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Required Listening: Lorde – “Tennis Court” (Diplo Remix)

New Zealand’s hottest export has officially been remixed by everyone in the game.

Yesterday, the one and only creative genius known as Diplo shared with the world his unique remix of Lorde’s infectious “Tennis Court.” Keeping with his signature style, Diplo kicks up the energy of the song to eleven, adding bouncy bass and additional synth to the mix while leaving Lorde’s beloved croon alone. It’s not the best track Diplo has delivered in 2014, but it’s a fun track nonetheless that seems guaranteed to generate a fair amount of clicks for everyone involved over the next several weeks. You …


Juicy J Shares “Hot Ni**a” Remix

There is no stopping Juicy J. Then again, why would you ever want to?

The two tracks burning up urban radio right now are Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” and Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga.” Juicy J released a verse over the former last week, so it should come as no surprise that he’s started this week by sharing a new set of bars over Shmurda’s breakout hit. Juicy’s ‘THC’ remix takes an already hard hitting track fueled by ego and raises the bar for all others who may attempt to make the beat their own at some point down …


Wiz Khalifa Shares “You And Your Friends” Featuring Snoop Dogg and Ty Dolla $ign

Wiz Khalifa‘s promotional push towards the release of Blacc Hollywood continued today with the premiere of a new banger titled “You And Your Friends.”

It’s hard to know what exactly Wiz Khalifa has in store for fans with his highly-anticipated new album. “We Dem Boyz” led us to believe a street heavy record could be on the way, but “You And Your Friends” is a clear return to radio-ready material. Joined by Snoop Dogg and Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz goes in over a beat from DJ Mustard on the girls that they hope to take home after a night …


Required Listening: The Weeknd – “King Of The Fall”

I guess last month’s surprise single release was only the beginning…

The Weeknd has shocked fans around the globe once again by debuting a brand new song titled “King Of The Fall.” The track, which debuted online around 8 P.M. EST on July 20, follows “Often” as the second new song to surface from the Canadian crooner this summer. It’s a smooth and lengthy track, which finds Abel talking about everything from love and relationships, to creating art and traveling the world. You can stream and download the song, for free, below:…

DMG_5SOS_Box Shoot_001_1000x665

5 Seconds Of Summer Share “Mrs. All American”

5 Seconds Of Summer are currently rising like a rocket through the world of radio pop, and on July 22 they will declare total world domination when their debut full-length album arrives in stores. Today, the band has chosen to share a new song titled “Mrs. All American,” and much to no one’s surprise it is an infectious track that demands repeat plays.

You know the name of the game at this point when it comes to 5 Seconds Of Summer, or at least you should. These Australian pretty boys have been making your daughters’ and sisters’ knees weak for …


Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Streams “Cecilia And The Satellite”

Andrew McMahon could release music under any pseudonym he desired and fans would flock to hear every second he was willing to lay to digital tape. His latest project, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, is still relatively new, but already the pop-laden outfit have become the apple of the alternative scene’s eye.

Today, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness shared a brand new single titled “Cecilia And The Satellite.” The song is a lush and driving track, with piano and pulsating bass guiding the verse and chorus with an infectious tone few will be able to deny. McMahon sings about life …


Required Listening: Lauryn Hill – “Doo Wop” (MKL Remix)

It takes a brave soul to attempt remixing a song as iconic as Lauryn Hill‘s “Doo Wop,” but when you have an idea as good as the one producer MKL has delivered today, some risks must be taken.

Early today, I woke to find my inbox bursting with the usual array of press releases and ‘please feature us’ messages I have grown accustomed to discovering each morning. As a I dug through the latest messages promoting material I was unfamiliar with I stumbled across a quick note about a new remix from MKL that demanded my immediate attention. Some …


Pusha T Releases “No Flex Zone” Freestyle

Every couple of months a song comes along that becomes so popular online nearly every headline-generating rapper makes time to add their spin to the track. For the first part of 2014, that song was almost assuredly “OG Bobby Johnson.” Now, thanks to Rae Sremmurd, the world has been inundated with “No Flex Zone” freestyles. We have skipped most of them, but the one that surfaced today was too good to ignore.

It has been a while since the world heard from Pusha T, but this morning the angsty half of Clipse delivered a new verse over …


Required Listening: Young Thug Featuring T.I. & Zuse – “Eww Eww Eww” (Remix)

Thugga Thugga continues his rise to the top of the urban music game today with the release of the highly-anticipated remix for “Eww Eww Eww.”

It’s kind of hard to believe that we live in a day and age where a song with a title like “Eww Eww Eww” can become a viral sensation, let alone be taken seriously in the world of hip-hop, but that is exactly what Young Thug has pulled off with his latest promotional single. “Eww Eww Eww” was a hit on the blogosphere in early 2014, but with the addition of T.I. and Zuse to …


Required Listening: Lorde – “Team” (White Sea Remix)

The arrival of Lorde has been covered to death at this point, and if you’re anything like me you’re beyond tired of hearing about how a teen from New Zealand is sick of throwing her hands up in the air. I get it, I really do.

That said, you absolutely need to hear the way White Sea have made “Team” their own. It’s just as soulful as the original, but with a sense of indie-meets-dance exploitation blended into the mix that makes the entire affair sound like the soundtrack to a modern John Hughes film. Sounds crazy, I know, but …

avalanche 2014

UTG Premiere: Avalanche – “Two Years”

It’s hump day, and like many of you we have spent the majority of the work day wondering why it takes so damn long for the weekend to arrive. We cannot give you the tools to build a time machine, nor can we provide you with the financial support needed to quit your dead end job, but we do have a new song from Singapore based metalcore outfit Avalanche that I believe will give you the strength needed to kick this week’s ass.

You may or may not have heard of Avalanche before this moment, but trust me when I …

tom petty

Required Listening: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Fault Lines”

There are some people walking the planet today who have never known the joy so many of us feel when Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers deliver a new classic and that fact makes me sad. That is, until I hear the song a second time and allow the groove to carry me away while I count my lucky stars that I am not one of those unfortunate souls.

Today, Tommy Petty and his band of musical misfits shared a fourth promotional single off their upcoming Hypnotic Eye LP. The song, titled “Fault Lines,” is a fast-paced jam that offers a …