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UTG Premiere: Vanities – “My Generation” (Limp Bizkit Cover)

Say what you will about their standing in the world of rock today, but for a few years a decade ago Limp Bizkit were on top of the world. Their singles topped the chart, as did their albums, and whether or not they knew it at the time a generation of young minds were being influenced by the often over-the-top antics of Fred Durst and company. I’m part of that generation, as are the members of Vanities, and today UTG is proud to present the band’s brand new cover of the LB classic, “My Generation.”

We have talked about …

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit in 2011

Still Rollin’: Fred Durst Developing Autobiographical Drama for The CW

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is developing a one-hour drama based on his life for The CW, reports TV Guide. The series will be called The Noise and chronicle the rise of a young artist in the 1990s who escapes a tumultuous home life and forms a wildly popular band with a unique sound.

Durst is acting as a co-executive producer on the script being penned by Miles Feld. Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum are executive producing through CBS TV Studios. The Tannenbaums are longtime executive producers of Two and a Half Men, so this thing actually has …

shark-week-copy copy

UTG’s Essential Shark Week Playlist

The television phenomenon known as Shark Week has spilled into mainstream pop culture in recent years, and we thought it was only fitting that this week spent celebrating the awesomely ferocious beauty of nature have its own playlist.

With the exception of Shark Night 3D, it’s hard to find a time in recent memory when people were not completely in love with sharks. Ever since Jaws terrified audiences back in the 70s, studios have spent (and made) millions cashing in on the fandom surrounding one of our planet’s deadliest creatures, and it only takes a Twitter search of the …

miss may i 2013

Miss May I Working With Terry Date (Pantera, Slipknot) On New Album

Miss May I released an interview stating that they are working with Terry Date on their forthcoming full-length album. Terry Date is noted for his work with Pantera, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Bring Me The Horizon and more. Read the statement below and get ready for more news from MMI in the near future.

Rumor is that you’re going to be releasing a new album this year. What should we be expecting? Any word on a release date?

We don’t know a release date. We’re hoping for this year. We’re shooting really hard for this year but it might be early …


5 Amazing Revelations From Fred Durst’s Reddit AMA

Last night, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst headed to the front page of the internet, Reddit, to take part in one of their famous Ask Me Anything threads. As you can probably imagine, it did not take long for the internet to lose their minds and begin flooding the thread with questions seeking everything from the true meaning of Chocolate Starfish, to whether or not he ever had a feud with former Total Request Live host (and current late-late night personality) Carson Daly. Durst fielded questions for hours, and this morning we collected five of the night’s biggest …

limp 2013

Limp Bizkit Release “Ready To Go” Video

Much like cockroaches, Limp Bizkit may outlive us all.

After spending the first half of the year playing spot dates around the world and teasing a return to the United States, nu-metal kings Limp Bizkit have released the official video for “Ready To Go.”

Directed by Fred Durst with production help from Zoo FX, Limp Bizkit’s first music video in years is more or less a mashup of ideas and performance shots thrown together in hopes of creating something great. The results fall short of their intended glory, but somewhere amongst the live footage, performance shots of Durst rapping on …


Stream Limp Bizkit’s Entire Rock AM Ring Performance

Rock AM Ring took place this weekend in Germany. Like us, most of our readers were unable to attend the massive 3-day festival, and so we’re dedicating a portion of this morning’s news to making sure you see every highlight available.

Though they were certainly not the biggest band on this year’s bill, you would be hard pressed to find Rock AM Ring attendee who did not look as excited as can be to see Limp Bizkit this past weekend. The band performed for well over an hour, knocking out hit after hit, and the crowd of over 80,000 sang …


Machine Gun Kelly Releases Limp Bizkit “Rollin” Live Cover Video

Cleveland native Machine Gun Kelly has a reputation for mixing his influences into his set list, and this afternoon fans around the world got a taste of the madness when the MC released a live video featuring a cover of Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin.”

Some of you may not remember this, but back when most the UTG writers were still in high school Limp Bizkit released an album called Chocolate Covered Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water. It didn’t make a damn bit of sense and fans didn’t care. The biggest single off that album was “Rollin,” and now Machine …

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit in 2011

Limp Bizkit Stream New Single “Ready To Go” (ft. Lil Wayne)

Just a week after rumors began to swirl that the band would be touring stateside without DJ Lethal later this Spring, a new single from Limp Bizkit has found its way online.

Streamed in its entirety for the first time since being teased over a year ago, “Ready To Go,” is the long-gestating single that features a guest appearance from Young Money mastermind Lil Wayne. The track is an all-out party rock song, and it often makes reference to the fact most rock music sucks these days. Then again, it follows this declaration with a guest verse from a hip …

Download 2013 Download Download

2013 Download Festival Lineup Announced

UK’s Download Festival looks absolutely insane this year. I’m publicly sobbing that I won’t be there in June. The event takes place from June 14 to June 16; we already knew several acts like Queens of the Stone Age were playing, but this lineup is tough to beat.

The acts? Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Bullet For My Valentine, Queens of the Stone Age, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Enter Shikari, Alice in Chains, Mastodon, Stone Sour, Parkway drive, Five Finger Death Punch, Jimmy Eat World, and so much more. I just can’t believe Jimmy Eat World, Limp Bizkit, …


No One Will Ever Top The Audacity And Ratchetness Of Diplo’s Rider

Page Six, the vaunted gossip section of the New York Post, got a hand on producer Diplo’s rider and boy, is it a doozy. Right up there with the great tour riders of yore from the likes of Mötley Crüe and Van Halen.

For those not in the know, the rider is a document that will outline requests and requirements that a band will need for their tour. This can be light arrangements and stage design schematics or, more infamously, alcohol, drugs, and if you’re Limp Bizkit, light fixtures with dimmer switches.

So what would a …


STREAM: Patent Pending – “Break Stuff” (Limp Bizkit Cover)

Patent Pending are the working man’s pop punk deities. They work harder than most bands, tour relentlessly, and constantly push themselves to go bigger and perform better with each passing year. Today, out of nowhere, the boys from Patent Pending decided to release an EP featuring covers of popular songs from 1999 entitled, Spring Break ’99. One of the covers included on the digital release is a PIANO-ONLY rendition of Limp Bizkit’s classic, “Break Stuff.” We laughed until we cried when we heard this cover earlier today, and eventually figured it was too good to not share with all …