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I Killed The Prom Queen

MUSIC VIDEO: I Killed The Prom Queen – “Bright Enough”

There was an eight year break between I Killed The Prom Queen‘s second and third full-length albums. The reason, of course, is that they were on hiatus during most of that time. Luckily for fans though the group essentially picked up from where they left off and got to work on the album they ended up releasing earlier this year. Beloved has some really great songs on it, including the one the band just released a new music video for. The video is for “Bright Enough,” and it can be watched below the break.

In just a few days …

Owl City

Watch The Music Video For Owl City’s “Wolf Bite”

Owl City‘s Ultraviolet EP may only contain four tracks, but it’s full of life. His project has a gigantic fan base who love everything he has to offer. One of the first singles to be released before Ultraviolet hit stores was the infectious song titled “Wolf Bite.” This track is a fan favorite, and over the weekend Owl City premiered a music video for it. The video is a mix of live action shots combined with some colorful animated overlays. You can watch it for yourself by checking below the break.

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MUSIC VIDEO: YG – “Bicken Back Being Bool”

Elevating himself from the streets of Compton Bompton to the national spotlight, YG has been on quite a tear in 2014. With the release of his game-changing AOTY contender, My Krazy Life, alongside selling out venue after venue from coast to coast on an album-supporting tour, he’s managed to grab the respect of fans and critics alike. As seen in the brand new music video for the DJ Mustard produced cut “Bicken Back Being Bool,” though, it’s obvious YG hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Combining his modern take on the West Coast’s classic sound with visuals straight out of a …


Against The Current Release Video For “Ain’t It Fun” Cover

A female fronted pop rock band on the rise covering the biggest female fronted pop rock band in the world? What a shocking twist of events!

All joking aside, the guys and gal in Against The Current have taken Paramore’s inescable hit “Ain’t It Fun” and made it entirely their own. The vocalist, who goes by Chrissy, has less of an edge to her voice than Paramore frontwoman Hailey Williams, but she holds her own on this track. The video, which was released alongside the cover, showcases the band’s performance skills through a minimalistic sound stage approach. You can view …

Novo Amor Ed Tullett

MUSIC VIDEO: Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – “Faux”

Novo Amor is an indie musician based out of Cardiff, Wales. He recently teamed up with Brighton-based musician Ed Tullett to premiere a music video for a brand new song they recorded together. The song is titled “Faux,” and you can view the visuals below the break.

If you dig what you hear, the song is available for purchase through iTunes. Each artist has their own individual songs worth checking out if you haven’t heard of them before. You can find Ed Tullett here, and Novo Amor here.…


Braid Go “Bang” In New Video

Braid emerged earlier this summer with their first album in 16 years. The Topshelf Records-released No Coast proved to be a winner, garnering positive reviews the internet over and giving newcomers to midwestern emo another fine release with which to educate themselves.

The video for their single “Bang” embraces its summer release, as a young girl in an underfurnished bedroom – very uncharacteristic for a girl her age – finds some fireworks exploding fantastically on her front lawn. Naturally, she has some fun with it. The video, directed by Max Moore, also does some nifty cutting in time with the …


Weird Al Puts Together A Rockabilly Scrapbook In “Lame Claim To Fame” Video

We are nearing the end of Weird Al‘s #8videos8days and, in doing so, we’ve moved from parodies of specific songs to genre riffs with a general comedic premise.

“Lame Claim To Fame” is, according to Wikipedia, a “style parody of Southern Culture on the Skids,” and it takes on the guise of the sick bragger in all of us. If you have a story about how you waited on Ryan Reynolds one time or got a high five from Channing Tatum, you’ve earned a place in this pop-up scrapbook.

It isn’t the most inspired or enjoyable of the Mandatory

Mongol Horde

Mongol Horde (Frank Turner) Share Video For “Winky Face: The Mark Of A Moron”

Mongol Horde, the hardcore-punk side project of folk-punk superstar Frank Turner, have released a music video for “Winky Face: The Mark Of A Moron.” The video uses the frame of online commenting to visualize the cheeky message behind the song.

While the lyrics seem goofy at face value, “Winky Face” manages to share a relatively poignant opinion on English in the form of comedy. After a one-minute burst of hardcore energy that mocks the users of the “open bracket semi-colon” wink emoticon, Frank announces that “if you can’t make your meaning plain with all the richness of the English …


Conor Oberst Releases “You Are Your Mother’s Child” Video

Now that the nastiness of the rape accusations made towards Bright Eyes’ frontman Conor Oberst have been recanted, it’s time for the thirty-something folk star to continue sharing music from his latest album with fans.

Last week, Oberst broke his short term public silence to share the official music video for his Upside Down Mountain track “You Are Your Mother’s Child.” The Gregory Marinaccio-directed video was filmed on New York’s Fire Island earlier this year, and in typical Oberst form features very little of the iconic musician. Instead, viewers are given an intimate look at the relationships children share …

Chelsea Grin

MUSIC VIDEO: Chelsea Grin – “Clockwork”

A little less than two weeks ago Chelsea Grin unleashed their third full-length album, Ashes To Ashes. The band has recently spent some time recording a music video for one of the tracks off the album, and now they have finally revealed it to fans. The video is for their single “Clockwork,” and you can check it out below.

In true Chelsea Grin fashion, the video is a little on the darker side. As the title of the song may suggest, the video represents the passing of time. “Clockwork” is one of the best tracks on the album so …


Weird Al Releases “Sports Song” Music Video

The eight crazy days of Weird Al videos continues this afternoon with the premiere of the official visuals for “Sports Song.”

So far this week, the videos Weird Al has shared off his new album Mandatory Fun have featured parodies of popular top 40 hits. “Sports Song” is more of an original track, using the backbone of a marching band to emphasize the idea of live athletics, and the video has similarly fitting visuals. You can view the clip, which premiered on Funny Or Die, at the end of this post.

We have been talking about Mandatory Fun a lot …

four year strong

Four Year Strong Release “Go Down In History” Music Video

With only days to go before their latest EP arrives in stores, Four Year Strong have released the official music video for “Go Down In History.”

The years have been good to Four Year Strong, and even though it has been awhile since they graced us with new music, their unique and driving take on punk-influenced pop rock has not wavered in the slightest. “Go Down In History” is as immediately catchy and infectious as any song in the band’s discography. The video showcases the group performing and engaging with fans during their run on this summer’s Warped Tour. You …