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Boardroom Heroes

MUSIC VIDEO: Boardroom Heroes – “New Wage”

Today, our friends in DC-based skate punk band Boardroom Heroes released a music video for their song “New Wage.” The video takes place in DC, and gives you a sneak peak into life in their hometown.

However, what makes this video special to us is that not only is it by a band we all love, but the video was also directed and produced by Under The Gun staffer Tyler Osborne. For more information about his work, or if you would like to work on a video with him, check out out his studio ToZ Productions.

“New Wage” …


Hear the Newest Song From Guster, “Simple Machine”

Guster stream new single titled “Simple Machine.”


Stream Sleepwave’s Debut Full-Length ‘Broken Compass’

The moment we’ve been waiting for is upon us. Spencer Chamberlain’s (formally of Underoath fame) new band, Sleepwave, has given us a summer of hype and momentum like no other. With the release of two singles and videos, a huge tour with Nothing More, and in one week, a debut full-length release.

Well, today the band has given us the album, Broken Compass, in its entirety, for our streaming pleasure. If it’s anything like the songs we’ve heard so far and the band’s live show, it’s going to be full of rock riffs, powerful and moving …

Crush Songs Karen O

STREAM: Karen O’s Lo-Fi Solo Effort, ‘Crush Songs’

One of rock ‘n’ roll’s finest frontwomen, Karen O, is streaming her brand new solo record, Crush Songs, now.

The album, which is due out Sept 9 on Julian Casablancas‘ imprint label Cult Records, is a slew of lo-fi and mysical numbers written and recorded between 2006 and 2007 but held for release until now. As Karen’s first full-length studio record, listeners get to see into the mindset of where this undeniably talented songwriter was at the time.

The record’s artwork contains Karen’s own hand drawings, according to The Guardian, which also spoke to Karen about …

Frank Iero

Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration Get All Bloody in “Joyriding”

Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration have released a video for a second track off their debut full-length, Stomachaches, which came out last month. The video is for the song “Joyriding.”

Just below three minutes, the song is fast-paced, and one of the more reminiscent efforts of My Chemical Romance.

The video is essentially just the band playing the song, and they progressively start to bleed from the inside out, and things like drum hits, finger movements on guitars, strumming and singing all cause the blood to splatter all over the white room. They don’t die this time, but still get all …

Cage The Elephant

Cage The Elephant Share Video for “Cigarette Daydreams”

Before Cage the Elephant takes off with The Black Keys, the band has filmed a video for the song “Cigarette Daydreams,” which is off their latest full-length, Melophobia.

The video is plotted with a story of a woman that is fleeing for her life in an attempt to escape from an evil entity. It also suggests that the only way to get away is to take her own life.

Check out the video below. Also, check out the dates that the band will be on tour with The Black Keys, if you’re into that sort of thing.…

Foxygen And Star Power

Foxygen Stream New Track “Cosmic Vibrations”

Foxygen have a huge, ambitious record coming out next month. It’s a double album, spanning twenty-four tracks.

We’ve already heard “How Can You Really,” which could be dubbed an ’80s pop song mixed with a touch of ’50s dance hall music.

Now, we’ve got “Cosmic Vibrations,” which takes on a whole different persona, but still reaching towards the late ’70s, early ’80s for influences. It carries an almost Pink Floyd vibe; not as anthemic, but still has the huge goal of carrying that classic rock sound, without feeling forced or played out.…

Minus The Bear

Minus the Bear Share Another Song From ‘Lost Loves’

It’s so refreshing to hear “new” Minus the Bear. Even if it’s not necessarily new.

This year is big for the band, and they are rewarding the fans even more. With an anniversary tour for their ten-year-old EP, They Make Beer Commercials Like This, and a “new” album, fans couldn’t ask for much more.

Well, the new album isn’t so new, but so what? Most of us haven’t heard these songs, and thankfully the band wants these songs to be heard. We’ve already got a taste of Lost Loves with “The Lucky Ones.” Another track has surfaced …


Billy Idol Shares Details Regarding New Album and Single

Information regarding the new Billy Idol record has been popping up all over the place the last few months.

Well, the man has finally broken the silence and given us almost everything we could possibly want. Billy Idol will release Kings and Queens of the Underground on October 21 on his own label, BFI Records. He has also given us the lead single off the album, “Can’t Break Me Down.”

The song is fantastic. It features the classic punk sound that we would all expect from Idol. But there’s this relevant, magical touch that he adds to this song that …


JJ Share Video for “Inner Light”

After the release of their third album, V, JJ has given us another beautifully crafted video to coincide with the song “Inner Light.”

The song itself is majestic and very spiritual in its delivery. But let’s get to the video. Throughout, we follow a child fully mounted in Native American attire, walking through the forest, performing rituals, dancing, swimming, etc. All alone. It’s very haunting, and almost weird, which is not shocking from this group. It’s filmed like a movie and fits really well with the track that itself is very accepting and soft.

Check out the video below, …

Blonde Redhead

Stream Blonde Redhead’s New Record ‘Barragán’

Over the course of the summer we’ve been presented with new Blonde Redhead tracks, including “No More Honey” and “Dripping,” both of which appear on Barragán. And we’re loving them.

Well, now we have the whole thing, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

Barragán is the follow-up to 2010s Penny Sparkles, and it’s comprised of ten tracks produced by Drew Brown who has worked with the likes of Radiohead and Beck. The album is streaming in full over at NPR, so go ahead and check that out and let us know what you …


G-Unit Want You to Watch When They “Come Up”

50 Cent and G-Unit have clearly gone nowhere. The crew have had a good summer, playing OVO Fest, releasing a few tracks here and there, and announcing a new album in November, 2014 is looking like the year for G-Unit.

Well, now they’ve released a video for their new track, “Come Up,” and it’s obvious they’re still living the party lifestyle. The video is packed with booze, babes and cars, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.…