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UTG PREMIERE: A Will Away – “My Sitter”

Connecticut’s A Will Away will be releasing their fantastic new EP, Bliss, on March 20 via Quiet Fire Media. Today, we’re excited to exclusively stream the newest single from the upcoming release, titled “My Sitter.”

Fans of A Will Away will note the instrumental progression over previous material and a more laid-back pace than the songs found on the group’s previous efforts — early 2014′s Cold Weather and their late 2014 split with Head North. Despite the transition to a more emo-infused style of the vocally powerful pop rock that A Will Away have been perfecting for years, the …


UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: Morals – “Question”

Under The Gun Review is pleased to bring you the premiere of Morals’ first official music video for their new track “Question.”

When it came to picking which track to create a video for, the choice was obvious for the band.

“We thought that the format of the song really lent itself to a music video concept,” says bassist Dan Roth. “We love videos that have a message or a story, that are more than just a band playing. We scrutinized every track and made sure that could we present each in the best way. We felt this is the …


New England Mystery Band Morals Releases Cryptic Teaser

Morals barely have a social media following. Morals haven’t released any music yet to the world. In fact, the band won’t even announce who the members are. What I can say is that I first met one of the members backstage watching Saosin in May, and I was excited about the barely-explained mystery project that would one day be surfacing.

What we do know about Morals is a little bit more than their mystifying online presence will let us know, which only mentions “Ex Members Of Music You Used To Listen To.” We’ve figured out that the band is comprised …


UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: Kevin William – “Children”

When the chill of fall weather cuts through the air I know it’s time to bury my pop punk mixtapes under a pile of releases more fitting of the changing leaves and dropping temperatures. For me, that music often involves acoustic albums and melodic hardcore, or really anything with deep emotions and complex ideas. It just so happens a young artist promoting one of those sounds came across my desk this week, and it took only a few minutes to know we had to find a way to work together soon.

Kevin William is an up and coming indie musician …

Vanities Band 2014 Dead Beats EP

UTG Premiere: Vanities – ‘Dead Beats’ EP

Just a year after bursting onto the hardcore scene with their incredible debut, New England’s Vanities are back with a killer new record that might be your favorite heavy release of the fall.

The world of heavy music has become incredibly underwhelming in recent years, at least on the side of things that caters to younger audiences. The vast majority of bands making it in the quote/unquote ‘alternative’ scene have all become clones of one another, ripping off whatever new idea is popular this year in order to cash in long enough to book another nationwide tour. Still, in the …


Oculesics And Autocatalytica Announce Master Egg Tour

Two of New England’s (and, uh, New York City’s) finest progressive acts are heading out on tour together. Prog-metal act Autocatalytica (featuring Emmett Ceglia on drums, who you may recall as the handsome devil from Sugar Bomb!) and math-experimental band Oculesics (who used to feature Ceglia on drums, but that’s besides the point) are covering the North East for a handful of dates this April. Oculesics were one of the first bands beyond Giraffes? Giraffes! that exposed me to math rock, so if you’re into complex music that isn’t twinkly, you’re in for a treat.

The bands have dubbed …


UTG Premiere: Vanities – “My Generation” (Limp Bizkit Cover)

Say what you will about their standing in the world of rock today, but for a few years a decade ago Limp Bizkit were on top of the world. Their singles topped the chart, as did their albums, and whether or not they knew it at the time a generation of young minds were being influenced by the often over-the-top antics of Fred Durst and company. I’m part of that generation, as are the members of Vanities, and today UTG is proud to present the band’s brand new cover of the LB classic, “My Generation.”

We have talked about …


UTG PREMIERE: Traditions – “Ten Days”

Today we are happy to premiere with you a brand new track from New England’s Traditions. With their debut EP Cycles due out March 11, the East Coast pop-punk act is sure to be warmly welcomed into the affluent scene. Tapping into the aesthetics of older New Found Glory, Saves The Day, and early Boys Night Out, Traditions brings together what is most loved about the historic (as of late) genre, and with an incredibly crisp production, Cycles is sure to find itself as the band’s breakout release.

Cycles opener “Ten Days” is a powerhouse introduction to the work. Colliding …


Vanities Release “No Respect” Video

New England has long been known as a hub for hardcore talent, and those looking for the latest export with big things on the horizon need look no further than Vanities. Featuring five boys-turned-men with more drive and passion than anyone could possibly squeeze into a single track, the group recently debuted their first EP to positive acclaim across the board. Today they’re continuing their rise to the top of the underground music scene with the official video for “No Respect,” and those excited to see the new visuals need look no further than the end of this post to …


Ylvis Take On New England With “Massachusetts”

Forget about asking what foxes say, the men of Ylvis have delivered a new single that is quickly sweeping the blogosphere with feel-good hilarity.

This is a weird one to write about as I am currently in Boston, but Ylvis have released a new single and hilarious video titled “Massachusetts.” The song serves as an anthemic ode to the hub of New England, with references to Catholicism, the Boston Public Library, Haverhill, Cape Cod, and a dozen or so things in between. It’s built as if it were a song of celebration, but as you can imagine things become increasingly …

Vanities 2013

Vanities Post First Studio Documentary

New England rock outfit Vanities (ex. From Atlantis, ex. A Faylene Sky) released their first studio documentary while recording with Landon Tewers (The Plot In You). The band is currently recording in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Check out Vanities over on Facebook and back on Under The Gun Review for further updates on their studio progress, streams, tour dates, and forthcoming album information.

The group has a rather large following on Twitter for just forming a couple of weeks ago! Keep posted on there too.…

giraffes giraffes gg math rock 2013

Giraffes? Giraffes! And Goddard Head Out On Skeletour

Math rockers Giraffes? Giraffes! and alternative rockers Goddard have shared one of the coolest looking vinyl splits we’ve ever seen (see here). Soon they’ll be going on tour together, with G?G! having some dates alone first. The tour will be the furthest Goddard has traveled from home; it’s harder to say that about G?G!, as they used to be based in California and now are based in Massachusetts.

No word yet on when a new full length will come from either of the New England bands. Out of G?G!’s catalog, only Pink Magick and this split are on vinyl; …