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MUSIC VIDEO: The Gaslight Anthem – “Rollin’ And Tumblin’”

The Gaslight Anthem have released a new music video for their track “Rollin’ And Tumblin’.”

The video, which finds the band performing in black and white to synchronized dancers encapsulating them, is the second video released for their new album Get Hurt, following the release of the video for the album’s title track, “Get Hurt.

Get Hurt is said to be a stylistic change for the band, and that evidence can be seen in their new video. The video features a barrage of flashing white lights, not unlike The 1975. The band even chose Mike Crossey, the …

future primitive

Listen to FUTURE PRIMITIVE’s Debut Release ‘FP14,’ Read Their Interview With Us, Then Go Skate Some Curbs

Today, we’re pleased to share with you the fantastic debut EP from North Carolina-based skate-punk / melodic hardcore band, FUTURE PRIMITIVEFP14 sounds like the work of a band that already has a few releases under their belt, yet somehow FUTURE PRIMITIVE has only been around for a few months. Seamlessly juggling a wide variety of influences, from skate-punk to youth crew to emo, FUTURE PRIMITIVE have found a sound that harkens back to a wide variety of genres, while still feeling uniquely their own. Simply put, while this is technically a demo, FP14 sounds way more put together.…

the american scene 2014

The American Scene Reveal #hazedrops

Following the release of their killer new single, “Royal Blue,” The American Scene has released information regarding a new promotional campaign in which fans can physically locate USB drives all over the U.S. containing singles from their upcoming LP, Haze.

The first drop, of the aptly named “hazedrops,” can be found in specific spots located in Boston, MA, Oakland, CA, Portland, OR, Long Island, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and soon enough San Diego, CA. Each city’s information comes with a mapped area, and a small clue about where you can find the drop. The American Scene’s website claims …

the american scene 2014

The American Scene Release First Single From ‘Haze’

A few days ago The American Scene announced their new album, Haze, due out September 9 via Pure Noise Records. Today we have been treated with the first single from the record, in the form of a music video for the killer track “Royal Blue.”

“Royal Blue” expands on the band’s abilities with a heightened groove, and even tighter musicianship. Try not to dance around during the chorus. Go ahead, I dare you. The video shows the band playing in black and white, accompanied by cityscapes.

Speaking to Alternative Press on the record, guitarist Jeff Wright had this to …

the american scene 2014

The American Scene Will Release ‘Haze’ On September 9

The American Scene return to release their new LP, Haze, September 9 through Pure Noise Records. My most anticipated for 2014 now has an official release date.

The band released their sophomore LP, Safe For Now, back in late 2012 through Pure Noise Records to much acclaim. With a high appreciation for Pedro The Lion, Safe For Now is a sonically diverse album, filled with striking vocals, fighting guitars, and a groove heavy rhythm section.

Pure Noise Records has released two teasers for the new album, both featuring clips of a new track. The album appears to be …

Nai Harvest

Nai Harvest Release New Single, “Buttercups”

Having already released one of my favorite EPs of the year with Hold Open My Head, England’s Nai Harvest have released a brand new single titled “Buttercups.

Featuring a grander sound found on the emotionally pulsating Hold Open My Head, “Buttercups” is a fuzz-worthy track that is filled with lush sounds, catchy vocals, airy guitars, and the band’s vintage charm.

The rock duo hail from Sheffield, England, and released their debut LP Whatever early last year. Their latest EP, Hold Open My Head, was released in March of this year, and if that and new …


Upon A Burning Body Share “Bring The Rain”

The controversy surrounding Upon A Burning Body‘s recently failed attempt at promoting their new album by faking the disappearance of their vocalist has finally began to fade, and though the band is still receiving a lot of slack online they’re pushing forward with the release of a new track titled “Bring The Rain.”

It’s hard to say how Upon A Burning Body have evolved over the course of their numerous releases, but the best compliment that I can think to give them is that they seem perfectly fine delivering the same idea again and again with simple technical tweaks …


Conor Oberst’s Rape Accuser Retracts Statement

Another week, another story of the internet using half-truths in place of hard facts.

Joanie Faircloth, who allegedly was sexually assaulted by Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst, came out today and retracted her statement, saying that she made her entire story up for attention. In a notarized letter from her lawyer, the statement goes on to explain the following:

The statements I made and repeated online and elsewhere over the past six months accusing Conor Oberst of raping me are 100 percent false. I made up those lies about him to get attention while I was going through a difficult


Slowdive Announce North American Tour

Marking their first time playing in North America since 1994, Slowdive will begin a thirteen city long tour of the region this fall.

The recently reunited shoegaze outfit have been pleasing longtime fans by playing festivals and big events, and now North American residents can enjoy the return of one of the most influential shoegaze bands of the ’90s.

From the classic Souvlaki, to the monumental third LP, Pygmalion, the band has been reuniting fans with the rich textures, lush vocals, and airy atmospheres perfected in their time as a group.

The tour kicks off in DC October …


‘Alive Inside’ Trailer: Music Can Do Things That Modern Medicine Cannot

Every year a slew of new music-related documentaries are released, and every year we try our hardest to feature as many of them as we are able. I know I’m a few days behind running this trailer, but if you haven’t seen it yet then it’s still new to you, right? Right.

Alive Inside is Michael Rossato-Bennet’s debut feature, and though it has yet to be released domestically it has already received many awards and accolades for its high quality production. The film brings into focus the harsh fact that as we age, most (if not all of us) will …


LISTEN: Prawn – “Glass, Irony”

“Let’s keep swimming.”

Prawn have released another new track from their upcoming album, Kingfisher. The track, “Glass, Irony,” is an upbeat adventure of melody, pop, and crisp sound. Easily one of the band’s most energetic outings to date, “Glass, Irony” is a welcomed addition to any summer playlist, making the wait for Kingfisher all the more exciting, even though it’s still a month away.

Releasing on August 12 through Topshelf Records, Kingfisher was produced by Moving Mountains’ Greg Dunn. Featuring ten brand new tracks, if “Thalassa” and “Glass, Irony,” are of the caliber to expect, Kingfisher will …

Field Mouse

Stream New Field Mouse LP ‘Hold Still Life’

Bring on the fuzz.

Field Mouse’s fantastic new album Hold Still Life is currently streaming over at Hype Machine. Applauding the loved sonic aspects of the ’90s, coupled with plenty of fuzz, reverb, and keen ears for melody, Hold Still Life is a wonderful experiment in sound.

From the ’80s inspired pop ballad of “Two Ships,” to the grunge emulated “Tomorrow Is Yesterday,” there is plenty to love on Hold Still Life. Within my first few listens of the work, I immediately noted the production. A lot of artists lately tend to prefer drowning out vocals for the …