Foxing Audiotree

Watch Foxing’s Fantastic Audiotree Session

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing some members of Foxing. Not only did they put on an exceptional and moving live show, but the members that we had the chance to converse with are some of the nicest and chillest musicians we have had the pleasure of speaking with. In our interview, we chatted about their experiences during their Audiotree performance filmed last month, and they were all quick to say how nice, generous, and professional the Audiotree staff was.

Finally released on the Audiotree site, Foxing’s session is now available for viewing. The band …

gemma ray

Watch Gemma Ray “Shake Baby Shake” In New Video

The Berlin-based, British-born singer Gemma Ray has released a music video for the track “Shake Baby Shake,” which comes off of her upcoming album Milk For Your Motors.

The album, which was self-produced, features the band captured within live sessions, so that they could create and capture an atmosphere of organic performance. The album will also feature contributors ranging from Alan Vega of Suicide, Toby Dammit from Iggy Pop, and Howe Gelb from Giant Sand. Milk For Your Motors will be out August 26, 2014, via Bronze Rat Records.

Head below to experience “Shake Baby Shake,” and if you …


Telemen Release Colorful Video For “Skeleton Dance”

Teleman, an indie band from the UK, have released a music video for their upbeat track “Skeleton Dance,” taken from their upcoming debut LP, Breakfast, via Moshi Moshi Records.

Breakfast was produced by Bernard Butler of Suede, and if “Skeleton Dance” is any indication of what the record is going to be like, fans of pop-inspired indie rock are sure to be pleased. “Skeleton Dance” features upbeat production, crisp guitars and airy vocals, all grounded by a tight rhythm section.

The accompanying video only elevates the track by adding shapes, colors, spinning berries, and a plethora of other …

Moose Blood

Moose Blood Premiere Video For “Swim Down”

Moose Blood have premiered a video for their fantastic new track “Swim Down,” over at AbsolutePunk.

“Swim Down” is a bright, upbeat tune, highlighting the band’s keen sense for musicianship and songwriting, as well as showcasing their vocal pipes. Reminiscent of your favorite emo bands with a greater sense of pop and energy, Moose Blood’s upcoming debut album, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, is sure to resonate strongly with fans of the genre, and hopefully others as well.

Head over to AbsolutePunk, or follow us after the jump to check out the new …

Coheed And Cambria Tour

Coheed And Cambria Announce ‘In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3′ Remaster, Vinyl Pre-Orders Live

Children of the fence, rejoice!

It has been a long wait, but pre-orders are live for a gatefold double LP remaster of the famed In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3. Available in a beautiful grey/marble variant, peach marble (Neverender tour exclusive), and black, the release is sure to please fans who have long waited for a vinyl release of the band’s fantastic cosmologically sonic adventure. The release coincides with the band’s upcoming ‘Neverender: In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3′ tour, kicking off September 5, in Riverside, CA.

The announcement also comes with the release of the remastered version …


Gerard Way Posts ‘Pink Station Zero’ Video Teasing New Music

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is responsible for one of the fall’s most anticipated albums, and earlier today we learned additional music from that release will soon be available.

Using Twitter as his launching pad, Gerard Way turned to social media this afternoon to share a new video titled Pink Station Zero. The name is a reference to one of many ‘stations’ that will be found in All Ages, a comic Way is currently developing when not making music. In the clip, what looks to be a futuristic dance party themed television show filmed using technology …


UTG INTERVIEW: Foxing Discuss ‘The Albatross,’ the Science in ‘Lucy’ and Their Audiotree Session

On a warm evening in Cambridge, MA, at the venue known as The Middle East, I stood and watched as Foxing came alive on a small stage to a sold out crowd.

I witnessed the band pour everything they had into the notes and sounds reverberating from their instruments, bleeding over the crowd, seemingly ill-prepared for what the band was able to emanate. It was an incredibly moving moment, and I was more than pleased to speak with bassist Josh, drummer Jon, and guitarist Eric after their set. We spoke on their recently re-mastered debut album The Albatross, their …

michael cera

Michael Cera Pulled A Death Grips and Released An Album Without Telling Anyone

We had to find out from Jonah Hill (or, really, Noisey) that Michael Cera (Superbad, Youth In Revolt, Arrested Development) just released an album without telling anyone. And it sounds exactly like what you’d expect.

The album, titled true that, is a mixture of “what is Michael Cera doing?” and “Michael Cera, what are you doing?” It’s 18 tracks with 3 bonus tracks (after purchase) of cutesy, lo-fi indie folk that makes a lot of sense considering the soundtracks to every movie Cera has been in. Some sound like actual music, others sound like …

code orange

WATCH: Code Orange – “Dreams In Inertia”

Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) have released a new music video for “Dreams In Inertia,” a track off of their upcoming album, I Am King.

Featuring some sonic changes from what the band normally produces, “Dreams In Inertia” is a slow, drone of a track that features whispered vocals, singing, no screaming, and a mood not unlike True Widow.

The video features the band playing in a darkened room, coupled with images of cult-like activities that continues with the themes presented in the “I Am King” video.

Follow us after the jump as the band continues …

Citizen Tour

Citizen Release “Silo” From Upcoming 7″

Citizen released a new track today via Brooklyn Vegan, in the form of “Silo,” a track featured on the band’s new exclusive tour 7″ from Run For Cover Records. The 7″ will include the regular track, as well as a stripped down version.

Expanding on the grounds covered on debut album Youth, “Silo” is a darker adventure for the band. Including bends, dissonance, and some of the heaviest parts the band has yet to release, “Silo” will surely be an experience live, as well as a welcomed addition to the band’s growing discography.

The band is set to …


WATCH: Creepoid – “Yellow Wallpaper”

Creepoid is an alternative rock band from Philly that made it on to our Best Releases You May Have Missed feature earlier this year. Remaining criminally underrated, hopefully their new video for “Yellow Wallpaper” will be just the right amount of weird the band needs to garner a well earned greater audience.

From their fantastic self-titled album, “Yellow Wallpaper” is spacey, weird, and all other kinds of words to describe the sonic unknown. The video pairs well with the track, featuring images exposed over each other, slow motion, a tiger mask, and plenty other nonsensical things.

Follow us after the …

gaslight anthem

REVIEW: The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Get Hurt’

Artist: The Gaslight Anthem
Album: Get Hurt
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Island

If you spend too much time attempting to vivisect the songs that make up The Gaslight Anthem’s fifth album, Get Hurt, you may very well miss it entirely. As listeners, we are used to the blue collar, Americana themes presented by the act, traversing through narratives of Saturday nights, lost loves, heartbreak, and a consistent theme of lessening within our lives. Attempting to deduce each track individually, grouping each experience with past Gaslight albums such as Handwritten, American Slang, and The ’59 Sound, …