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Trivium May Be Preparing To Release Their Best Album Yet

Here’s a harsh truth that is tough for any industry professional to accept: Lasting more than five years in music today is an accomplishment for artists in any genre, but managing to stay relevant while changing your sound is something only a select few ever pull off. Trivium, for better or worse, have done exactly as they pleased for over a decade and fans have stuck by their side through it all. If the group’s latest singles are any signs of what lies on the horizon, it seems longtime supporters may be on the verge of hearing the album …


Denzel Curry Continues To Gain Momentum With “Zone 3” Video

2015 may very well be the year of Denzel Curry. The rapper, who was born and raised in south Florida, has been on everyone’s watch list since the release of his album, Nostalgic 64, at the tail end of 2013. Curry stayed on the radar throughout 2014 by touring and building his brand off the continued success of Nostalgic, which is only now beginning to reach most mainstream rap fans. This may very well be the last news post we write about Curry before he’s the topic of every hip-hop conversation, so consider this your final notice that …


The First Trailer For ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Is Here!

They’re back, Pitches.

The first trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 has found its way online ahead of the film’s May 15, 2015 release. The film stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, along with a supporting cast of familiar faces and newcomers with a healthy amount of star power. The story revolves around the senior year of college for the original film’s cast and their quest to be the best a capella group in the world, which means lots of performances and a number of unique locations. You can view the trailer below:

James Shotwell is the founder of


First ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Teases A World Where Anything Is Possible

There was a time when Tomorrowland was thought to be the big holiday release of the Christmas 2014 season. That time came and went however, and now the latest film from Brad Bird has been pushed to May 2015. That’s a bit further away than we originally hoped for, but luckily the house that Mickey Mouse built has already released the film’s first teaser trailer.

Set in a place that appears to be the not too distant future, Tomorrowland tells the story of a young girl and a disillusioned older man who stumble upon a mysterious place located somewhere in …

Rise Against New Album 2014

Rise Against Teasing New Album For 2014

After finding relatively massive mainstream success with their two most recent LPs, Rise Against have quietly and gradually become one of the biggest punk bands of the last fifteen years. While some fans of the older material claim that the band has sold out in favor of a more radio-friendly sound, one look at their recently posted teaser video might prove otherwise.

The video, which you can stream after the jump, takes a glance at each of the band’s releases from 2001’s The Unraveling through 2011’s Endgame before showing the band in the studio recording their new record. Maybe I …


We’re Not On Drugs, We Just Love Tove Lo

There is no stopping the rise of Tove Lo. This is your last chance to hop on the bandwagon before the scales tip and she’s featured in every pop outlet in print, on screen, and otherwise currently in existence. She’s ushering in a new age of downtempo electronic pop, and her latest single only further solidifies our faith in her power to change the top 40 landscape.

Nothing is quite like falling in love. Your brain spins with thoughts of everything that could flourish, your heat beats hard enough to thump out of your chest, and the world around …


Johnny Depp Shines In Second ‘Transcendence’ Trailer

The second full trailer for Transcendence has found its way online.

If the first trailer for Transcendence hooked you, this may be a good time to turn away before you risk spoiling potentially large portions of the movie. That’s not a slam against the marketing team behind this futuristic thriller, but anytime you’re messing with highbrow science the previews are bound to give away a lot of the juicier action segments. That is certainly the case with this clip, so those hoping to view this film in all its ‘anything can happen’ splendor you should click off this page now. …

Mac Miller 2013

STREAM: Mac Miller – “Goosebumpz” (Prod. by Diplo)

Less than a month to go before his Sophomore album hits stores, Pennsylvania native Mac Miller has debuted a new song entitled “Goosebumpz.”

Featuring production from the legendary Diplo, “Goosebumpz” is a mindbending near-masterpiece whose perfection is due 100% to the personality of Miller. The beat is unquestionably original and all sorts of infectious, but it’s the way Miller walks a fine lyrical line between insight and absurdity that makes him something of a modern wonder. It’s clear he is just as focused on fun as ever before, but at the same time the evolution of his skills from his …


UTG PRESENTS: 10 Must-See Bands At SXSW 2012

Kicking off this Tuesday, the music portion of SXSW 2012 will find thousands flocking to Austin, TX with one question on their mind: Who should we see this year? Many will gather in long lines to see faces they remember from magazine covers, while others will spend their days in dimly lit bars watching bands they already know play songs they’ve been touring on for a year, but what everyone should be there for is discovery and that’s where UTG comes in. After countless revisions and late night Skype conferences to plan our own coverage for this year’s event, UTG …


Absolutepunk’s Most Anticipated Album Of 2012

There are many great releases coming in 2012, far more than any one site could possibly hope to cover, but our good friends at Absolutepunk have compiled a list any music fan needs to read.

Covering a spectrum of artists and bands from across the alternative scene, Absolutepunk’s Most Anticipated list informs music fans of expected release dates, as well as performer summaries to help you discover some new favorites. Click here to see who made their list!

Now that you have read the artist we are watching and glanced over a few lists, who are YOU most excited to …


UTG’s Reading And Leeds Festival 2011 Preview: 25 Must See Bands

This weekend, two of the biggest UK festivals take place. The annual Reading and Leeds Festivals have become a highlight for music fans, as year in, year out it showcases a valuable blend of established and emerging bands, as well as comedy acts.

Since Leeds Festival was paired with the established Reading Festival in 1999, the biggest names in rock, indie and hip-hop have performed at the festival. From Oasis to Eminem to Iron Maiden to Blink-182, Reading and Leeds has consistently delivered in terms of headliners, whilst the smaller stages in recent years have played host to new bands …

MOVIE TRAILER: The Myth of the American Sleepover

Taking prizes at both Cannes and SXSW, The Myth of the American Sleepover is a coming of age tale that feels both fresh and familiar.

David Robert Mitchell directs a young cast of Jade Ramsey, Amy Seimetz, Nikita Ramsey, Amanda Bauer, Jean Louise O’Sullivan, and Claire Sloma in a film that essentially looks like every modern indie filmmaker trying to do their best John Hughes impression (and somehow making it work).

Look below and decide for yourself:

THE PLOTAn official selection of Cannes Critics Week and winner of the Special Jury Prize at SXSW, THE MYTH OF THE AMERICAN

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