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Movie Review: Fading Gigolo

Film: Fading Gigolo
Directed by: John Turturro
Starring: John Turturro, Woody Allen

Two cash-strapped friends toeing the line with their golden years find new income thanks to the world’s oldest profession in John Turturro’s Fading Gigolo.

It all sounds so simple at first. Murray, the aging owner of a bookstore that is currently going out of business, is asked by a female friend whether or not he knew any men she could hire to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Without a second thought, Murray recommends his close acquaintance Fioravante, and a few short conversations later the pair are preparing for …

authors anonymous

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Authors Anonymous’

Film: Authors Anonymous
Directed by: Ellie Kanner
Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Dennis Farina

Good or bad, Authors Anonymous would still be worth watching if for no other reason than it represents the final performance of Dennis Farina. The criminally underrated actor passed away in July, left behind more than 30 years of memorable film and television performances, and I still haven’t gotten over his egregious omission from the “In Memoriam” tribute at this year’s Academy Awards.

As much as I love complaining about the Oscars, I’m sure there will be another time for that. This is a film review, …


Movie Review: ‘The Raid 2′

Film: The Raid 2
Directed by: Gareth Evans
Starring: Iko Uwais

Bigger is not always better, but The Raid 2 is an exception. It’s two-and-a-half hours of gangs, deception, and over-the-top violence that pushes the limits of visceral filmmaking to the breaking point (then snaps it in two). 

Picking up hours after the events of The Raid, the latest film from Gareth Evans wastes no time diving headfirst back into the bloody and often bleak underbelly of his cinematic universe. Rama, having just finished battling his way through more than a dozen floors of bad guys, finds himself sitting …


BUFF 2014 Review: ‘Blue Ruin’

Film: Blue Ruin
Starring: Macon Blair
Directed by: Jeremy Saulnier

A man taking revenge on the person who murdered his parents whilst overcoming violent obstacles to get to his objective, sounds a bit familiar right? Good thing Blue Ruin is a rare film that can play off of those well-known revenge-thriller tropes while also giving the viewer a lot to chew on morally and psychologically. For a film that is marketed as 2014’s version of Death Wish, Blue Ruin is thankfully a film that begs more from the audience than just a fetishistic need to see blood letting on …


Movie Review: ’300: Rise Of An Empire’

Film: 300: Rise Of An Empire
Starring: Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green
Directed by: Noam Murro

When 300 marched into theaters back in 2006 it ushered in a new era in action filmmaking that would be quickly be plagued by shoddy knockoffs. At this point it’s hard to remember exactly how many films have used the ‘slow things down right when the best moment of action occurs’ trick, but we all have Zack Snyder, Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender, and 298 other soldiers to thank for that. Now, six years later, two of those three have moved on to bigger things and …

the bag man


Film: The Bag Man
Directed by: David Grovic
Starring: John Cusack, Robert De Niro, Rebecca Da Costa

There was a point in John Cusack’s career where it was pretty clear what he was doing: cashing in his checks from starring in massive blockbusters (Con Air, America’s Sweethearts, 2012) so he could fund his passion projects (Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity, War, Inc.). It seemed like a winning strategy, and I wish I knew what went wrong over the past few years as I no longer have any idea what in the hell he’s doing.

The Bag


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Almost Human’

Film: Almost Human
Starring: Graham Skipper, Josh Ethier, Vanessa Leigh
Directed by: Joe Begos

There is a moment about twenty minutes into Almost Human when the two main characters are hastily exchanging words in a small town diner over what may or may not be going on in their quiet region in Maine and how it could possibly relate to their mutual friend’s disappearance two years prior during which the film transcends the world of indie filmmaking. Almost Human may be a small film in respect to budget, cast size, and recognition of those involved, but the scope of the …


Movie Review: ‘Non-Stop’

Film: Non-Stop
Starring: Liam Neeson
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Airplanes have served as the setting for many great thrillers throughout cinematic history. Unfortunately, Non-Stop is not one of them.

Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) more or less hates his life. He was once somebody everyone could love, but after years of alcohol abuse and a refusal to face his own personal demons Bill has become an air marshall whose life is almost void of joy. He drinks, he hates, he festers. …


Movie Review: ‘About Last Night’

Film: About Last Night
Starring: Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy
Directed by: Steve Pink

2014 is quickly shaping up to be the year Kevin Hart over-saturates the market.

Hitting theaters less than a month after the critically panned buddy comedy Ride Along arrived in cinemas, About Last Night reboots a classic David Mamet play in a way that departs even further from the source material than the original 1986 adaptation starring Rob Lowe. The story follows two couples who, over the course of a year, fall in and out of love (and then in love once again). One pair is rather …


Movie Review: ‘Nurse’

Film: Nurse
Starring: Paz de la Huerta
Directed by: Doug Aarniokoski

It has been a long time since a movie found its way into the mainstream that perfectly balanced gratuitous nudity and gratuitous violence in such a way that it was embraced with open arms by the general public. Nurse, otherwise known as Nurse 3D for its limited theatrical release, toes this line of moral ambiguity and arthouse drama with an exorbitant amount of confidence that genre fans will want to revisit again and again.…


Movie Review: ‘The Lego Movie’

Film: The Lego Movie
Starring: Chris Pratt, Will Arnett
Directed by: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

The better part of the last year has found the LEGO brand slowly building up a deafening roar of hype for their first-ever feature length film. Through trailers, posters, theater standees, new products, and plenty of viral parody clips the company behind everyone’s favorite stackable bricks has been urging fans new and old to take a chance on a story built from the green baseplate up. It may seem like a gimmick, and in many ways it is, but it works better than any other …


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Grand Piano’

Film: Grand Piano
Starring: Elijah Wood
Directed by: Eugenio Mira

Hollywood has a long history of using unseen assailants to propel a storyline forward. The results of these efforts have been mixed throughout time. Some films play like ticking time bombs, slowly forcing the audience to slip ever-so-slightly toward the edge of their seats, others come off as half-assed attempts at building tension in situations where it otherwise does not exist. Grand Piano uses this formula to further emphasize an already tense situation, but the results leave a bit too much to be desired.…