The Flaming Lips To Record ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ Cover Record With Miley Cyrus, MGMT

When it comes to The Flaming Lips, nothing’s shocking. It’s been speculated for a few days, but the band have confirmed that they’re working on a tribute album to The Beatles’ magnum opus, Sgt. Pepper’s Loney Hearts Club Band with a little help from their friends.

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne posted an Instagram photo of Miley Cyrus in the studio over the weekend, fueling speculation that the band would be collaborating with the pop star in the future. It has now been confirmed that Miley will be featured on the group’s rendition of “Lucy In The Sky With …


MGMT Release Music Video For “Alien Days”

MTV may not show music videos anymore (except on the fourth of July), but a creative and intriguing video can still be the key to massive amounts of internet exposure. MGMT knows this as well as anyone, as their odd and mildly disturbing video for “Kids” has garnered over 26 million plays on YouTube.

The Connecticut band is going for a similar formula in the new video for “Alien Days,” which fittingly features dancing aliens, a strange birth ritual, and some sheep. Check it out after the break, and let us know if it grabbed in you in …


Stream MGMT’s New Album, ‘MGMT’

After lots of discussion this summer, MGMT‘s third album, MGMT, is streaming online in full. The album comes out September 17 via Columbia Records and pre-orders are ongoing, but for now go ahead and listen after the jump.

The album’s influences included Aphex Twin and ’90s house music, yet it’s easier to swallow on the first listen than those make it seem. We already got to watch the odd music video for “Your Life Is a Lie,” and the rest of the album tends to follow in suit, style-wise. Get ready for round three of MGMT; …


MGMT Preview Songs In Trailer For New Album

MGMT‘s next album, MGMT, will be out September 17 on Columbia Records, and the band has released a trailer in anticipation of the full length release. The trailer, produced by Mercedes-Benz (but not heavily featuring any Mercedes, because why?), is directed by Jordan Fish and has the band being spied on by the government, because the NSA wants to know where the next hipster album is or something.

Basically, it’s an odd watch, but on the other hand: if you like hearing music early, this is the best way to hear MGMT’s next opus. Check out the video …


WATCH: MGMT – “Your Life is a Lie”

Psychedelic rockers MGMT will be releasing their self-titled album on September 17 through Columbia Records, and to get listeners ready they have released a music video for one of its leading songs, “Your Life is a Lie.”

As expected, the music video has its fair share of odd visuals (how you doin’, midget alien?) and flashy editing (what was that written in mustard, again?), but it’s nice to know it’s all sharply tied to staying on beat. I just want to know where they found these extras; they seem like they’ve all got interesting back stories (and pristine skeletons). Really, …

title fight floral green

Title Fight, August Burns Red, MGMT And More To Play Fun Fun Fun Fest

It looks as if Fun Fun Fun Fest has added a mess of diverse artists and groups to the expanded roster. The festival takes place in Austin at Auditorium Shores from November 8 to November 10.

Title Fight, August Burns Red, Slayer, MGMT, Deerhunter, The Dismemberment Plan, Code Orange Kids, Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion), M.I.A., Descendents, Lupe Fiasco, Ice T and many more have been revealed. Let that all sink in for a second.

More information, ticket prices and the full lineup is available at the website link provided above. Are you planning on attending Fun Fun Fun Fest?


MGMT Announce Release Date for New Album and Tour

Finally, finally, finally, a date! Psychedelic rockers MGMT have announced that their third studio album, self-titled, will be out September 17 through Columbia Records. It’s been three years since Congratulations came out, a lengthy enough period of time to have rinsed out listeners’ ears for new music.

The album will have ten tracks (as reported by Pitchfork), several of which you may have heard, like the opener track, “Alien Days”, which was originally released for this year’s Record Store Day (which, by the way, saw its highest sales ever — no big deal). Recorded in upstate New York …


MGMT To Release Split 7″ With Spectrum And Spacemen 3

MGMT has been working on new tunes, with the announcement of a new album coming back in January and a new song, “Alien Days,” being previewed back in April. Now they are going to be on a three-way 7″ split with Spectrum and Spacemen 3 with the song, “Something To Do With Prince”.

The song will appear with an instrumental version of Spacemen 3’s, “Why Couldn’t I See?” and Spectrum’s “Bo’s Web,” an outtake from 1992’s Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) sessions. It will be a limited print of only 1000 vinyl, with pre-orders available now through Rough Trade. …

Death Cab For Cutie 2012

Bumbershoot Announces Lineup, Death Cab For Cutie Will Play ‘Transatlantacism’ To Headline

Seattle’s music and art festival, Bumbershoot, has been going on since the 1970s, but only recently have its headlining acts stepped up their game. The festival, which takes place August 31 through September 2, is headlined by fun., Death Cab For Cutie, MGMT, Kendrick Lamar, Heart, and Tegan & Sara – certainly, nothing to scoff at.

Now it seems Ben Gibbard is on a 2003 kick. First he got The Postal Service back together, and now, at Bumbershoot, he plans to play 2003’s Transatlantacism all the way through during their set. If only I could get fun. …


MGMT Releases Preview of New Song, “Alien Days”

If you’re an MGMT fan, you might want to dust off your old boombox. Today, MGMT released a trippy video containing a preview of their new song, “Alien Days,” which is being released as an exclusive Record Store Day cassingle. The cassette will also feature the B-side track entitled, “Message 7 from Hearty White.”

The video teaser includes a cassette tape inserting itself into an old car, and a hand puppet driving a car off into a psychedelic world. So, pretty much exactly what you’d expect from MGMT. The band has yet to unveil new material since their ambitious 2010 …

kid cudi

STREAM: Kid Cudi – “Immortal”

Kid Cudi is at it again. The rapper has been teasing a new song through his Twitter for the better part of the week and last night he made good on his word and dropped “Immortal”.

A self-produced cut, “Immortal” comes off as a solid mesh of the appealing elements of early Cudi and some of his latter-day more rockist tendencies. I couldn’t tell upon my first and subsequent listens, but Kid Cudi states that the beat is essentially MGMT’s “Congratulations” reversed and sped up with a couple of guitar solos peppered in. That production is the foundation for some …


MGMT Flesh Out Details Surrounding Their Third Album

Electro indie folk-a-weirdos MGMT, the duo consisting of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, sat down with Rolling Stone to dish on their upcoming third album.

With a tentative schedule release for sometime this June, the group decided to go back to their roots, ensuring the interviewer that tracks on their third LP will be in line with the catchy, freak funk jams like “Electric Feel” and “Time To Pretend” found on their first album Oracular Spectacular.

Just kidding! After a heapingly divisive slice of weird like Congratulations, do you really think VanWyngarden and Goldwasser are interested in …