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Stream The New Album from Strung Out, ‘Transmission.Alpha.Delta’

The new album from punk rock veterans Strung Out is finally upon us. It has been nearly six years since the release of Agents of the Underground, and now we are able to check out the follow-up, Transmission.Alpha.Delta.

Don’t expect any pulled punches from this band – they know what they’re good at, and this album is no different. This band knows exactly how to mix metal and punk and keep it exciting, heavy and catchy all at the same time.

The album is now streaming, so check it out below. Also stay tuned for our review of …

Blur Magic Whip

Blur Share “Lonesome Street” From ‘The Magic Whip’

The creativity of Damon Alburn never ends. This time around, his breakout band, Blur, is finally releasing new material. And so far, since the announcement, we’ve heard two new songs, and it has done nothing but increase our level of excitement.

The third song, and apparently the last that will be shared prior to the release of the album, The Magic Whip, is “Lonesome Street.”

The track is undeniably British, and possibly will remind you of Magical Mystery Tour/Sgt. Peppers-era Beatles. Another snazzy song, which is making it harder to wait until April 27.…

modest mouse

REVIEW: Modest Mouse – ‘Strangers to Ourselves’

Artist: Modest Mouse
Title: Strangers to Ourselves
Label: Epic Records
Genre: Alternative, Indie

At this point in the career of Modest Mouse, any new music comes with some unfortunate but fair expectations. It’s nearly impossible to listen to a new album and not think about past work. But that doesn’t mean we can’t welcome change or new approaches that a veteran band like this takes to music. That also doesn’t mean we have to like it. Strangers to Ourselves is Modest Mouse’s first album in eight years, so maybe it’s time that they re-invent the wheel. They certainly try …


Incubus “Trust Fall” Into Us With a Lyric Video

So Incubus is back, and without mercy. Just the other day, the band shared their first new song in years, titled “Absolute Calling.” The song was no shock and awe, as it seemed to be a continuance of the most recent work from the band.

But this time, with the release of the second song, “Trust Fall,” it sounds like they may have journeyed with a time machine back to the A Crow Left of the Murder era.

The song is a crazy six minutes long, that takes turns left and right, and is an exciting listen. If …


Mikal Cronin Shares “ii) Gold”

This week has been killer, with new tracks from some great acts. The routine continues, as Mikal Cronin shares another track from his forthcoming LP MCIII.

“ii) Gold” carries the fuzz and buzz on its shoulders, not unlike Ty Segall, whom Mikal has worked with a few times in the past, and it’s one helluva rock anthem. This album is so far shaping up to be fantastic, as this track is the second track we’ve heard from the album, along with “Made My Mind Up,” which acts as another fast and hard hitter. MCIII is apparently a …

surfer blood

STREAM: Surfer Blood – “I Can’t Explain”

The lo-fi indie outfit known as Surfer Blood are back with their first official single off the forthcoming LP, entitled 1000 Palms.

The new song, “I Can’t Explain,” really cuts back from the band’s traditional sound, slows it down big time, but still contains the feel-good vibes that are relentless from the group.

The band had a few things to say about the creation of the song, also.

“’I Can’t Explain’ is one of our most collaborative efforts to date…The hook just came to us one day in the practice space and we wrote the rest of the song


Mew Share “Water Slides”

One of my most anticipated albums of this year is +- from the Danish group, Mew. It will be the band’s first album since 2009.

A few weeks ago, they gave us the first track from the album, “Satellites,” and shorty after a video.

Now, as a little pre-SXSW gift from the band, we have received the second track from the album, titled “Water Slides.”

The track starts off with a relaxing fluidity that takes you to a calm, cold ocean current and it just carries you through the short four minutes of the track. The song contains …


Mumford & Sons Share New Single, “Believe”

So the news earlier last week was that the beloved banjo boys of Mumford & Sons were abandoning the banjo and taking the new music that they were working on to the shop and adding a little bit of edge, which means they were going electric. As blasphemous as it seemed to fans, they weren’t kidding.

Today, the band released “Believe” which poses as the first single from Wilder Mind, which will be their third album to date.

“I don’t really know if I believe,” Mr. Mumford sings throughout the song, and honestly, I don’t either. The sound is …


Hozier Releases Video for “Someone New”

If Hozier could get any bigger, this song will do it.

After the huge single, “Take Me to Church,” and an incredible performance at The Grammys, Hozier gives us a video for “Someone New.”

This song is arguably more catchy than its predecessor, and maybe more lighthearted. The song discusses brief promiscuity as well as loneliness, but it hides it in its intention. I’ve only listened to it once today, and it’s already stuck in my head for the remainder of my morning.

Also, the video is a steamy narrative that follows a beautiful girl throughout her adventures in night …

helio sequence

The Helio Sequence Announce New Album; Stream “Stoic Resemblance”

The sixth full-length from veteran indie-rockers The Helio Sequence has been announced, after the band’s 2012 release of Negotiations. The self-titled album, which is also self-produced, also has some help on the mixing boards from Greg Calbi, who has worked with Father John Misty and Sleater-Kinney, to name a few. A name drop for sure.

The band mentioned in a press release that via a game called “The 20-song Game,” the album was conceived.

“Songwriters would arrive in their studios at prearranged times and spend all day recording 20 complete songs. When they were finished, they’d have a party, …


Bloodhound Gang Share Another New Song, “Dimes”

Since around August, we have steadily been dished out new songs by Bloodhound Gang. First was “Chew Toy,” and then in October, “American Bitches.”

And now, this week, the band gave us “Dimes.”

The song is classic Bloodhound Gang, with potty humor mixed with insults and hip-hop beats to drive the song inside your ears and to your brain, where it stays for the rest of the day. That I can promise. The drum beat is quite monotonous, but it’s fitting for this song. Mix that with lines like “You can’t clap with your dick …


Jack White Shares a Three-in-One Video for “That Black Bat Licorice”

Aside from all the annoying guacamole posts and media exaggerations that have been posted about him in the past two weeks, Jack White has come up with another, incredibly innovative manner of distributing his music to the consumers. Apparently, his ultra deluxe vinyl of Lazeretto wasn’t enough.

This time it comes in the form of a music video, or three-in-one music videos for arguably the best song on the record, “That Black Bat Licorice.”

The three different videos, which you can toggle back and forth between with the “3” and “B” buttons on your keyboard, show an animated video. Hitting …

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