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radical something cali get down

There’s Something Irresistible About Radical Something’s “Cali Get Down”

Several weeks ago we brought you an audio stream of a new song titled “Cali Get Down” by a band we had never previously covered called Radical Something. That same group has since released a video for the that single, and we have only fallen further in love with their unique take on modern pop rock.

I have tried and spectacularly failed to explain the sound of Radical Something at least a half dozen times this month. The closest I have come to nailing it, at least according to people I’ve spoken with, is a more mature …

nai ha

Nai Harvest Release New Music Video For “Buttercups”

Cutting-edge, emo indie rock duo from the UK, Nai Harvest, have recently released a new music video and it’s quite the acid trip. This new video is for their song “Buttercups” which is off of the band’s most recent Flower 12” split EP (via Dog Knights) with fellow UK natives, Playlounge.

An appropriately “that’s so wicked, bro” video for a really wicked song, this music video involves a lot of forestry and a lot of washing machines. Get hip to these guys if you haven’t already because majorly breaking through the scene is in their near future.

You …

front porch step

Front Porch Step Releases Music Video For Emotional Song, “Private Fears In Public Places”

Our friends at Substream Music Press exclusively released the latest music video from Front Porch Step today. The track, titled “Private Fears In Public Places,” is another overtly emotional and transparent number from the acoustic punk solo artist’s Pure Noise Records debut, Aware, which was released late last year.

The video gives viewers an inside look of FPS mastermind Jake Mcelfresh’s experience on this year’s Vans Warped Tour, where his music spread amongst the scene like wildfire. He told Substream this about the new video:

“This video is very special to me for multiple reasons. Not only is …

The Weeknd

MUSIC VIDEO: The Weeknd – “King Of The Fall”

About a week ago The Weeknd revealed a music video for his single “Often.” Even though only a short amount of time has passed since that video dropped the artist is streaming another new video. This time the visuals are for the song “King Of The Fall,” and you can enjoy them below the break.

Though Tesfaye has not announced a new album or mixtape at this time, it seems that he may have something in the works. With two brand new tracks and an upcoming tour with the same name as the aforementioned single, it’s hard not to wonder …


Asking Alexandria Release “Moving On” Music Video

Metalcore turned heavy metal outfit Asking Alexandria have released a brand new music video for “Moving On,” one of the many cuts from the group’s most recent record, From Death to Destiny. Staying in line with the track’s lyrical content, the video contains a slew of emotional live shots mixed with members of other bands holding up signs for loved ones left behind every time they hit the road.

Follow the jump to check out “Moving On,” and once you’ve done that, be sure to check out our interview with Asking Alexandria’s own Danny Worsnop here.…

bad luck2

Bad Luck Premiere Music Video for “Cold Bones”

Florida’s up-and-coming punk foursome, Bad Luck, have received a wealth of recent success. Earlier this summer, the band became a part of the Tragic Hero Records stable with the release of their album Cold Bones, an excitingly dynamic pop-punk record with a fair amount of grit, and some serious emotional depth.

This morning, the band released their very first music video for their album’s title track “Cold Bones,” via Alternative Press. The video shows some studio footage and clips of the boys out on the road that accompany some performance shots. You can check out the video …


JJ Share Video for “Inner Light”

After the release of their third album, V, JJ has given us another beautifully crafted video to coincide with the song “Inner Light.”

The song itself is majestic and very spiritual in its delivery. But let’s get to the video. Throughout, we follow a child fully mounted in Native American attire, walking through the forest, performing rituals, dancing, swimming, etc. All alone. It’s very haunting, and almost weird, which is not shocking from this group. It’s filmed like a movie and fits really well with the track that itself is very accepting and soft.

Check out the video below, …

bang bang music video

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, And Nicki Minaj Deliver “Bang Bang” Music Video

I don’t know why “Bang Bang” is not already the biggest single at pop radio worldwide, but it certainly deserves to be. Featuring three of the hottest stars in music today, the song features memorable verses, fun production, and a hook that refuses to leave you alone long after the track itself has come to a close. It’s everything most singles wish they could be, and today the song destined to become your new anthem was given its own music video.

If you caught Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj performing together at the VMAs over the …


Somos Release “Lives Of Others” Music Video

In my opinion, Tiny Engines can do no wrong, and Boston’s Somos is a prime example of this fact. This past March, the four-piece joined forces with the Carolina-based label to release their debut album, Temple of Plenty, which was incredibly well-received by both fans and critics, and has since become a staff favorite around UTG.

Yesterday, with the help of Brooklyn Vegan, the group graced us with a new music video for their track, “Lives Of Others,” the second single-turned-video off their latest effort following the debut of “Domestic” back in April. Illustrating a somewhat …

For Today

MUSIC VIDEO: For Today – “Molotov”

For Today dropped their fifth studio album earlier this year, titled Fight The Silence. The overarching theme behind the album is first and foremost about their beliefs, but also about not staying silent. One song that is a prime example of that message is the one the group also just released a music video for, which is “Molotov.” The video shows the band surrounded by a rag tag group of kids who eagerly toss molotov cocktails at a formidable concrete wall. View it for yourself below the jump.

The band will be heading out on tour in just a …

Charli XCX

Watch Charli XCX Hijack a School Bus In “Break The Rules” Video

Back before “Fancy” and The Fault In Our Stars and millions of YouTube views, Charli XCX was ghostwriting for singers and working on her own set of pop songs. Fastforward to 2014, and she’s putting out a new album called Sucker (out October 21), and singing a little off-key on the radio to “Boom Clap.” This year has seen her swap her sound to a new house pop style, but “Break The Rules” is phenomenally recorded, giving attention to bass drops and electric drum claps carefully instead of overindulging when not needed — and the new music video …

Oceans Red

Oceans Red Premiere New Single, “Misguided”

Oceans Red haven’t released any new music since the release of their debut EP. They actually haven’t been up to much at all in that time. A major contributor to this is the fact that at least one of their members had been suffering some health problems. However, the band promised that they would give fans some new music soon. Well, earlier today they finally delivered on that promise with the music video premiere for their new song, titled “Misguided.” The video can be seen right below the break.

The direction they took the sound in “Misguided” is different from …