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Shawn Levy Claims A ‘Real Steel’ Sequel May Still Be On The Way

Real Steel is one of those odd Hollywood offerings that received a lukewarm reception stateside, but somehow managed to bring in major bank overseas. So much money, in fact, that the studio behind the film about boxing robots is open to the idea of making a sequel. Director Shawn Levy and star Hugh Jackman want the franchise to continue as well, but according to a recent interview with ComingSoon it may be a while before we see Real Steel 2 enter production.

Speaking with the movie news site about a slew of projects, Levy offered one of the most in-depth …


UTG INTERVIEW: Zach Braff Talks ‘Wish I Was Here’

A little over a year ago, Scrubs star Zach Braff made international headlines when he turned to the world of Kickstarter to fund his latest film. Fans of Braff and his previous cinematic creation (Garden State) funded the project in less than 48 hours, which brought delight to some and rage to others. Some were excited to know other people believed in Braff as much as they did, while others thought the alleged millionaire was abusing a platform meant to help struggling artists get projects they cannot afford to create themselves off the ground. I did not fund …


Kurt Russell Claims ‘The Hateful Eight’ Could Shoot In Early 2015

Quentin Tarantino’s highly-anticipated and sometimes cancelled Hateful Eight is currently alive and well. Production information has been kept under tight wraps, but one of the film’s long-rumored stars seems to have essentially confirmed Tarantino’s plans to bring his latest Western to life.

This week, Kurt Russell teased connection to Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight while talking about future projects with Philadelphia’s Fox 59. He was doing an interview about The Battered Bastards of Baseball (out now on Netflix), when he dropped the following tidbit of previously unreleased information:

“I’ve got a Tarantino project called The Hateful Eight that looks like


10 Questions We Have About ‘Apes 3′ After Watching ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes just wrapped its first weekend of release here in the United States, and based on its $73 million dollar haul at the box office I think it’s safe to say a third film in the modern Apes franchise is not far from being a reality. It has long been rumored that a trilogy was the plan from day one, but as Hollywood has suffered a few misfire franchise launches in recent years (Mortal Instruments, Beautiful Creatures) executives have become a bit more hesitant to guarantee anything until they see a return …

richard pryor

Could Nick Cannon Portray Richard Pryor In Lee Daniels’ Upcoming Biopic?

Mr. Mariah Carey is back in our headlines today with news that he may soon be portraying one of the most iconic stand-up comedians of all time.

Nick Cannon has spent the past couple weeks teasing the press with the idea he may soon attempt to portray Richard Pryor on the big screen. He’s stated publicly that he has met with director Lee Daniels (The Butler) to discuss the project, and has even begun preparing for the possibility of the role by growing his hair out and taking up smoking. You know, because everyone loves Nick Cannon for …


Josh Trank Will Also Be Directing A ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film

The Avengers-like Star Wars movie world continues to take shape as the franchise continues to snap up some of the hottest young directors (and actors!). After announcing that Godzilla‘s Gareth Edwards would helm the first Star Wars  spinoff, slated for a 2016 release, it has now been announced that Josh Trank will be helming another.

Though the date of Trank’s installment hasn’t been confirmed, it seems likely that it will be nestled into 2018, snugly between new Episodes in ’17 and ’19. Trank’s Chronicle is still his only major motion picture to be released yet, but …

Rob Zombie 31

Rob Zombie Teases Next Film

With the hockey documentary he had teased on hold – a documentary that was to prove that Zombie was more than “just” a horror director – Zombie is returning with what seems to be another horror film.

On Zombie’s website, a two-minute video appeared a few days ago commemorating Zombie’s past films - House of 1,000 CorpsesThe Devil’s Rejects, the Halloween reboot, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, and the film widely regarded to be his best work yet, Lords of Salem. It culminated in a truly terrifying clown face – one even more terrifying …


New ‘Flintstones’ Movie In The Works

It was announced this week that there is indeed a new Flintstones movie coming soon with The Campaign’s Chris Henchy writing the screenplay and Will Ferrell as one of the executive producers.

At this point no one knows what to expect from the big screen comeback of America’s favorite Stone Age family, but it will be animated. That’s good to hear since 1994’s live-action version starring John Goodman was perfection, so there’s no need to travel that route again. Remember that dismal Viva Rock Vegas prequel of sorts from 2000? Yeah, just keep things animated this time.

This all comes …

Star Wars

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Cast Revealed

After months of hype and too many internet rumors for any site to possibly stay on top of, the studio behind Star Wars: Episode VII has finally revealed the lead cast for the upcoming film.

Actors John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow will join the original stars of the saga, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker in the new film. That’s a grand total of two women, and one of them was in the original series. If you don’t think people are going …


The Legends Are True: Microsoft Finds Infamous Lost ‘E.T.’ Atari Game Cartridges In New Mexico Landfill

A little over a month ago we brought you a story about how Microsoft was recently granted clearance to excavate a New Mexico landfill as part of a planned documentary aiming to uncover the truth behind one of the greatest mysteries in video game history. As the legend goes, the response to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was so bad when it was initially released in the early 1980s that the creator (Atari) had millions of copies buried in a landfill after they had spent months filling space in warehouses across the country. The tapes were buried in a remote portion of …

Remember me?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has Found Its Thanos

There has never been a question whether or not the character of Thanos would appear in the Marvel cinematic universe, but amidst all the casting rumors and announcements of recent months his name is one that has been noticeably missing from conversation.

Speaking with Empire Magazine in a new interview, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige confirmed that Thanos has already been cast for the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy film. Feige was not willing to reveal the name, but it’s probably okay to assume an announcement will surface in the months ahead.

Speaking on Guardians‘ release, Feige did offer:



‘Goosebumps’ Synopsis Revealed

Ever since this Goosebumps movie was announced people have been wondering what it could possibly be about – which one of the must-read books that ‘90s kids craved like addicts would be transformed for the big screen? It turns out that it’s taking a completely different route all together.

It’s not so much going to be based on classics like Stay Out of the Basement or The Haunted Mask, but rather focus on R.L. Stine. Wait, what? Yeah, when a teen makes the obvious move from the city to a small town and falls for the first cute girl …