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Hear FF’s Incredible Shoegaze Single “Past Year”

If every shoegaze band could do shoegaze right, we would live in a great world. Having a limited number of bands who can nail that sound, though, really makes it all the more special. Thankfully, we don’t have to kick our shoes in the dirt waiting for a new Sonic Youth sound anymore. Turn your attention to FF, the newest shoegaze act we can expect big things from.

The Seattle-based trio–Claire Nelson, Harley Thompson and Michael Abeyta–drop their debut album Lord on October 21 via Couple Skate Records. Their newest single, “Past Year,” hears them drawing in the gloominess …


REVIEW: Nothing – ‘Guilty of Everything’

Artist: Nothing
Album: Guilty of Everything
Genre: Shoegaze, Punk Rock
Label: Relapse Records

As some mornings I fight against existential crises, I can somehow calm myself down knowing that the enclosed thoughts within my head, held in by my bone and the muck of my nervous system are experienced by the neighbor I talk to too little, or my Aunt who has slowly crept out of my life. The bonds I had as a child are slowly fading, conversations with best friends somehow become more formal, and the walls of my house that kept me enclosed away during high school …


Check Out “Endlessly” From Nothing

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of writing about a band that had just made their way to my iPod, and it has been love ever since. The Philadelphia rock outfit Nothing are a group of musicians that know how to push the limits of sonic parameters. Cranking their knobs up to eleven, a live set from them in Boston was one of the loudest experiences of my life. They literally shook me to my core.

Continuing with the high caliber material released thus far from their stellar debut LP, Guilty of Everything, the ballad-like “Endlessly” is …


ALBUM STREAM: Mazzy Star – ‘Seasons Of Your Day’

Mazzy Star are one of those bands that you either know about and love, or don’t know about and eventually have some older friend question your taste in music until you check them out. For me, I never got into Mazzy Star until David Bazan covered “Fade Into You” (because apparently, David Bazan is my older friend in my own over-generalizations). This year, the group has returned with their first album since 1996’s Among My Swan, and the new release, titled Seasons Of Your Day, is streaming at NPR.

The album also features an appearance from My …

My Bloody Valentine 2013

My Bloody Valentine Reveal November Tour

My Bloody Valentine, the shoegaze band that returned to the world earlier this year, have announced a short tour this November that covers a bit of the midwest and a bit of the northeast. The tour will be in support of their most recent album, mbv. Kevin Shields is long known as a perfectionist, so when these tours conclude, it may be another long wait before we have new tunes from My Bloody Valentine; lord knows when they’ll tour again after 2013. As such, if you want to check them out, the dates are:

09-14 Portmeirion, Wales – Festival …

m b v my bloody valentine

REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine – ‘m b v’

Band: My Bloody Valentine
Album: m b v
Label: N/A
Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

I’m a sucker for albums whose cover art encapsulates the music contained. It’s one of the many charms of Loveless, My Bloody Valentine’s second album and their only album that anybody gave two hoots about before February 2.

The cover is the outstretched arms waiting to take you into Loveless’ warm sonic embrace. The distorted, blazingly pink wash of color over what appears to be, on closer inspection, an electric guitar, is the perfect visual accompaniment for the eleven tracks of ecstatic brilliance …

My Bloody Valentine 2013

My Bloody Valentine Announce World Tour

Yesterday, Under The Gun Review was surprised to find out that My Bloody Valentine had released a special stream of their entire new album m b v. Their album is the first material released since 1991’s Loveless.

We are greeted this Monday morning with a world tour announcement from the group, that finds My Bloody Valentine traveling through Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and finishing up in Spain. Click through the jump to view the entire routing. Which date/s look most appealing to you?

02/03 – Seoul, KR @ Uniqlo Ax
02/05 – Osaka, JP @ The Hatch
02/06 …

my bloody valentine m b v

ALBUM STREAM: My Bloody Valentine – ‘m b v’

Yeah, in case you hadn’t heard, seminal shoegaze act My Bloody Valentine returned with their first album since 1991’s Loveless last night. There was little warning or fanfare. A couple Facebook posts outlining the release, an updated website, and that was about it.

But My Bloody Valentine took an usually forward thinking step for an act that hasn’t put out an album in over two decades – they put the whole thing up on YouTube.

Check out the Youtube clips for m b v after the jump.  

my bloody valentine m b v

My Bloody Valentine’s New Album Is “Going Live” Tonight [UPDATE]

UPDATE: My Bloody Valentine launched their new website. Due to overwhelming traffic, it doesn’t work. Surprise surprise. Don’t worry, somebody launched a White House petition to get the band’s website working again. Get on that, Obama!

Über-influential shoegaze act My Bloody Valentine has been teasing their full length followup to Loveless pretty heavily over the past few weeks. They finished mastering it some time before Christmas. According to FACT, lead singer-songwriter Kevin Shields told audiences at a show earlier in the week that the new album, “might be out in two or three days.”

PFFFFFFTTTTT. Yeah, ok. Whatever …


New My Bloody Valentine Record Finished

My Bloody Valentine have finished mastering their new record. They posted a Facebook status earlier saying they had completed mastering, which is the final process other than promotion and physical release to having a new album. No word yet on when the album comes out; the band originally wanted it released before the end of 2012, but I’m fairly skeptical that this album comes out in the next four days.

The album is also yet to be titled or have a real track listing. When the promotions period does kick in, we’ll let you know more.


My Bloody Valentine Promise New Album By End Of 2012

Earlier this year, My Bloody Valentine said they’d have a new album and a new EP before the end of the year. Time’s running out for them to fulfill that promise, but in a recent interview with NME, the band reiterated that they would have the new studio material before year’s end. It will come out on frontman Kevin Shield’s website.

On the album, Kevin said “I think with this record, people who like us will immediately connect with something. Based on the very, very few people who’ve heard stuff – some engineers, the band, and that’s about it


My Bloody Valentine to Release First Material in Over 20 Years

According to vocalist Kevin Shields, My Bloody Valentine are set to release a new album and a new EP this year which will be the first material from the band since 1991’s Loveless!

The band originally began working on their third album in the mid-1990s but it was shelved due to politics within the band and misunderstandings with their record label. After the release of this long-awaited third effort, the band will then release an EP of brand new material, according to Shields.

The band will also be releasing a trio of re-issues on May 7; Remastered versions of …