton, and starring site-favorite Nicolas Cage, the film went through tireless amounts of rewrites, until it eventually went into production purgatory, then died. The Death of Superman Lives tells the story of why the film had such trouble in the production …


‘Left Behind’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Vs. The Rapture

The Left Behind series is one of the best-selling book franchises in history, and not too long ago they spawned a series of Kirk Cameron-led films that played almost entirely to Christian audience. In 2012 news broke about a reboot being in production from Cloud Ten Pictures starring Nicolas Cage and Chad Michael Murray, which we found both peculiar and hard to believe, but today our doubts were proven false as the film’s first official trailer made its debut online.

After bouncing from a spring release to summer, then once more to October for what looks to be at least …

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Watch Nicolas Cage Have A Fanboy Moment Over Axl Rose

We know we sometimes go overboard with our love of the great and timeless Hollywood icon known as Nicolas Cage, but there was absolutely no way we could pass up the opportunity to write about Cage freaking out about something music-related the way we do when our favorite bands do cool things.

Nicolas Cage made a surprise guest appearance earlier this week at Revolver’s annual Golden Gods heavy metal awards. The show was just beginning to wind down when the time came to present the lifetime achievement award to Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, which was introduced by comedian …


Nic Cage Shines In Footage And Promotional Materials For ‘Left Behind’ Reboot

2014 is going to be a weird year for Nicolas Cage. To be fair though, every year in recent memory has been weird for the star of such hits as Con Air and Raising Arizona. It seems every time a good role comes his way it is follow by 2-9 films that make absolutely no sense beyond offering him a paycheck. Sometimes that’s all it takes, I guess.

Later this year Nic Cage will join Chad Michael Murray and a few other faces you’ve sort of forgotten by now in the remake of the adaptation to the best-selling Left

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‘Frasier’ Star Kelsey Grammer Takes Nic Cage’s Spot In ‘The Expendables 3′

We have spent many hours at UTG HQ hypothesizing about who would make the cut for the upcoming third installment of The Expendables, but not a single member of our 30+ member writing staff saw this one coming. That said, it’s pretty damn cool.

Deadline is reporting that Frasier and Cheers legend Kelsey Grammer is in final talks to join the star-studded cast of next summer’s Expendables 3. The entertainment news and gossip site claims Grammer is stepping into the role of Bonaparte, an ex-mercenary who helps the Expendables in their mission, which is a part originally intended …


MOVIE REVIEW: The Frozen Ground

Movie: The Frozen Ground
Director: Scott Walker
Writer: Scott Walker
Studio: Grindstone Entertainment Group, Emmett/Furia Films, Cheetah Vision

Horror movies are filled with serial killers to entertain and scare us. With characters like Jason Voorhees and Leatherface being such a big part of pop culture it is easy to forget that real serial killers exist in our world and they are often even more sinister than their movie counterparts. In the early 80s a man named Robert Hansen murdered somewhere between 17 and 21 women (that we know of) around Anchorage, Alaska. This year a film called The Frozen Ground


Nicolas Cage To Star In Film About Real Life Mass Disappearance

In the 50’s dozens of people mysteriously disappeared from a hotel in Pennsylvania and only one man can solve the case. That man is Nicolas Cage.

Arrow in the Head is reporting that Cage is set to star in rookie director Kellie Madison’s new thriller, Hotel 33, which is based on a true story. You read that right, over thirty people really did enter a hotel and then mysteriously were never heard from again. The plot synopsis follows:



Movie: The Croods
Director: Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders
Writer: John Cleese, Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders
Studio: DreamWorks Animation

An all-star cast and fantastic creatures brings this prehistoric story out of the cave and into your heart.

I will be the first to admit that I was not excited to see The Croods. I am not a fan of kids movies, I hate 3-D, and I was not really feeling that well the night I was supposed to go to the theater thanks to my old nemesis, the common cold. Then creator of UTG, James Shotwell, told me to look …

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