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Panda Bear

Panda Bear Streams New Mixtape

We’ve known that Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox of Animal Collective) has been working on a new album this year with hip-hop influences, but we’re still left in the air in terms of its title and release date. Today what we do get, however, is a mixtape he made which likely points in the direction of what his new record will sound like.

The mixtape showed up on his new website, While previous reports suspected his upcoming LP’s title would be Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, the mixtape’s hyperlink indicates it may be Panda Bear VS

Curren$y 2013

MIXTAPE: Curren$y & Jet Life – ‘Red Eye’

Curren$y and Jet Life have teamed up to release their new mixtape, entitled Red Eye, and can be downloaded here! Read a little bit about the endeavor below and feel free to stream past the jump.

This is how music should work. You can sample content instantly: a free first listen to Curren$y X Roddy on “Right Now”. You can get tickets from upcoming shows from inside the file. And if you want to kick in your email, you can unlock the full Red Eye collection:


UTG LIST: Five Essential “Trap Back” Tracks (W/Downloads)

I have longstanding love/hate relationship with Gucci Mane and pretty much any rapper that fulls into his gutter subgenre of hip hop. It is not the bass-heavy tendencies, nor the overwhelming abundance of simple metaphors and ideas, no, what frustrates me is that their fame becomes more about the headlines than the music, which in turn usually makes the music about the headlines, and nine times out of ten that spells downfall for typically anyone. Think about it, I mean really think about it. How many artists in the past few years have had a great mixtape, video, freestyle, or …


MUSIC VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco ft. MDMA – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now

Just over a week after releasing his latest mixtape, Lupe Fiasco has blessed fans with a brand new music video.

Pairing the Chicago rapper with MDMA, “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now” showcases Lupe’s latest lines against a compilation of live footage that looks absolutely insane. You can view it for yourself, after the jump.

In case you missed the latest release Lupe Fiasco mixtape, click here to claim a copy for yourself. Lasers was definitely a disappointment, but this mix let us know that Lupe still has a lot of firepower up his sleeve.

James Shotwell is


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Ludacris – 1.21 Gigawatts (Mixtape)

The first new material to surface from Ludacris this year has finally arrived online.

Released at 1:21PM today (wink, wink), 1.21 Gigawatts reintroduces fans to the rapper they’ve known for well over a decade. Based on the materail we’ve heard already, Luda is not only back, he’s got a fresh bite to him as well. You can stream, download, and enjoy the mixtape after the jump.

Of the many who attempt crossover success, Ludacris is one of the very few that has actually succeeded on stage and screen. Returning to the mixtape market shows he still hasn’t forgotten his roots …


STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Ludacris – Can You Buy That?

Ludacris is currently promoting the forthcoming release of his new mixtape and earlier today unleashed a brand new cut for fans to enjoy.

“Can You Buy That?” finds Luda going harder than he has in recent memory. In typical “promotional Ludacris” style, the song offers almost zero depth, but comes chock full of ego-boasting lines and talk of money. If that interests you, click through to stream, download, and enjoy.

Luda’s 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time mixtape arrives online November 15. As soon as we have it, we promise a link will appear on UTG. Stay tuned!

MOD SUN announces “Blazed By The Bell” mixtape

Earlier tonight, MOD SUN announced via Twitter he will be releasing a new mixtape in June entitled Blazed By The Bell. No word yet on the official release date, but we promise to give you all the details as soon as we receive them.

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Review: Mod Sun – Health, Wealth…

To say MOD SUN is changing the way people look at hip hop (or hippy hop as he calls it), would be an understatement. After 2 mixtapes, an EP, and years of time on the road building a fanbase, our new favorite rapper returns with his best release yet. Find out more, after the jump!

Download the New Asher Roth Mixtape

Roth returns to prove he's not just the "I Love College" guy

Nothing Beats Free Music

cavalry-recordsweb_0Our good friends at Cavalry Records have released a two part megamix/mashup mixtape that features all genres and style of music near seamlessly blended together. For one week only you can download both parts for free. Check out this chunk from the press release;

Cavalry has finished PT.2 of the Cavalry MIXtape clocking in at 23 minutes long, it contains songs both from back in the day (To some…) and newer tracks but they all have the same thing in common… They will all keep you moving!

You can stream both tracks at:

For 1 week you can download …

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