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‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel in the Works

It’s been two decades since the 1993 hit Mrs. Doubtfire first hit screens, and now, seemingly out of nowhere, it’s going to get a sequel.

Director Chris Columbus and Robin Williams will return and Elf writer David Berenbaum will be penning the script. The original film saw Williams, a struggling actor and newly divorced father, take on the persona of a Scottish nanny named Euphegenia Doubtfire in order to be closer to his children. It’s pretty hard to forget the burning fat suit and tire-squashed face mask that helped the film pull in $219 million domestically, $222 million internationally, a …


‘Jurassic World’ Has Found Its Villain

As if we needed another reason to be excited about the biggest film of 2015…

First came the promise of new, gorgeously designed dinosaurs on the big screen. We were sold. Then came news that Star Lord himself, Mr. Chris Pratt, would be starring. Again, we were sold. Now, the Jurassic World production has revealed that Vincent D’Onofrio will portray the film’s villain. In the words of perhaps the wisest internet meme based off a Matt Groening cartoon of all time:


Yes, Variety has confirmed that Vincent D’Onofrio will be joining the cast of Jurassic World, which is …

JGL Rogen

Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Seth Rogen To Co-Star In New Movie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen made moviegoers everywhere ball their eyes out when Gordon-Levitt was fighting cancer in 50/50. The two are teaming up again, and this time they will star in a (probably) less dramatic comedy. 50/50 was directed by Jonathan Levine, and he will once again take the reins for the currently untitled Christmas film.

The two men will be portraying two of three friends (a third actor has not been cast yet) who have an annual tradition of going out on the town on Christmas Eve. There are unfortunately no other details available, but we will …


Tarantino’s Next Film Is A Western, Possibly Titled ‘The Hateful Eight’

Anytime Quentin Tarantino begins to make progress on a new project, the floodgates holding rumors and gossip at bay open wide. People love this man’s movies, our staff included, and due to the amount of time that tends to pass between project’s it’s easy to understand why his fans’ thirst for new ideas is so rabid. We try to keep the rumors away until they come from a reliable source, and it’s because of Deadline that the following story made its way to UTG’s front page.

According to sources, Quentin Tarantino has begun sharing a script for his next project …


Chucky Will Be Returning In Seventh ‘Child’s Play’ Film

Some stories are too good to just let die, and for many fans that would include franchises like the one and only Child’s Play, featuring everyone’s favorite murderous doll, Chucky. The latest edition to the series was the sixth film, Curse Of Chucky, which was released just a few months ago. I haven’t seen it yet, but apparently the ending left movie goers with questions, which prompted the director of the movie, Don Mancini, to tweet a confirmation that there will be another Chucky movie in our future.

You can read Mancini’s tweet by taking a look below …

Friday The 13th

Jason Voorhees Will Return In New ‘Friday The 13th’ Film

Horror fans celebrate! Bloody Disgusting is reporting that they have sources who have confirmed that there will be another Friday The 13th film in the foreseeable future. According to their sources, the movie is expected to hit theaters Friday, March 13 of 2015. Details are scarce, however they’ve heard rumors that Platinum Dunes will return to produce the film. There are also rumors that the movie will be shot in the “found footage” style that producers seem to have taken a liking to over the last couple of years.

You can read all of the information Bloody Disgusting has wrangled …


Trailer For ‘I, Frankenstein’ Revealed

That’s it folks, we’ve done it. We have made Frankenstein “sexy.” One of my all-time favorite horror stories is being filmed for a modern release. Okay, that’s fine, but why is it going the way it appears to be? In the first trailer posted for I, Frankenstein, it showcases a sexy, scarred up Aaron Eckhart as the immortal Frankenstein, whose only linkage to the previous incarnations is that he is made of up of recycled parts.

Apparently, now there is a demonic approach to the master plot, where Frankenstein is thrown into an ancient battle between two clans. I …


Naomi Watts Kickstarts Oscar Hype In First ‘Diana’ Teaser

The summer movie season is officially in full swing, but that does not mean it’s too soon to start talking about the fall. As soon as the leaves change the focus of Hollywood will shift towards films that could later be up for Oscar contention, and this morning one of the first major teasers for that season found its way online.

With no release date yet in the US, the biopic Diana will be opening worldwide sometime this fall. The film, which stars Naomi Watts, follows the last two years of Princess Diana’s life: her campaign against land mines and …


Bruce Springsteen Releasing Iconic Movie Entitled ‘Springsteen & I’

It seems as though The Boss himself, Mr. Bruce Springsteen, will be releasing an iconic movie produced by Ridley Scott called Springsteen & I.

“This beautifully crafted film allows us a unique and powerful insight into the relationship between a recording artist and the impact he has on those who connect so profoundly with his music,” said Scott.

Fans of Springsteen will enjoy this film as it’s filled with many Springsteen classics along with never-before-scene footage. It also features fan testimonials attributing their love for Springsteen and the lasting impact he’s made on their lives over the past …


Steven Spielberg Announces ‘Obama’

Every year the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) hosts a dinner on the last Saturday in April at the Washington Hilton. The event, which is usually attended by the President and Vice President, celebrates the prior year and offers the journalists who spend all their time covering the White House a chance to relax and enjoy a night out. Last night was no different, and this morning, clips from some of the more memorable moments have begun making their way online.

At one point last night, director Steven Spielberg unveiled a video announcement outlining plans for his next film. It …


UTG LIST: 10 Essential Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

We strive to bring you the best featured content in the timeliest manner possible, but sometimes we lock horns and cannot stop debating a particular list until after our scheduled release. If we had a time machine this would have gone out on Friday, but sometimes the best things in life require a little bit of patience.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is without a doubt one of the most legendary action heroes to ever walk the Earth. He has battled foes with everything from swords to robotics, saved women and children of over a dozen ethnicities, and blown up pretty much every …


MOVIE TRAILER: Jack The Giant Slayer

Thanksgiving usually means sports and food, but more and more recently it has also become a highpoint for Fall movies. This morning, Brian Singer and the execs that tell him what to do decided to release the official trailer for the visionary director’s next feature, Jack The Giant Slayer. If you think this is the story about the boy and beanstalk, you’re right, but as the trailer claims, “you don’t know Jack.” This is not a fairy tale brought to life, rather a children’s story made epic (and war-like). You can view the first full trailer or the feature …