UTG PREMIERE: Last Great Hero – “Promotion”

Last week we premiered Northernmost’s newest track, “Sonder,” from their upcoming split with Last Great Hero. Today, we are happy to premiere one of Last Great Hero’s contributions to the split, with the stellar track, “Promotion.”

The Long Island-based band creates an atmosphere incredibly infatuating with “Promotion,” using noise, melody, and crisp production to portray emotion through their music. With the release of this new track the band should grab the attention of fans of Balance And Composure, Brand New, Citizen, and more.

Relaying their musicianship with ease, Last Great Hero are sure to have a fantastic …

Built To Spill

Drop Everything And Listen To Built To Spill’s New Song “Living Zoo”

Untethered Moon will be Built To Spill’s first album in six years, and if “Living Zoo” brings any question as to if the wait was worth it, I imagine that answer is “yes.”

Beginning in one of the more interesting first minutes of any song the act has done, “Living Zoo” is eccentric, poppy, and imaginative all at the same time. With an odd, yet incredibly catchy and groovy introduction, once familiar vocals enter be sure to find your anticipation heightened for Untethered Moon‘s April 21 release date via Warner Brothers.

Follow us after the jump to experience the …

City Of Ships

Drop Everything And Listen To City Of Ships’ “Alarm”

City Of Ships’ new track, “Alarm,” off of their newly announced LP, Ultraluminal, is the kind of track that hits at all the right times. Blisteringly heavy like the band’s past material, married with their sparse sound and atmospheres, “Alarm” is the best possible introduction to the new album.

Beginning with thundering drums and static guitar, when the entire band comes in for the first melody, everything aligns perfectly. Drone yet impactful melodies resonate with the chest-shattering bass line.

Premiering on Substream, “Alarm” coincides with pre-order information regarding the new album, due out April 21 via Sound Of …

beach baby

Beach Baby Release “Ladybird” From Upcoming Single

Beach Baby is one of those band’s that you probably haven’t heard of, but totally should.

A newer, London-based act, the band is only gearing up for their first shows in April, yet have a premiere on Noisey under their belt. “Ladybird” is a dreamy pop mix of drone vocals filled with lush sounds. With a chorus that will find itself stuck in your head all day, let’s shake off this crazy winter (in Boston at least) with some refreshing music.

The “Ladybird” single will be out March 31, 2015 via B3SCI Records in the US and in the UK …

S. Carey

S. Carey Releases New Video For “Neverending Fountain (Alt. Version)”

S. Carey just released a new EP titled Supermoon. Like most things S. Carey does, I loved it. Supermoon is a stripped-down collection of tracks from S. Carey’s discography, as well as a new track, “Supermoon,” and a cover of Radiohead’s “Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was.”

Coming off of the release, the band has released a video for the alternative version of “Neverending Fountain.” Presenting imagery of nature, as one would suspect at this point with the group, the video for “Neverending Fountain” is a naturalist’s dream.

S. Carey is also out on an intimate living room tour, …


UTG PREMIERE: Northernmost – “Sonder”

Today, we are happy to premiere a brand new track from Massachusetts’ Northernmost. “Sonder” comes from the band’s upcoming split with Last Great Hero, and also features a re-recorded version of the band’s earlier song, “Belittle Me.”

I first reviewed the band’s debut self-titled LP back in June, and have been anxiously awaiting any new releases from them since. With a strong sense for songwriting, emotion, and tone, Northernmost are sure to resonate with fans of Superheaven, Basement, Balance And Composure, Brand New, and many more. With the pulsating melodies and guitars from “Sonder,” backed by a thundering …

Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest Release New Single From Upcoming LP

Nai Harvest released one of my favorite EPs of 2013 with Hold Open My Head. Featuring plenty of fuzz, heart, and vintage vibes, the band wet the tongues of all listeners, giving them a sweet taste of what is to come.

The band has released a new single, “Sick On My Heart,” which will be featured on their upcoming full-length, Hairball, out April 28 via Topshelf Records.

If Hold Open My Head held a soft and warm tone, “Stick On My Heart” is sure to turn things up a bit. Not necessarily heavier than the band’s …

vitamin sun

UTG ALBUM PREMIERE: Vitamin Sun – ‘She Is The Sea & She Is Loud’

Last week we premiered Vitamin Sun‘s first single “The Oldest Living Memory,” off of their upcoming debut LP, She Is The Sea & She Is Loud. Today, we are happy to bring an exclusive premiere of their entire debut album.

Vitamin Sun has worked tirelessly on constructing their eccentrically schizophrenic, yet cautiously beautiful sound. With all this hard work, She Is The Sea & She Is Loud is the culmination. Ten tracks will move you through landscapes, atmospheres, and varying time signatures. Produced by Mike Moschetto of Aviator, She Is The Sea & She Is Loud


REVIEW: Title Fight – ‘Hyperview’

Artist: Title Fight
Album: Hyperview
Label: ANTI-

Hyperview will cause a divide, as it should. You can attempt to deduce where the sonic change came from all you want, whether it be “Head In The Ceiling Fan,” “Lefty,” “In-between,” or anything Title Fight has done recently, but what really matters is what Hyperview isn’t, and what is isn’t is your typical Title Fight record. In sound, apotheosis, theme, intent, or emotion, Hyperview is a new breed for the quartet.

Hyperview bleeds lush creativity. It bleeds from a band that has been increasingly cultivating their sound for years, and decide that …


UTG PREMIERE: Vitamin Sun – “The Oldest Living Memory”

Today we are happy to bring you the first of two premieres with Massachusetts’ Vitamin Sun. Vitamin Sun are gearing up to release their debut album, She Is The Sea & She Is Loud, on Feb. 13, but we are happy to provide the first track released from the LP, “The Oldest Living Memory.” UTG will also be exclusively bringing you a full stream of the album on Monday, Feb. 9.

Cultivating their sound for years, Vitamin Sun demand to be heard with lead single “The Oldest Living Memory.” Showing musical chops far beyond their collective ages of …

platonick dive

Platonick Dive Release Video For “Spoken Noise”

Platonick Dive have released a video for their track “Spoken Noise,” off of their upcoming LP, Overflow, due out Feb. 17 through Black Candy records.

The atmospheric track is accompanied with a video littered with drone filters and shots of the band and urban landscapes. Taking you in slowly, “Spoken Noise” pulls you in with a soft pace before things get eccentric.

Midway through the piece the track extends into an entirely new experience, with soaring guitars and samples that elevate the slow, yet steady introduction to the work.

Follow us after the jump to see the video for …


Cheatahs Stream “Sunne” From Upcoming EP

Cheatahs are streaming the glossy title track from their upcoming EP, Sunne.

Full of lush bends and textures, sparse vocals, and airy production, there is little not to like about the newest release from the British shoegazers.

“Sunne” comes off of the band’s upcoming EP, Sunne, which can be pre-ordered here. The EP will release Feb. 23, 2015 through Wichita Recordings. Cheatahs released their debut self-titled LP last Feb. to much acclaim.

Follow us after the jump to get lost in the dreamy “Sunne,” and be sure to check out Cheatahs’ other material. Fans of Whirr, Nothing, …